Why Canada is Better Than America

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By staff writer David Nelson
March 10, 2008

Essential New Word of the Week: wingcougars (definition hint: flying jungle cats!)


Greetings, my fellow patriots.

Jonathan Marine recently charged me with the task of debating the relative merits of Canada and America. To be honest, I never quite saw Marine as the flag-waving type, unless that flag happens to depict the Van Halen logo or the words “White Power.” But I was more than happy to step to the plate for my home and native land. That’s really what it’s all aboot.

Since I know this will hit some raw nerves, let me state clearly for the record: I like the United States. I’ve always had good times there. What other country can you go to and find entire channels devoted to naked cheerleaders using trampolines to teach us erotic lessons? What I’m trying to say is, America has everything you need to become a modern-day Caligula, and that appeals to me.

"The average American has spent most of his life strapping butter to the inside of his skin."

Nevertheless, in the spirit of comedic debate, Jonathan wanted me to trash the States and heap praise on Canada, so that’s what I did. And to be honest, it wasn’t that difficult. In my mind, the U.S. and Canada are two great tastes that taste great together, as long as America scrubs any residual Mexico off her underbelly. But for Jon’s purposes, I had to access the deepest, least booze-impaired part of my brain—the part that knows Canada is the better nation. Taxes immediately come to mind; my online accounting software can attest to that.

(Please note that my facts were cribbed from a variety of sources. I don’t know anything about history. I’m not even sure where I spent last Saturday night, let alone how I got this tattoo of Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince. My point is, if you’re an outraged history major, feel free to leave a comment telling me I’m an idiot; but instead of reading it, I’m just going to forward it to the customer service email address for Arby’s. Maybe they’ll feel sorry for me and send a coupon for a delicious roast beef sandwich.)

All-American Hero

To many Americans, war is the best thing ever. It's CNN filming explosions, leading to the story where a soldier's sacrifice teaches a nation about courage, starring Bruce Willis. In fact, war brings out more emotions than the Super Bowl and AIDS combined. With a good enough war, executives could put William Hung in an Uncle Sam outfit singing the National Anthem to kick off the NAACP Image Awards, and there would not be a dry eye in the house.

That said, the U.S. is 3-2-1 since its inception (not including the Civil War, which would have added a win and a loss to the record). Note that I am generously not including the current Iraq war in those statistics. Because, really, who knows how that one is gonna turn out? Meanwhile, Canada is 5-0-1 during the same period, including a 1-0 record against the Yanks (1812). Moreover, while the Americans were deciding what color panties would look best on J. Edgar Hoover, we Canucks were ass-deep in the two world wars from the very beginning, completing every lousy job the Allies could throw at us.

Perhaps more to the point, many Americans, their chief executive included, probably couldn't pick out Canada on a map. If they tried to invade Canada, they'd end up mobilizing to Minnesota or somewhere and declaring victory after bombing the hell out of the Mall of America. Which reminds me—Canucks torched the White House once when we were passing through D.C. Hey, Marine, doesn’t this historical fact mean I totally won this stupid, dick-waving argument? Also consider, given the current political climate, lots of Americans wouldn’t mind if we did it again. Particularly if we offer to get them loaded on Alexander Keith’s.

The term “ugly American” used to refer to the kind of tourist who loudly demands ketchup for his filet mignon at a fine Paris restaurant. Now, it could refer to the majority of the country. Obesity is so out of control, I wish I’d bought stock in a stretch pants manufacturer. The average American has spent most of his life strapping butter to the inside of his skin. Canada doesn’t need a big army…within a few years, an epidemic of gravy-induced heart attacks will do the work for us. And our chicks are way hotter, because they don’t have to zoom around Wal-Mart on motorized wheelchairs.

Then there’s the always-contentious issue of terrible Canadian musicians. Sure, Celine Dion is an international punchline, and we’ve also unleashed the terror of Bryan Adams on the world. But for every Canuck that makes you cringe, I can name ten Yanks that make me want to stab my eardrums with a Q-Tip. Seriously, I’ll listen to nothing but Canadian artists for a year if you promise to listen to nothing but Michael Bolton, Kevin Federline, and Hilary Duff. We’ll see which of us cracks first.

This is going to hurt for you to hear, but American beer is a laughingstock. I’m not trying to be a snob here, but even if I lost my sense of taste in some sort of firecracker incident, I still wouldn’t touch the questionable slop that passes for beer south of the border. There’s an old joke all Canadians are taught at a young age: How is sex in a canoe like American beer? They’re both fucking close to water.

But perhaps the most damning thing I can say is that many Americans don’t wish to be identified as such. While traveling throughout Europe, I encountered literally dozens of people with Canadian flags sewn onto their backpacks. As it turned out, just about all of them were Americans posing as Canadians. This is apparently a very common tactic of American travelers. Why are young Americans ashamed to be recognized as such? You’d never see Canadian travelers sewing the stars and stripes onto their belongings, after all.

Oh, and in case my arguments are insufficient, there is actually a scientific, internationally-acknowledged way to tell which country is better. It’s called the Human Development Index. It incorporates factors such as life expectancy, literacy rate, gross domestic product, etc. in order to determine which country should change its national motto to “We’re number 1! Woooooooo!”

Go ahead and click on that link. Tell me which country has been ranked highest 10 times. In case history’s not important to you either, check out the most recent Index. Canada ranked 4th, while the U.S. finished a dismal 12th, behind nations like Japan and France. That’s right. A bunch of midget, panty-obsessed salaryman drones and a nation of wine-sipping collaborators enjoy a higher standard of life than you. For shame, America.

Hoserdom has its advantages. We live in a climate that makes us impervious to pain, we're better educated, and our donuts and beer are clearly superior. Seriously, have you ever tried poutine? And I haven’t even touched on Canada’s low crime rates, relaxed drug laws, or free health care. It’s just a matter of time until even the most die-hard, stars and stripes bandana types are begging to become part of the Dominion.

To summarize: America = Canada’s beard. Now roll out of bed and make us pancakes, bitch.

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Essential New Word of the Week:

wingcougars n [‘wIngkugerz]

As you probably know, there’s a veritable dictionary full of bar slang out there. And it’s evolving. We all know what a wingman is, even if we can’t find a decent one. And if you’re a college guy, I’ll bet you’ve had at least one close call with a cougar. Now, these terms have come together in the wingcougar. You see, just as actual cougars hunt in packs, older women have finally discovered it’s to their mutual advantage to venture out in groups, all the better to ensnare fresh meat for the pack.

The wingcougar is not the Alpha-Coug. It’s her job to run interference against undesirable infiltrators. The wingcougar is usually in charge of picking the bar, and once there, the hunting grounds for her fellow cougars to stalk their prey. A wingcougar will often be the sober one, and her friends will rely on her judgment just in case (who are we kidding?) they’re too intoxicated themselves.

So the next time you see one, raise your glass and salute the wingcougar. It’s a tough job. She’ll go home sober and alone while her friends are hopping into bed with their sons’ classmates. But at least she has her dignity, right?

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At first I was like, "Oh yea, right. How can Nelson actually make a case for Canada?"

Then I read the article, realized that everything you said about America is true, and spent and hour crying in my bathroom.

And by "crying in my bathroom" I really meant I spent an hour highfiving all my friends as we stuffed our faces with more butter and chugged watered down beer.

So remember, in the words of Dennis Leary, "We've got the bombs, ok?"

Good article.


Im newly immigrating to Canada from the US, and I thought your article was funny. As an American I am often disturbed by the stubborn nationalism I witness here. One of the things I've always admired about Canada is the TRUE freedom that Canada has. While I will always love the country of my birth, I must raise a glass to the classy but humble Canada.

The last few months of living here have taught me so much, and the people of Canada have been such welcoming hosts. I do get the occassional ribbing about being an American but it is always done with a smile and a tease.

best wishes!

