Since 1982, EA Sports has been dedicated to bringing the energy of the sports field straight to your console. And now, from the gaming company that brought you Madden and FIFA comes a new suite of games that allows you to capture the raw talent of some of athletics' unsung heroes. Experience the quality graphics, far-reaching controls, and accessible but complex gameplay you’ve come to expect from EA Sports, but this time, it’s on a whole new field.

Company Softball Team 5000

Whether you choose to play left field hoping no one will hit the ball to you or prove you were wrongfully passed on for that promotion by hitting exclusively home runs, CST 5000 gives you the tools you need to get on the field while you’re on the couch.

Play for any of the 30 registered teams (from the Goldman Sachs Goldfish to the GE Bulbs to the Domino’s Pizzas) or recruit your dream players from our roster of employees, including:

  • Herb from Accounting, who has a bad back and will inevitably have to sit out most of the innings.
  • Alice the Intern, desperate to prove she is worthy of being hired onto the UX team by showing she is adept at bunting.
  • The Boss, who played high school baseball 40 years ago and integrates this fact into every speech, chant, and off-handed comment.

New technology stops the game wherever you are after 45 minutes and immediately transports your team to happy hour at the nearest dive bar where you can continue experiencing state-of-the-art RPG technology.

Soccer Stars 3

Kick, pass, and score on the latest Soccer Stars 3, the premier game that simulates the reality of a soccer team entirely made up of three-year-olds. Whenever and wherever you choose to play, you’ll feel transported to a public park at 10 AM on a Tuesday.

New technology allows you to switch players mid-play. Toggle between the overly enthusiastic forward and the in-need-of-a-nap goalie to really get a feel for the complex gameplay. You are also able to customize each player’s walking competency level to have some run at enviable speeds while others are lucky if they make it two steps without falling.

New engine upgrades deliver visuals that make the post-game orange slices realer and juicier, and exciting new facial control features allow you to stick the rind in your mouth and make funny monkey faces.

Singles Broomball Legends

Hopefully, the cold ice isn’t the only thing giving you goosebumps in this game. Singles Broomball Legends combines all the sportsmanship of playing in an adult sports league with the intrigue of knowing that every player is single and looking for a good match on and off the ice.

Run, slide, score, and defend on varying levels of slippery ice, and arm yourself with one of many available broom models, including:

  • Swiffer you grabbed in desperation before the game
  • Push broom someone clearly took from their place of work
  • Dustpan Brush: You don’t have space for a broom in your apartment!
  • Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Broom

Singles Broomball Legends is on the cutting edge of gaming technology. Cross-platform matchmaking allows you to score on and with players on Switch, Xbox, and Playstation.

Pickleball Boom 23

Grab your ping pong paddle and wiffleball and make your way down to the tennis half-court to show off your forehands, volleys, and incredibly competitive and serious attitude!

Newly upgraded parameters that impact friction and spin translate into more realism in ball movement, player running, and aggressive post-point “advice” one player gives to another, more casual player.

Choose from a number of leagues that offer different in-game experiences. Play in the Boca Raton JCC Pickleball League to unlock features where you can share photos of your grandchildren between points. Or play in a Global Pickleball Network-approved league to unlock new skins from our excessively-expensive sportswear collection. Each league features a unique set of arenas for varied gameplay, from a professional court in Newport Beach to a public school blacktop where you use a metal police barrier as a net.

Toggle between “reality mode,” with players like Gina the Neighbor and Hal from Running Club, and “fantasy mode,” where you can play as Serena Williams, Roger Federer, or Andre Agassi.

YMCA BodyFit Gym Class

They say it’s not a competition, but you know better. Bounce higher on your exercise ball, stretch your stretch band farther, and shimmy harder in the randomized Zoomba integration.

This game includes three modes:

  • LEVEL UP MODE: Lift heavier weights, integrate high kicks and splits that were not part of the instructions, and do the workouts at double speed. This is your workout to win.
  • RULE FOLLOWER MODE: Do exactly what the instructor tells you and never deviate. This mode includes a Street Fighter-style mini-game that takes place in your character’s mind where you battle other people in the class who are not following the rules as well as you are.
  • LEVEL DOWN MODE: This mode integrates text-based gameplay for negotiating workout adjustments by claiming injuries, real or imagined, from knee pain stemming from a childhood soccer incident to hurt neck from sleeping weird.

The soundtrack features loud, upbeat club remixes of unexpected songs like Coldplay’s “Yellow” and Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Each level ends with a cool-down stretch and interactive dialogue that covers topics including where different characters got their sneakers and what happened last week at your singles broomball game.