It’s not easy to be a spiritual person when you can’t step outside your door without using your inhaler twenty minutes prior. Sometimes it can feel like Mother Earth just doesn’t want anything to do with you. Like the universe is just telling you to go inside. If you want to feel one with the Earth you can do it without breaking out in hives.

Feel the Earth under your feet

Sit down and place your feet on the ground and just feel the earth beneath the carpeted floor as you wait for your weekly allergy shot. This is a great time for you to relax and get connected with the Earth. You can just relax and focus on becoming one with nature while a little bit of it is flowing through you.

Make a wish

Get a friend that has no allergies and ask them to blow on a dandelion while you whisper your wish into their ear. As the seeds flow through the wind nature will get your wish for her to reciprocate your love for her. Just make sure to puff that inhaler in case the Earth decides to throw your allergies back in your face.


Meditating inside close to nature is your best bet when wanting to breathe in nature. You could meditate in a yoga studio while they play nature sounds. Or sit by a closed window with a fan blowing in your face and pretend you’re floating on a cloud. Although your dream may be to meditate under a willow tree in complete silence, with a beautiful view, and a cool breeze flowing through your hair it is just not going to happen with the amount of pollen willow trees have.


I know you have been on Twitter, so just go ahead and buy that light that fills your room with stars. It’s best to do this in a big dark preferably uncreepy basement. Make sure to get the mold checked down there first! Once it is checked you’re all set to lay out a big blanket and have a candlelit dinner while looking at the beautiful “stars” above.

Go one a “hike”

Break into a school and steal all the motivational posters with mountains on them. Hang them around your treadmill and go on a hike you’ll never forget. The view will be amazing but don’t get disappointed when you get to the top and the view is the same.

Enjoy yourself in a field of flowers

A lot of scenes from Twilight are unrealistic but when Bella and Edward are laying in a field of flowers and not sneezing, it’s hard not to want that life. To recreate this go ahead and throw in a scent that smells like outside in your diffuser, lemongrass is suggested for this activity. Buy the entire fake flower section at Joann’s and lay there. Take a deep breath and enjoy this sneezeless moment. Make sure you take cute pictures, make some cute flower angels, and frolic in your living room like you have never frolicked before.

Watch the sky

You may feel tempted to lay in grass, let the sun hit your face, and watch the clouds change shapes in the sky. But there is a safer option than having your whole back, legs, and arms break out in hives. The best, alternate way is to head to Home Depot and buy some fake grass. Take your patch of grass to an abandoned mall parking lot and lay it in the center. Lay on top of your fake grass and look up and the beautiful sky as you think about your constant fight to feel one with the Earth. Hold your middle finger to the sky and say “screw you Mother Earth, you will love me whether you like it or not.”