, the dating website where you're taking it easy and seeing where it goes, wants to know a little bit about your online experience. Please take some time to complete this customer survey, so we can help make your experience on the website more enjoyable!

1. How do you feel about the number of Friends who have contacted you?

At first I was a little scared. What if they were looking for love first and not a Friend? Just thinking about meeting someone who wants to rush into a serious relationship makes me sick to my stomach. I'm cute and young! I don't want to rush into love. I need someone who wants to form a Friendship first where security and trust bind together, setting the foundation for a long-term relationship, which will happen at a later time of my choosing. I mean, love is way too serious to even think about right now.

2. Are you satisfied with the quality of your Friends? Did they meet your expectations based upon their Friends First® profile?

The Friends First® quality is great! Most of my Friends are very fun, and they enjoy doing nothing more than watching DVDs in separate chairs instead of together on a small couch.

3. Have you met up with any of your friends?


4. If YES, explain what happened (i.e. did you meet up for coffee and just chat)?

I asked my Friend to go to the water park with me, because it would be fun, and I could wear my sexy bikini. We got so wet! At one point we were going down a slide on an inner tube—I was in front and my Friend was behind—and my Friend didn't even touch me inappropriately! I felt less like an object and more like a Friend!

5. How would you grade this burgeoning Friendship on a scale of 1-10?

I'd give this Friendship a 7. I wouldn't want to invite my Friend to a party at my cousin's house but I'd be really interested to chat with my Friend again if they had somehow heard about my cousin's party and showed up unexpectedly.

6. Would you call your Friend back to watch a DVD of 27 Dresses but only to watch 27 Dresses and talk about the 27 dresses when it was over?

Yes, but my Friend would have to pick it up for me on the way over, so I don't have to get out of my jammies.

7. Did any of your Friends appear overly anxious to start dating and/or begin a serious relationship?

There was this one Friend…

8. If YES, explain what happened. (Did your Friend invite you to watch a DVD but only to try and "hook up" and not talk about the DVD when it was over?)

27 Dresses movie poster - Katherine Heigl
Special Widescreen Edition for off-setting your Friend's narrow interests!
This one Friend recognized me in a bar, and we talked nonstop for an hour before closing. My Friend bought all my drinks and shots, and we were totally having a great time. My Friend even told his real world friends to leave when they asked my Friend to leave with them. My Friend said it was OK to leave, because I was there. We left the bar shortly after, and my Friend took me to go get some food. I was starving! I told my Friend I wanted a burrito and some Wendy's french fries, so we walked for over 3 miles until I got too tired and called a cab to take me home. I texted my Friend the next morning to go Rollerblading in the park, but my Friend said, "What's the point?" What's the point?!? I want to be Friends before anything gets too serious! That's the point!

9. Would you recommend Friends First® to any of your real friends?

I have already told three of my crushes. I can't wait to see if they accept my Friends First® Friendship.

10. Finally, what is your favorite part about being a Friends First® member?

My favorite part is that I get to meet so many hunky Friends who share a commitment to "taking it easy and seeing where it goes."