Unfortunately, Dennis Leary failed to point out the fact that yes, the Americans have got the bombs, but 75% of them are burried under British Columbia :/

America can't use the bomb excuse on Canada..if you nuked us America would be hurt aswell and if you simply bombed them the world would declare war and defend Canada. So in my words I say: We've got friends..okay?


Kay. Canada has a queen. and she also happens to be the queen of about 20 other contries. don't you think that 20 militaries vs one ( U.S ) could beat the Mc Donalds out of you fat asses. So, Leave Canada alone you fat nuggets.

hi, i'm British so i would just like to point out that the queen is head of sixteen commonwealth realms. these are not all single countries. for example one of these realms is the united kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland. This is made up of four countries. And a few of the other military's are supported by the British armed forces and in some cases the Canadian.

Anyway they could still kick your ass

But where are you gonna aim your bombs, dumbass, since americans can't point out Canada on a map.

Thanks J.B., particularly for reading this in the spirit it was meant. For what it's worth, I fucking love going to America, and I think America-bashing is stupid and tired. But, you know, comedy and all....

As someone who has been to 35+ states, I will agree, the states have some places we would rather forget. Iowa, mississippi, los angeles, the entire plains states region; you get the idea. All I have to say is: Northern California. Beaches, sunshine, skiing, surfing, etc. You want a desert? we got it. You want to gamble? go to Tahoe. You want to wakeboard in october while its 70 degrees? no problem. You want the freshest sushi in the world? go to San Francisco. You into world class wines? go to Napa. The list goes on and on.

What do you have? lots of lakes, ice fields, snow, forests the blue jays and the expos? Oh wait, we gave you two major league baseball franchises, a money making machine for even the dumbest of business men, and you fucked it up, and the expos were exported back to america. How about football? The CFL is the laughing stock of professional sports. Thats where we send our nuthead weedsmoking ricky williams beacause we know youll take him. And lets talk education. You hammer on literacy rates, but we have to include the southern states in our calculations. Thats not fair for california to be grouped with them. Its not our fault they eat paint chips at an early age. Regardless, I dont hear about asians clamoring to get into Univ. of Ottowa or Toronto Tech. Nope, they want to go to Stanford, Cal, Harvard, MIT, Yale, you get my drift. The point is, the only people clamoring to get into canada are american men in their 40's who go to canada to fish for pike and muskies on their two week vacations, and that is it. And mayonaise on everything? what were you sick fucks thinking? The ketchup on the filet mignon made me laugh. I can clearly see it anywhere in the midwest We dont need any of the other states. We Californians (and I guess new york)make the money, and have the cheap labor. Sure we have to share the state with southern california, but everything from Fresno down is considered the armpit of california anyway, so we dont talk about them..they just steal our water.
And the reason we sew canadian flags on our backpacks abroad is because I get tired of telling people I am from california, and them asking me #1) do I surf, and #2) why are you so awesome? Everyone knows canadians talk funny, and they have nothing relevent to say, so they just leave them alone. I think you get it now.

But hey Alanis Morrisette is totally cool and you should always defend her. At least we dont have to mandate our radio stations to play a % of american music. We already do it, because our music is good. The Hillary Duffs, Heidi Montags, and Paris Hiltons make music, which is a laughing stock, but it doesnt get played. Britney Spears still gets played, but I think it is out of pity. How many other countries are obsessed with your music? no one. Maybe Sum41 gets some play in europe, but I bet they think it is american.

In conclusion, Canada sucks, and couldnt fend off an invasion (unless we got lost in the forests along the way) because they are protected by mounties. In america we use cars and tanks. End of story.

Hi you fucking american whore I just want to say you should go hang yourself because for me I live in the best Country in the WORLD which is CANADA we can kick you ass in a war anyways because you have to hide behind weapons of destruction......why do you think the world hates you and want you all dead, end of story nigger.

What the hell are you talking about?? America's military is so far ahead of Canada's, its not even funny. If you don't believe me, look it up! And if you randomly call people "niggers", then your just messed up in the head! I have been to Canada, and I live in America, and the week I spent in Canada sucked!

Just cause you've visited Canada for a mere week and didn't have a pleasant time does not grant you the authority to say it sucks. Anyone can have a bad vacation because ANYTHING can go wrong. Guys stop arguing, America already knows it is the most hated place on the face of the earth. Let the poor nothings think their filthy country is even slightly comparable to the greatest most beloved CAN-wait for it-ADA, high five!



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What is that even supposed to be?

A far less successful one albeit, and with more pitiful, frivolous wars.
America has made their enemies, and they are paying for it right now.

Canada meanwhile has had some of the best soldiers in the world in ever war it has taken part in.
WW1? We broke the stalemate... and you know the Ludendorff offensive? Wouldn't have worked without copying CANADIAN tactics.

WW2? To quote a german major:
"We can handle the yanks and brits within reason, but you Canadians are mad! You just keep coming, and scare the wits out of our troops!"

And we bailed the UN's ass out during Korea.....

And now, we're doing well in afghanistan, as deplorable it is that Canadians are dying in an American conflict which they should be dying for. I personally hope every American solder who goes to the middle east dies a painful and gruesome death. Hopefully it will learn them a lesson they won't forget (or, for that matter, repeat!)

Where the he'll did you spend that week? Nunavut in the winter? The US is nice, but try to remember WHO owned in the Gold medal count!

Are you dumb we broke the record for most gold medals my god you are dumb. Incase you didnt notice gold means first place? :) GO C-A-N-A-D-A!!

hey, bud just letin you know that a vast majority of america's technologie comes from canada (the candu reactor, the thing that makes your nukes and helps to power your homes, was made in canada) also the fact that our military is weaker then yours is because we focus on economy and social benifits (i.e. hfree health care). now as for th "nigger" remark, well lets just say that that was a fail on his part. i to have spent time in america, much more then a week and let me tell you that yes your televison stations may be better, and your fastfood restaurants may be plentiful, but when i look for a high standard of living and look to live longer (because our life expectince is higher then americas) then i look to canada

dude canada has the support of england and its colonies plus France and all the other countries that think America has its head shoved up its motherfucking asshole. and the only way your soldiers can go into battle is by rolling so shut your pie hole fatty and by the way your country military has more soldiers but they rent trained as much so your troops are like mounties for us.

Everyone on here needs to get a freaking life. You can spend years debating which of the two is a better country and you would not get anywhere. Keep your racist comments and curse words to yourself!

keep dreaming, Canada is an amazing country. America is full of a bunch of war crazy morons. I enjoy my free health care, and lack of war thank you.

ok so maybe your military is more advanced , but u should know
that the entire world hates the u.s, and if u even tryed to bomb us
the entire world would be on our side, which means Russia, ALL of Asia, the U.K and more AGAINST America. maybe it'll make us look wimpy but all that matters in the end is who wins. i probably sound like a jerk right now but all i'm saying is the truth EH!!

why why why why why do we have to start the IM BETTER THEN YOU STUFF AGAIN???!!!! NO FIGHTING PLZZ!!First America vs. England noe America vs. Canda seriously???

I am Canadian and love my country. However, Calling people a Ni**er Is uncalled for.

Now why say nigger thats not cool man

Come on now, a real Canadian would know better than that, your comment is just ignorant and embarrassing. I just think it's funny that american's can cross an international boarder, have to declare their citizenship, go over a large body of water at Niagara
Falls and still think they are in the states!!!! That's friggin funny!

This guy is just jealous =)

Long life Canada AKA Best country in the world.


rofl best country in the world? ive seen this for thousand times and all they said is canada is the best, ummm could u give me any reason y u think it's the best?

Canada is the best because...No war, free health care and no corrupt fat government.

