I am a dynamic and passionate marketer who tackles relationship challenges by implementing simple, potent, and actionable plans. This is how I deliver results and foster strong romantic environments.

In all aspects of life I am driven to be the best I can be, and to help others achieve the same. As a teenager, I was named Young Female Sailor of the year, but my oceanic success would not have been possible without the help of the people and the boats supporting me.

From our first date, I was the wind in Humphrey’s sails. I implemented a plan to drive personal and commercial growth through love, affection, home-cooked meals, and a core idea centred on superior leadership and team-building skills.

As well as introducing Humphrey’s wardrobe to the concept of corporate-meets-nautical sartorial elegance, I shared with him my 12-point plan to become the nation’s most effective C-suite executive. By taking Humphrey through my plan, I handed him the keys to the marketing kingdom, and I shared with him my most treasured and intimate secrets.

From that day forward, Humphrey thrived, as did my KPI score. For three blissful years, we sailed the corporate seas. With our hands firmly on the rudder, we pushed the needle—driving culture focused on earning customers' hearts, minds, and loyalty, delivering meaningful, actionable solutions for stakeholders at the highest level, falling deeper in love.

But if we were to bring about authentic disruption and long-lasting change, we needed to diversify our core team.

Of the two hundred candidates we interviewed, Chloe’s core competency and outside-the-box thinking were unparalleled. She was a proven early adopter with a unique first-to-market attitude, and in a previous life she had been a champion show-jumper.

With her passion for mobile optimization and snackable content, as well as her equine success, Chloe brought a fresh competitive dynamic to our team. She worked closely with Humphrey—riding him like a champion, steering him, gently kicking his sides, reining him in, and coaxing him over the highest or hurdles.

When we were briefed to roll out the most extensive omnichannel marketing strategy in the country’s history, I felt confident we would rise to the challenge.

During this time I was called on to represent my country in sailing once again. I am a firm believer in maximising work-life balance, and have found that my time on the ocean brings actionable benefits to my corporate practise. Also, I trusted my team to perform at the level I had prepared them for.

When I returned from the regatta, salt in my hair, master's trophy in hand, I detected the scent of victory in the boardroom. Humphrey and Chloe had executed the rollout to perfection. Spirits were high. But as we gathered at the bow of my desk to toast our success, they informed me of another forthcoming delivery.

Chloe was pregnant. While working late, they had elevated their real-time engagement and repurposed their content. Also, Chloe had pivoted away from my omnichannel plan, switching to a unique gamification strategy, delivering the highest brand scores in the company’s history. Following such a bold and decisive move, the board promoted her to CMO.

I am a great believer in hiring people more ambitious than myself. Trusting Chloe came at great personal and professional cost to me, but delivered historic results for our brand, and proved my abilities to assemble an effective team.

Since leaving my post, I have spent more time on the ocean, where I have reflected on my innovate or die philosophy. During this time I have also developed a patented micro-influencer marketing engagement tool, and met a nautical customer retention expert named Hamish.

And so, like the crest of a mighty wave, I will once again rise to the highest levels of corporate and intimate governance.