Apparently being able to read is one.

I don't care about the rest of your article, bu that last part made me laugh, WE COULDN'T FEND OFF AN INVASION?!?!? are you kidding? we don't fucking need to, if you step foot in Canada every nation in the world will nuke you 8 times over. where were you guys during the world wars?seriously?out assimilating other countries? we were helping our allies, so that's why we don't need a good force. so we take that money and spend it on useful things, like free health care. so to conclude(if you Americans know what conclude means) we can't fend off an invasion simply because we don't need to, the countries in the world will do it for us.

I agree with this and I actually think America is jealous of free health care because they seem to have a major issue with other countries having it.

Also... To all the Americans out there...

After reading all of the statements you have posted here it's no wonder the whole world hates you.

England and Britain as a whole are better than you - FACT.
Canada has a more civilised country which is better than you in every single way - FACT.
England/Britain have a better Army than you - FACT.
Canada have a smaller Army but more skilled and braver than you - FACT.
England/Canada both have free health care and your jealous - FACT.
America done NOTHING to help in WW2 but still claim to have won the war although they only bombed Japan in retaliation. You done shit all to help - FACT.

I recently read an article on here about how America is better than England and it was the biggest FAIL ever, just as this is.

Canada is an all round better country!!

This post is directed towards Ramon whom I have no disrespect for, just in the sense of good Canadian humor. I also believe defending my country against some of these inaccurate ideologies of which your nation has deemed necessary to place upon us, and how relevant this is to my personal ideologies.

Well, having lived both in the United States and Canada I will personally tell you that Canada is by far the better country, and I have not lived in the southern states for comparison. Oh, I should mention that our cities are actually kept cleaner than any city in the USA?

Baseball? Honestly? Why would baseball even come across the mind of a Canadian! It is boring as hell! Watching a ball get hit, caught and thrown. No wonder you have an obesity problem, how can you sit there and watch a game for 9 innings in your seats or couches! The expos may have gone back, yet we have the largest hockey franchises in North America, and yet you seem to demand that the franchises be placed in cities that will not generate profit. (Phoenix, Nashville, 2 In Florida, Even Dallas doesn't make that much) Then when we ask to bring a franchise here, you disregard the request, knowing that wherever we put the team that it would generate millions.

Why did you even bring climate into the conversation, as we both well know that Canada can get as warm as 40 degrees...Celsius, more like 100 in your Fahrenheit.(Will you ever decide to submit to the rest of the world?)

Directed towards your maple leaf crisis. You may feel that it shortens the amount of time you're speaking, but in truth it is because you are insecure about your own nation, and you will face comments like.
"Ooh, Look at the American, point and laugh because of his countries' incompetence and lack of strategy.

Unfortunately your portrayal of mounties in Canada is far askew. Mounties are only the short name for our police. In addition to this, our military is outnumbered, yet it remains more skilled.

To your music comment, I am sure we have plenty of music that is equal if not better than any of your American junk. I say junk because most of it causes ear-throbbing pains, with the over-repetitiveness of all of it.

Thank you for being misinformed by your thieves in Government, you made Canada a better place!

ok let me start from well the start yes america is vast and has just about every thing treu however most of your lakes and even some of your coasts are being poluted and no mater how great they are they will soon be a health problem. ok next off you should never and i mean never say " Its not fair to include the ...stupider states... why you ask because it really says who you are. your saying: well im great but im to selfish to help anyone. ha are you saying that america is so poor they can't afford to spent some of there vast military budget on a little education in the south?

Ok next off you have a mush more imagrants then we do but if you look at the percentages of them going into each state canada is getting more from europe you are getting plenty from mexico.

Oh and the 40 year old comming to canada thats because you guys fucked up all of your lakes with shit and waist you know the older you get the wiser you get.
Oh and there are a few reasons why Americans put Canadain Flages on there pack. the number one reason is not to get mugged people rob Americans more then Canadains. not because the country your visiting would be jelous. and yes i have been to america is was a cool trip i went to new york cleaner then i thoght but to live there to deal with the noise the crime and the drugs well... Oh and i really found this funny Canadain talk funny where did you get that info? from a Comedie show or did you go to newfound land they got a huge accent out there. oh and as for music america has better music but don't forget you have 10x more people it just so happens that you have a better chance of better music.

And finaly war... Ok Canada has been in more wars then the US its treu we have a small army but our men are just as good or even better and we have just about every thing USA has - the nukes and aircraft carrier i wish we had just 1 of those. but canada has been know as the storm troopers for going in and doing the missions that all other countrys failed at. example Vimy ridge

And if america were to invade canada this would never happen but america would win but there losses would be great once winter would come around it would look like starlingrad in russai

and what is with you end line we use cars and tanks? so do we... well we don't drive around a tank for the hell of it but we do have them in or army

Lol, what an idiot. He can't even spell Canada right. Where did this American come from? He's an idiot!

You certainly are an example of an uneducated American who does not know how to spell. Again, that's another characteristic of uneducated Americans. Canada rocks and our education system is much better than yours! My proof, your English! :D
It sucks!

You know nothing about us! Your just another Smuk asshole from California who thinks he nows everything because he has a 12th grade education. You know nothing of Canada, and Canadiens know more about the USA then you know about us. And not only do we have a better Army, Navy (Your ship's are desined by us, so we know there weak spots) and Air force, but you don't understand the consept of Acsents, you know, the think that makes BRITISH EBGLISH the rught one, NOT AMERICAN. Not only that, but in all 3 invation atempts by you, WE gained teritory and in 1812 burnt down the white house (witch was gray at the time, do Americans ever get it right the first time?) and you people thought the Quebecois and Loyalists would join you willfully? The French imigrents and the people who LEFT the US so they WOUDN'T becaume AMERICANS. The CFL might not be that good, but at least we don't obses over it. OUR Health Care is STILL beter then your's, even though you basted your reform on our supirior system. Education, EVERYONE on the American EAST COAST WANT to go to one of Montreal's Universitys. Do you even know what Montreal is? It's the 2nd largest city in Canada AND one of the 2 ONLY EUROPEAN citys in north america, the other being Quebec city (There are NO european citys in the US, including San fransisco). And about our forests, at least we have REAL forests, and our wood his better AND cheaper, in YOUR OWN MARKET. About OUR falg, AMERICANS HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSULT US BY USING IT IN OTHER COUNTRYS, your insulting us and making or great nation look bad, and people from thoughs contrys don't think your awsomw, they think your SMUK ASSHOLS who only go on vacation to there country becaus the US has nothing worth visiting, and your tourists are loud, obnoktions and incompatent. And about music, for every song award an american wins, there are 2 won by Canadiens. In conclusion, if you troed to invade us again and make the record 4-0 for us, you'd lose more teritory and the Americans in that teritory would be happy to becaum Canadiens (Because the northern stats wish they could be Canadiens because they understand how we are the better nation), and at least your the only nation that insults Canada, while EVERY nation insults you. And last of all, Canada hates America, and our 2 nations have the best relationship in the world, what dose that tell you?

Your (instead of you're)
ship's (instead of ships)
there (instead of their)
think (instead of thing)
witch (instead of which)
basted (instead of based)
WANT (instead of wants)
San fransisco
his (instead of is)
your (instead of you're (again))
or (instead of our)
SMUK (again)
there (instead of their (again))
teritory (again)
teritory (for a third and final time)
stats (instead of states)
your (instead of you're (for a third and final time))
dose (instead of does)


Are you retarded, or can you just not type? I can understand that maybe you were pissed and typed fast, but seriously?!? I don't know how many of these are just british spellings of the word, but I am GOD DAMN SURE that "knows" has a "K" in it somewhere. What's a troed? What's a rught? Did you really spell "is" with an "H" in it? In what way, shape, or form is "obnoktions" a word? By the way, I googled this one; as it turns out, you are the only person on the internet to have misspelled "obnoxious" so badly. If this is a new language, then bravo. Otherwise, you might just want to crawl under a rock and lay there for the rest of your life.

Almost worse (almost) than your spelling is your grammar. You used the wrong form of "their" twice and the wrong form of "you're" three times. Ouch. I don't know about Canada, but in the U.S., we learned that in fourth grade.

Who was it that said Canadians have a better educational system?
I think you should spend less time arguing on the internet with Americans and get people like this the hell out of your country.

Okay, one person with bad grammar doesn't mean that we're a stupid country. I especially focus on good grammar and spelling, because i believe it is an accurate and important representation of yourself. So does my good grammar prove that we have better education? No. Does the stupidity of one Canadian prove that we are poorly educated? No. What does prove that we Canadians are better educated is statistics. The statistics that show that we have a better educational system, and that we have a MUCH lower rate of illiteracy. I am not arguing this with you, i am merely stating a FACT. How about i point out some grammatical errors in what you posted.

After a sentence, you're supposed to put two spaces, not one.

"british" is spelled with a capitol B.

Single letters are quoted between apostrophe's, not parentheses. So "K" should be written 'K'.

Snobby fucking Americans. I have never been to America, and i never plan to visit. It is the shit hole of the world. EVERYBODY hates the U.S. , and for good reason! Fuck America, fuck Obama, fuck your corrupt government, fuck obesity, fuck poverty, fuck your so called "freedom" (or lack thereof), and fuck YOU!

"Freedom; it's your only choice!"

Canada is where true freedom is!

Plus, america and Canada both have the same 99% literacy rate.

You have been to 35+ states, but how many provinces have you been to? Probably none. Which makes you an inadequate person to bash my country so. In your entire counter debate you used stereotypes that ignorant Americans such as yourself don't realize are actually untrue. British-Colombia: Beaches, sunshine, Skiing, surfing. You want a Desert? Northern Territories got it. You want to Gamble? Go to Niagara Falls. You want to wakeboard in October while it is 21 degrees? No problem. You want the freshest sushi in the world? Go to Vancouver. You into world class wines? Go anywhere in the Prairies. And the list goes on.
The difference between Canada and the United-States is that we don't have any provinces bringing us down. We are all amazing. All your hockey teams are filled with Canadians, and I bet loads of bands and musicians you think are American actually aren't. Try to invade us, we have more friends than you have obese women in Texas. Don't get me wrong, America is lovely. I do have a problem with ignorant Americans though who are so self involved they don't realize that America isn't the centre of the world. Get over yourself. All countries are beautiful.

I couldn't agree more. We have Rush, so you can have Justin Bieber. You all like him more than we do anyway. You take credit for the innovation and creation of basketball, which is again, a Canadian game. James Naismith was Canadian. Everything you consider American culture has one way or another originated in Canada. We are more famous for our beer, because it isn't watered down, and it doesn't take like piss. We have universal health care, which after years and years of trying, you American's can't even do it. Canada isn't as cold as American's suggest either. We have thirty degree weather (that's Celsius for you American pricks.) Yes, we might have cold winters, but it's worth it sometimes. The scenery in Canada is always beautiful after snowfall. We're a safer place to live. Our education system is much better than America's. And I would say our universities are better. You'll take the piss out of me for that saying "you don't have Harvard or Yale or Princeton; where are they in lists of top universities?" Remember that these precious lists are all created by Americans. Surprised that Canada doesn't make a top ten list? I'm not. McGill University and the University of Toronto are two of the greatest universities in the world whether you like it or not. Our soldiers have put more effort into war than any of America's. The only reason we ever went to Afghanistan in the first place was because of America. We went to provide backup during the Afghanistan war, and we're still there. Where are your precious American troops in Afghanistan? Oh wait, they aren't. Our soldiers are dying because of you America. You are the plague of the Earth.

You're a retard, friend...no wait, your an American.

Besides, invade Canada and see what happens..nah you're too stupid to guess, I'll just tell you.
England, Australia, Netherlands, Russia, China, Japan, Belgium, South Africa, France, Germany and probably some other Communists countries will come and destroy America. =)

Stupid American, don't talk. Just use your mouth for eating..it's all it's good for.

lol and where do you think you get the oil to run those tanks?? canada. and who has the most export of hydro power? canada. im not saying we give you all your oil but if keep spilling it all over your "land of the free", you might have to be a little nicer ,you get my drift?? you have a point of how the CFL sucks, but you didn't mention the fact where the most successful hockey players come from. the only reason American teams win the cup is either there's a few canadians on the team or its a bunch of Europeans on them. if you don't believe me look who one the Olympics? ring any bells, oh ya Canada won. and don't pull the home town advantage cause i think we've one it a few times in other countries.the reason why your middle aged men come to fish here is because you can actually eat fish that comes out of our waters. those so called "ice fields hold a third of the fresh water in the world also.the beers better, the girls are hotter, health cares free, and the oil not pumping on our pelicans. next time a snooty american wants to trash the great white north you better have more than that. lmao

You fucking no nothing about the world faggot. American pop music is the laughing stock of the whole world idiot. It takes no talent to make it to the top in america. And we dont put ketchup on everything, that would be America. Because you all too fucking fat to do anything but ask for more food. Hell, you probably didnt even type that, you got someone else to do it for you cause your fingers were too fat for the keyboard. Oh and BTW our literacy rates are waaay higher bud. The US only invented football and baseball because they BLEW at every other sport retard. And for a country with 1/10th the population of yours we are so much better you piece of shit. Oh and BTW learn to look up stats before you argue faggot.

Looks like somebody got a nerve poked and if what you are saying is true, that America is great then why are you trying so hard to defend it while we have to say nothing and we come out on top time and time again. I sense Jealousy.....

Ramon, that was excellent. I don't really want to refute everyone who is going to say I'm an idiot and Canada sucks, but I will say this: if you don't think the University of Toronto is crawling with overachieving Asians, you're as wrong as a person can be...

as a resident of upstate New York I'm closer to Canada than most of the States...and I can vouch for the fact that it is superior

Hey im from upstate NY too Rochester to be exact right nxt to Lake Ontario!!


Hey we are not coward we are helping your fights so dont be a douche

HEY ASSHOLE, in world war 1 and 2 we where in from the start and the best fighing force the Alies had, and where was America? You needed to be attaked by the enemy it get into the war... BOTH TIMES, and thousand of your men and women payed the price for your incompetents. Our Stoor Troopers where the BEST INFENTRY in BOTH WARS, and in the 3 invation attemps by the USA to gain territory from us, only to loss territory and in 1812, the white house, witch at the time was grey. Americans steal there good inventions from us.

LOL, you illustrate the canadians point perfectly, my god do you make our country look bad. Canada was there from start to finish in both world wars actually, we were late into both of them, so in reality, we were the ones hiding. And Canada was actually the defining force in WW2, liberating Belgium, Holland, etc.. Maybe next time, you could get your facts about history from a book instead of a movie? just a suggestion... idiot.

Hey idiot, we actually helped in WW2. We were allies along with Britain. Didn't you study History?

WE WERE SCARED??? Where were the Yanks when Hitler attacked, oh, right, my bad, that was different. Everyone knew he had GUNS

Ur fuckin retarded, we were fighting for 2 years before america joined WW2. How bout u learn some history before you call us scared u hypocrite.

Fucking retard, Canada joined WW2 within a few days, it took America years to join.

fuckin faggot we started three years before u i know that for a fact and im 11

Hey im from upstate NY too Rochester to be exact right nxt to Lake Ontario!!


Uh, we were in it before you. By 3, almost 4, years. And we fought as hard as we could, its just we dont have a ton of people. We penetreted into Frace farther than you, even with the smallest army and the 2nd hardest beach. And we freed alot of Holland, taking all sorts of crap from the Nazis. And we are currently your most reliable ally, fighting in Afghanistan alongside your men. So shut up untill you get your history straight. If anyone was "too scared" it was America. It didnt take a disaster to make us join. If you guys had joined when it started, you could have saved alot of lives and cut the length of the war in half. Thanks alot.

Hahahahahaha... Canada was there WAY before America you MORON!!!!!. I think it's time you FAT American goes back to School!!!

dude...we were there fighting '39 while the Americans didn't show up until '42. Case in point - you're a moron.

If Portugal bombed American, American would bomb Poland. LMAO

hahahaha Ramon Chacon clearly demonstrates that the Canadian educational system is superior to the American system, even in California (with its cheap labour..). Also, the CFL is without a doubt a blight on our fair nation.. that is irrefutable.

how about the NHL? The canadiens? Senators? Maple leafs? Those are some tough sounding teams. Even your mascots suck. The response I wrote was sarcastic at best. If you are going to say the Canadian education system is better, at least spell labor correctly. Unless labour is the stupid French Canadian spelling which would only further prove my point. How's the weather up there? It was 71 degrees today. Enjoy shoveling your driveway.

Honey, I hate to tell you this but it is the British spelling of labour...which existed before the American spelling of the word. Sadly this has been a poor display of your superior education.

Labour is the original British spelling of the word.

Packers? Cubs? Fillies? Cardinals? Nuggets? Wow, im afraid.

the nhl would be a minor league without canadian players because we have the best players and people pay to see the canadian players not american ones.

Just remember, the maple laughs are coached by an AMERICAN and their GM is AMERICAN also.

Just you remember: 70% of your PLAYERS are Canadian. Suck it.

The Maple Leafs did really well right?

Does it matter who wins?? Almost all of the players are Canadian anyway. Look it up all of you Americans. It's true

You think criticizing the NAME of a pro sports franchise is anywhere near a good argument?

How about the Blue Jackets, the Ducks, the Penguins, and that's just hockey. I could do this all day with your Baseball teams.

Labour is the Canadian, as well as the British way to spell the word, and I'm pretty sure they invented the language to begin with. So, who's spelling it incorrectly?

Hasn't snowed in Canada this year in March. My brother recently went to Miami. It was hotter here than in Miami during his trip! Shovel my driveway? I think I'll hit the beach...

to Ramon Chacon, you said "If you are going to say the Canadian education system is better, at least spell labor correctly" Ugh, labor can be spelled as labour as well. My fellow proud Americans, please stop posting on here, you are embarrassing us Americans that are actually intelligent.

Hey idiot, labour is from the British. Our English is a mix between American and British English. Didn't you study English?

you just wish you were cool enough to have your own language. stupid canadian. we at least have spanglish. oh and hockey really does suck. we have football and baseball. america had the best movies. never have i seen a good canadian movie. oh wait america makes better hokey movies too.

* You
* Stupid
* Canadians
* We
* Oh,
* We
* America
* Has
* Never
* I
* Canadian
* Oh
* Wait,
* America
* Hockey
For a guy who talks about having its own language, you sure cannot speak it... 15 mistakes in 6 small lines...
By saying Canadian, you must mean that we are only one person living in this country... Kind of off there, no?
Just for the record, cricket and rugby are pretty much what baseball and "football" are, just they have been ripped off. Your "Football" which is actually your "soccer", because you don't use your foot to pass very often in your "football".
I think I win.

Haha, great article, man. As a New York native I have to agree with what M. said.

Also, Ramon Chacon, if you're going to sprout off nonsense about others not being able to spell well in order to dispute their opinion, at least check your facts first. Americans derive their language from the English, and they spell most words with an 'ou' in Britain. If anyone's not spelling correctly, it's you.

dont tell me the canadians have infiltrated new York already! We have no time people! Never in American society has labor been labour! Next harbor will be harbour, arbor will be arbour and curling will be popular! Block off the great lakes. That will be the easiest point on entry! Sound the alarm! The Mounties are coming, the Mounties are coming!

Are you secius? Canada and the US have the world's longest boarder betwen 2 countrys, and the Mounties are a small part of our POLICE force, there also the Seuter du Quebec (it's a french name so if your to dumb to understand it, I understand).

Ramon is an example of an American idiot. :D

3-2-1? Are you kidding?

Not counting the French and Indian War (where we destroyed over half of your ancestoral stock, with the help of the other half), America has triumphed in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War (iffy....seeing as there's no present-day Confederate States of America, we'll call it a win), the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.

What have we lost? Vietnam is debatable as a tie/loss...call it what you will. To cap it off, it's not even a real war, just a conflict! Cheap and crass? Sure, but it bolsters our record.

By my count, we're 7 (possibly 8) and zero, with a tie for a dubiously perfect record.

Every war Canada's won has been on America's coat tails anyway, since you're basically the international equivalent of the bully's weasly little hanger-on. You know, the guy that stands in the back and urges him on while he twists your nipples clean off with the Purple Nurple of Death?

Thankee sir....I think I'm going to celebrate by killing a beaver with chainsaw. Then I'll fry that beaver in a vat of oil, over a fire made from maple logs. Then I'll eat it, and put on more weight, so I'll eventually be just another fat tourist in your country, taking pictures of your waterfalls.

Hope you like my asscrack.

you didnt win the war of 1812 hahaha i love how you guys get taught you won but you didnt hahah!
Americans crack me up

Um....yea, we kinda did win. Sure, you guys got to keep that frigid icebox you call a country but America got to add islands to New York's territory, kick British soldiers out of continental territory forever and always, and gain complete, unarguable status as an independent nation, with rights that equaled that of any other.

Oh, and in that failed invasion of Canada, you bet your ass we did some raping and pillaging. Of YOUR ancestors.

Both men and women.

And beaver.

Frigid icebox? Is that what you're calling Canada? Did you forget about Niagara Falls, Montreal's historic buildings, the flower gardens of BC, and more? Last time I checked, these things weren't covered with snow. You can be proud about how many soldiers your ancestors killed but there is a reason Canada is known as a peaceful country and we're proud of that.

And maybe you should find a better name than "Harper" as your user, because, last time I checked, Harper is the name of OUR prime minister. I know it's hard not to be jealous, though :P.
Proud to be Canadian :)

Yea, Harper's not really my name, I just chose to impersonate a psuedo-country's Prime Minister.

Yea, there is a reason your country is peaceful. It's not manly enough to start wars with countries that have little or no hope of defending themselves. ;) You guys should start kicking down Portugal's front door or something, assert your sovereignity a little bit.

An no, I didn't forget about Niagra and Montreal's wussy French architecture, I'm just referring to the 95% that's covered in permafrost and ruled by ducks and caribou.

P.S.-You guys are way closer to Sarah Palin than us mainlanders. If you'd arrange for a snowmobile accident, that'd be damned sporting of you.

See, this is why the reputation of Americans is so terrible. You guys love war. We choose to not bomb up random countries and our name has a good, peaceful reputation. We could fight it we wanted to, we're just not crazed murderers waiting to bomb the first thing we see. We rather be known as kind peaceful dudes rather than skilled murderers. And that's what the rest of the world prefers too. Sorry to break it to you, buddy.

Niagra? Learn how to spell man. It's Niagara Falls, and it was included in the 7 world wonders a couple of years ago. Montreal's wussy French architecture? Last time I checked, we had millions of tourists, including Americans, coming to visit them. If you call them wussy, what about your architecture?

95% is covered in permafrost? Wow, someone needs to study their geography a little bit. Sorry, I can't help but to laugh - if you're going to stereotype Canada like that, I'm going to sterotype you guys for being idiots :P.

Oh yeah, I'm so sorry it's like -5 degrees Celcius out here. I know, it's freezing, eh? Like, I think you're going to have to put pants on. Oh my god! So tragic. And maybe even a coat!
Man up. You guys are wussies. Toughen up in the cold. Ever hear of a toque? It's a thing you put on your head when you're cold.

Proud to be Canadian :)

Alina, honey, darling, my little maple leaf,

Do you understand sarcasm? I know this is the world wide intra-webz, and it can sometimes be hard to construe meaning through text, but honestly? Really? Seriously?

If you think the vast majority of Americans aren't bitching and moaning about how much the war in Iraq costs, and how retarded it is that we're flexing on countries every few months because our tanks are so big, and the thousands and thousands of lives being thrown away, then you've got another thing coming. Our news is FULL of people lambasting our warmongering retard of a president that's been tossing our soldiers' lives and reputation as a nation onto the trash heap for the last eight years. That, and coverage on our elections, where we are hoping and praying to GOD that we don't elect a warmongering senile sonofabitch and his retarded moose-killing sidekick for another four.

Believe me, we aren't all sitting around eating fried lard while American Idol is on the tube, high-fiving each other over the downward spiral that our economy has become. We're just as upset about that as you are about our "mavericky" leadership. We're working on it. Trust me.

Also, I've looked at a map. With you guys rocking a roughly 3.5 person/square kilometer population density, you're pretty much wide open for wide-open tundra jokes. I know what the meaning of cold is. I live just south of Lake Erie, and it gets cold as BALLS here. Basic geography and climatology are on my side; you guys have the vast bulk of your population focused within a few hundred miles of the border.

Also, anything prefaced by "French" is wussy, except maybe the French kiss, French fries, and the French Foreign Legion. It's not your fault. Blame France.

Additionally, we probably have more tourists than you. Again, simple math. More attractions and a weaker dollar indicate that foreigners flock to America, both to buy at our outlet malls and wear black socks with sandals.

Please, understand I'm only mocking Canada because this is a comedy site, and the main article was about Canada. I like Canada. I gamble in Windsor, and NIAGARA (not the U.S. side...blech). When I was a wee lad of 17, my friends and I had fake IDs proclaiming that we were 19, specifically so we could drive to Canada and get wasted.

P.S.-Canadian units in the ANZAC were among the most bloody, ruthless, and efficient soldiers of the Second Great War....so you guys can get bloody and rapey along with the best of them. Just FYI.

Haha i really like you! Dude you're pretty funny. No, I'm not using sarcasm. But I loved how you called me "my little maple leaf". Nice man lol. How old are you? I'm 15. That probably gives me way less credit haha. But, oh well. It's out there now.

Yes, I know Americans hate the war. I know it's not the people's decision to send soldiers out to bomb Iraq. I get mad when Americans start being proud about being a country known for that though.

The cold is just part of Canada's culture. It's us. We don't care if Americans tease us about it. We love it, and that's all that matters. Snow is something that Canadian children grew up with, tobogganing in the snow till our hands got numb, we're proud to say we ski in the mountains and build snowmen in our front yard. We're proud to have 4 seasons: winter, still winter, almost winter, and "summer". Lol, I'm joking. Winter, spring, fall, and summer.

I also get mad when people start saying that our entire country is covered with permafrost and caribou. C'mon. There's more to Canada than that. We have beautiful scenery here man. And I prefer a smaller population, like 33 million, to something like 300 million. It makes a country more unified. I'm proud of our diversity and multiculturialism too. And yes, we do have a lot of free space. Is there a problem with that? You guys can tease us all you want, but we're not the ones with polluted stores and buildings every inch of our country. We have the beautiful Canadian Rockies, BC gardens, the Saskatchewan prairies, the beautiful Quebec lakes and waterfalls, and furthermore. Canada is beautiful.

You can think what you want about France. I don't have anything against them. Don't judge an entire country on that though. And I'm also proud that in Canada we speak English and French. Most of us are bilingual. French is a beautiful language.

Sure, you may have more tourists. Your economy is much bigger than ours, as is your population. However, keep in mind that most tourists prefer Canadians to Americans. Just a fact.

Also, please understand I am only defending Canada because I love this country. I like USA too. I don't have anything against you guys. Sick man. I admire your courage. Canada's pretty cool, EH? Haha.

Peace man.


Man this is amusing. Like, really amusing. So when are you two gonna man up and stop slapping dicks? Really, would you bicker with your neighbors like that?

Oh for the record, I'm Canadian. And this is ridiculous.......

this is for Anonymous, the one who posted "Also, anything prefaced by "French" is wussy, except maybe the French kiss, French fries, and the French Foreign Legion. It's not your fault. Blame France."

Don't you mean Freedom Fries?? haha sorry i had to point that out.

-Love Canada, come visit soon!

just wanted to let u know that if canada pulled out of afganistan the u.s would be flanked and wiped out so just be thankfull that were helping you out because you really dont deserve canadian blood being spilled for you county

Hmm... last time i checked, Canada has about 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. The US has close to 80,000. You leaving isn't going to make much of a difference.

get your facts straight we lost 154 (at the moment) since we started how many did u :P

didn't some american troops kill a British aid worker by throwing a grenade into the room where she was being held.

is that really how stupid your army is, chuck a grenade in a room in a rescue mission.

Peaceful because we are not manly enough to start a war with another country? are you fucking kidding me? Fine then, go be "Manly" and we'll be peaceful "wussies" and we'll see who come out with less debt, a better economy, and more people without 32 AK rounds in their lungs.

If you guys are calling Canada a frigid icebox I'm guessing you guys hate cold weather. Well if you hate cold weather so much then why did America buy Alaska? Plus I really like America but it has too many problems. I just hope Obama straightens those problems out. And if he does then I will agree that America may be better than Canada. Btw im Canadian.

American will never be better than Canada.

Ya, except for most Canadians are descended from people who showed up after WWII, so forget about it. If u werent so stupid u would know that.

Why are you vouching for all the man slaughtering and deaths of innocent people that America has done? You are only pathetically losing the argument. This is why the entire world hates you. You've killed peoples husbands and children all over the globe and this is why you have to shamefully sew a Canadian flag all of your "pro-killing" body, so that you can...just for a moment...pretend like your country's history didn't ruthlessly shoot a bullet in millions of beating hearts.


"Labour" would be the correct way to spell the word in every English speaking nation in the world except for the United States, including England, where the language actually began. As far as wars, the American military is obviously the most formidable the world has ever seen. If they were intent on winning a war at all costs, they could do so easily. The records of Canada and the United States in wars just demonstrates that Canada chooses its wars more carefully. Also, the weather was fine today, thank you for asking. It was eleven degrees celsius. Celsius of course is the accepted temperature standard of every significant nation in the world with the exception of the United States.

If the american military is so good, why haven't they successfully bombed Iraq and won their so called wars already ?

Proud to Be Canadian for life always will be.

Can we get off of labor? Next youre going to try and tell me its not soccer, its football in the rest of the world. And ill tell you As my college roommate once told me when he broke my lamp, who gives a shit it sucks anyway!

As an American, I think I may have disagreed with this article. However, my lack of good edumacation means that I cant read anything that isn't in list form. If this turns into a top 10 countdown of reasons, I'm there!

Kudos on propagating the American stereotype with "the stupid French Canadian spelling".

I love america bumb what you say.

Nice article man!! You rock.
And so does Canada.
And Americans, you can stop using Farenheit. Wtf? Water freezes at 0 degrees thank you very much. And 6 feet of snow doesn't slow us down. 2 inches of snow in New York and the city is closed for a week. haha!

Proud to be Canadian :)

both canadians and americans, they stink...

i live in canada just to fool and use nitwit canadians...next year i'll go to US to play around with much idiot Americans...

Hey Alina- call me.

Fuck, you actually did!
Haha - you're joking right man?


the thing that makes me angriest about this whole thing is that loser who spouted off nonsense about all the wars america won...1812 canada defeats US (white house = ashes = canada wins)...WWI americans fought in it for like a fuckin month...canada and britain did all the hard work and then the americans took all the credit...talk about ridin in on coat tails you fuckin cunts...i hate all of you...and dont forget that you still havent even defeated one of the poorest, weakest and most governmentally corrupt nations in the world...buncha pussies...fuck!!

i got to agree there



We're not fighting the poorest, weakest and most governmentally corrupt nations in the world." We're fighting the crazy bastards that are running around blowing up their own Children. The ones who flew two planes into New York and set off bombs all around London. if you really cared about all of your best friends in Europe, you would shut up about your 2,500 brave men in afghanistan and helps us win the freaking war.

We have a better basketball, (thanks for that!) American football, and baseball league than you. but you guys cream us in Hockey, rugby and soccer. We call it soccer because that's what the english told us to call it before they changed their minds.

And finally may I ask why us Americans are talking to our hat?

Just kidding friends! Cheers and good luck to all.

Hey lil americans just one thing considering ur dead economy it won't take long to recall once the united state.
Ever read history US States've contract..they can breakaway anytime they want to. There are more mexicans in US then americans more asians more europeans...
u ppl are proud to be racists well how about that ur racism will take ur country down the drain if these Asians pullout of ur nation who are paid higher than u common americnan did u know that??a common american is a high school drop out while asians and south americans reach universities, ofcourse many americans also but look at the trend and tell me what are you proud of ur hitech industry is being driven by Asians europeans take them out and see how far you go with ur brilliant minds. Nevermind i can see President bush was reading a kid's book upside down lol.
>>Proud Canadian it does take longer to get a bomb :)
a wise man once said never underestimate your emeny the day you do that the day you lost the war:)see how many american bodybags r in iraq and afghanistan eheh have fun in the middle of no where.

good god look what you americans did i've all typo errors now lol i thought i post it before you lil american kids complain about my english :)

Let me re post it

Hey lil americans just one thing considering ur dead economy it won't take long to recall once the united state.
Ever read history US States've contract..they can breakaway anytime they want to. There are more mexicans in US then americans more asians more europeans...
u ppl are proud to be racists well how about that ur racism will take ur country down the drain if these Asians pullout of ur nation who are paid higher than u common american did u know that??a common american is a high school drop out while asians and south americans reach universities, ofcourse many americans also but look at the trend and tell me what are you proud of ur hitech industry is being driven by Asians europeans take them out and see how far you go with ur brilliant minds. Nevermind i can see President bush was reading a kid's book upside down lol.
>>Proud Canadian it does take longer to get a bomb :)
a wise man once said never underestimate your enemy the day you do that the day you lost the war:)see how many american bodybags r in iraq and afghanistan eheh have fun in the middle of no where.

I couldn't resist commenting on this. Funny article.

Actually, the US won the war in Iraq. I am sick and tired of the media blathering on about winning the war in Iraq, We went to war with Sadam Hussein. We won that war just like we won the Gulf War. What we are trying to do now is to prevent a civil war and leave a relatively stable government in its place. Troops were in Germany for many years after WW2. The US helped rebuild Germany and Japan. The Germans are less prone to suicide bombings and killing each other. It makes rebuilding must easier when the county isn't engaged in those activities.

The only reason that there are more Asians and Europeans here is because our Congress has allowed them into the United States to take jobs for lower wages. It is not because there are no "Americans" qualified for the jobs.

I would say that most American's would say they are not proud to be racist. What a ridiculous comment. The United States fought a very bloody war to free the slaves. It has taken years to get to the point were an we could have a Black president. The United States has worked very hard to overcome the racist tendency in all people. Everyone is a racist to some extent and it will always be an ongoing battle.

As for not entering into the 1st WW, unlike now, the United States did not want to poke its nose into another country's business. It wasn't until it was discovered that Germany had submarines off the east coast and had formed an alliance with Mexico in 1917 that the US finally dove in.

As for Canada being better than the US, I really can't say. I haven't been to Canada. I would think that since it is a continuation of the same continent and the US is beautiful that Canada should be as well. We have Rockies Mountains and Great Plains as well as deserts, beaches and tropical paradises.

Many in the US are bilingual. Depending on where they live and the composition of the immigrant population they speak. I could be Spanish, or French, or German or Italian or Chinese or any number of languages.

I agree with Lil. America fought a very bloody and dangerous war to end Racism. Not one of you here can deny that there is no racist people in your country. Maybe America has more but keep in mind they have a lot more people and the south. Also with all the people who despise America can you really overly blame them. To be hated on every day and have other countries news destroying you. I'd be kinda mad. America is a land of freedom. They do some things wrong but that is just in a bid to preserve the freedom they and other countries worked so hard to get. There's no need to argue this Canada and America both have pros and cons.
Btw I am Canadian I live in Nova Scotia.

I think that it's absolutely hilarious how serious people took this article. For Christsake's, it's on PIC (no offense to the writer David Nelson, it was a well written article).
Get over yourselves.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the American's that started the slavery of African people? Wasn't Canada the country they tried to run to when they wanted to escape slavery?

You are right, but that's not the point. Not all of America had slaves, hence the American Civil War, they wanted to abolish slavery (thats why he's upset about the whole racism thing, not all American's like it, just like you PROBABLY don't live in an igloo ;) Just sayin' ). Also, Americans weren't the only ones to have slaves, tons of other countrys had African slaves as well, and they had brought over more than the Americans did.
Anyways, good article. I know this is for shits and giggles but... Working in a boarder city with the States, at a fast food restaurant a street away from a bunch of bars... I think I have a right to put in my two cents. Americans? The gold coin is a looney, that means its a dollar, the silver one with gold in the center? Thats a tooney (too=two which means its two dollars). Yes, our food is more expensive than yours, no offence, but its because we have higher standards when it comes to our meat(and the difference between the dollars probably plays a part in the price aswell). No, we don't have the same menu as you do in the States because this is Canada, a different country with a different culture. The companys that own our fast food chains in Canada adheres to that. Its called a poutine (POO-teen) its french fries with cheese curds and gravey and its absolutely delicious and fattening. Don't diss it.
I do love the States though, don't get me wrong. I vacation there when ever I get a chance. But I must say, after the Olympics this year, my Canadian pride has gone up a whole ton.

Canadian and proud!! ...Eh ;)

For the record, the American Civil War was NOT about slavery, it was about the right of states to leave the country. Lincoln made it about slavery to unite "the North" and overwhelm "the South"'s industrial deficiency.

I'm born and raised in the Mid-Western United States, and am 120% against slavery and racism, but in the long run the wrong side won the Civil war.

The Portuguese were sending African slaves to Europe in the 1440s. Early in the 1500s Africans were being sent to the New World. Slavery was a legacy of British policy that the fledgling US nation would eventually have to deal with.

There was slavery in Canada, too, again because of British policy. Slavery in Canada didn't end until 1834.

African tribes were also complicit in the slave trade by actively capturing and selling people of neighboring tribes. And the Arab slave trade was active in Africa starting around 600 AD.

Actually slavery ended in Canada in 1803 while slavery in the British Empire as a whole (of which Canada was a part of) wasn't abolished until 1834.

Okay, Alina, if you still monitor this site at any time...
1. I thought I had double posted, that's why I was pissed.
2. I thought you were a girl. If you are, great. If you're not, I'm totally straight, and it was your fault either way with the confusing name xD
3. On the Canada > America dilema, I thought this letter was pretty head-on.
Not the one in large print or green text, the one in the smaller black print that goes all the way down the page.

This was quite funny. A small tiny ass nation of 33 million peoplke thinks it's better than their southern giant of over 300 million people. What has Canada ever done except provide the world's supply of maple syrup, build igloos as suburban housing, and eat bison (albeit poisoned Mad Cow) in their burgers?

Canada is rightly so insignificant that when one thinks of North America, onloy the United States comes to mind. Evne Europe nows this. Many Canadians would not even now the fact that their ancestors are American rejects called the United Empire Loyalists.

I can;t even believe asomebody actually made the effort to make such a lame argument in this article much less think anybody would believe this spewing crap. Stupid country, stupid people, and Canadians are nothing but Americans in denial.

Who cares? Better to be ignored than to be hated. Simply because you cannot think of any wars and atrocities a country has been involved in doesn't make it any less of a country.

The true measure of a society is how it treats it's weakest. America chooses to spend billions on a military while a large proportion of it's population lives well below the poverty line without proper education, healthcare and nutrition. In the rest of the first world (Western Europe, Australia, Canada and parts of Asia) we choose to take care of the poor, provide a good free/affordable education, provide universal healthcare, and keep our streets safe. I believe that this alone makes most other first world countries greater than America.

Next time you try to leave a comment get you're facts straight and learn to spell. It reflects poorly on your country's educational system.


this article is sooooo messed up dude. what is wth ur contry? america is the greatest place to live, and always wil b. wonder why north america and south america have america in them? i dont cuz its obvious= we r beter! you guyz all live in igglos and eat polar bear and drink seal fat. and ur sport teams suck. wonder why we have more nhl teams than u? cuz we can play hockey beter.

First of all im going to explain you in 2 words fat and stupid. We are *better then you at hockey simply because every good player is from canada i would list them but that would take days- The math has been done ya slut you guys have a 13 % chance of beating us at hockey. Also 2/3 of you guys dont reach middle class so im going to take a quick guess and say you live in the ghetto your prob black and your most def fat. cuz we can play hockey beter. Im not sure what you were trying to say their but you most def failed. Well be seein ya in the olympics ya slut btw were going to win both in hockey and in olympics wrestling because gsp is going to knock ya out whore.

To Anonymous that wrote "this article is sooooo messed up dude. what is wth ur contry? america is the greatest place to live, and always wil b. wonder why north america and south america have america in them"

Uhmm, North and South America existed before the USA was the USA, you just weren't very original when you named your country. As far as the being the best country on earth and always will be comment, sorry to tell you, but that isn't the case anymore and not many people can refute that. America is fucked, corruption on all level, political, corporate, etc.. not only that but the US is ranked #6 in world police state rankings using terror as a pretext, where as Canada is only #29. (sources here: http://www.wariscrime.com/2009/05/13/news/electronic-police-state-2008-n...) America used to be the best country to live, unfortunately that's not the case anymore, and there is no end in sight. Just like the fall of Rome, the fall of America is coming from within, and you guys aren't doing a damn thing about it.


If you don't eat chicken pork or beef what meat do you eat? it seems like you are feeding your own polar bear stereotype there.

uh fish, meat substitutes (tofu, Beans, Nuts), there is alot of things that can be eaten instead of beef pork or chicken

i was about to say beef jerky but then i realized that is meat.

I just find it hard to believe that the entirety of Canada has ceased eating the three main meats because they don't like Americans.

haha.. wow.. north and south america were named after an italian explorer named amerigo vespucci.. nice to know that you think they're named after your country.. funny to see how you dont know the basis for your own countrys' name..

last time i checked montreal won the most stanley cups and where is montreal?

north america and south america are continents, the united states of america and canada are part of north america you dumb american cunt.

Its true. We live in igloos. As a young child I can fondly remember dining on seal fat stew, while my father hunted in the wilderness to collect skins for clothing, and meat for dinner. Live in the country where it snows 365 days a year is tough.


Just a few points to consider...
- 80 percent of the players in the NHL are Canadian, and bunch of others aren't even american
- Quoting Nate "Eating bison in their burgers": Well, we aren't the ones with a city called Buffalo
- Yes, ok, the CFL doesn't have as many junk food companies offering sponsership, but that doesn't make it a laughingstock. Its just not our main sport.
-I find it ironic that while Americans claim not to be war-obsessed, nearly every arcticle written by an american on here is arguing about some war or another.

Please people, unless you've visited both countries, you can't say anything.

This is hilarious. I mean I like the U.S. too, but common. The U.S. obviously lost the war of 1812. There goal was to capture Canada, and they didn't suceed, so thats losing. Canada had like 2 million people, 1000 soldiers, and a couple farmers with pitchforks, and we still one. You outnumbered us by 9 to 1. Even in the 1800s the u.s. was always going after the weakest people. There was something called manifest destiny, which was the u.s. army killing innocent aboriginals and taking there land. Im an aboriginal living in Canada and I can tell you one thing. Although we faced tough times in Canada, its sure as hell better here for us the in the u.s.. We go to university for free! We don't live in igloos, we invented basketball, the cfl is older the the nfl, we can smoke weed and we dont go to jail for 20 years. Canada is heaven, and oh yah the immigrant girls are so much better then your obese hillbilles who work at mcdonalds.

I beat up canadians all the time god I wish I could kill them

you need help, see a doctor, sucks you dont have FREE healthcare

I live in america, but was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and I can tell you, not all Americans are this fortunate...but I receive free healthcare. I will not lie, Canada is a much more peaceful and tranquil place, but in my opinion America holds host to greater opportunities. I love both countries equally, despite their flaws.
Also, if you were born and raised in America, and someone goes to you and says, "Canada is so much better than your country. Nothing about your country is good, all Americans suck." You don't take that lightly. And, believe it or not, many people take pride in being American despite its flaws.

PS: If The US gets Nuked, it'll greatly affect Canada as well, so try your best to get along with everyone.

YA Rite americans are puusys

That's mean.

Well, id say this was pretty interesting. The title probably should have been different though. I mean, i agree, but u just make people (Americans) mad. U should be more focused on Canada's good points, not America's bad ones. Ya, their military is way stronger than ours, mostly because their population is 3 times bigger, but we have an alliance so i dont think we should worry. Insulting another country isnt really that patriotic. Like i said though, i am Canadian, and i like Canada better too. Just think u should be a little more considerate of our neighbors.

I think you forgot the most humiliating statistic for America: more than half their population still doesn't believe in evolution... you know that little scientific fact that's been proven? Considering we aren't anywhere near that stupid and our free health care and it's a no brainer where I'd rather live.

In all seriousness, the U.S genuinely scares me. Not because they have weapons but because of the idiots who are in charge of those weapons. It's astounding how ignorant an entire country can become.

Actually, it hasnt been proven, thats why its called the THEORY of evolution, and most of Canada is Christian too, so yeah.

Yea, but being Christian bosn't mean you don't belive in evelution, and it's no longer a theory, in canada and europe it's offitial fact. And in Canada we have more athists, and unlike there American counterparts, they arn't consitered the least respected religion (or lack tere of).

OK, I like Canada and I'm glad that there's an alliance between the US and Canada, but I have to defend the US, because there are certain incorrect information in this article and in some of the comments I've read. Let's start with the military.

You don't have to be an expert in history but since you know about the War of 1812, I'll tell you this. The Canada that fought the Americans in the War of 1812 was not an independent country, it was a colony of the British Empire. So, for those who think that Canada fought the Americans all by itself are wrong; the military and economic resources where not theirs, but the Empire's. The Candians AND British fought the Americans. Yeah, America was the one that defeated the British Empire (the strongest empire known at that time) by itself during the American Revolution (the tide of the war was already turned before the French arrived; the French helped make the victory easier). If you are going to consider that such conflict was won by Canada, then you might as well consider the victory the the Thirteen Colonies had during the French and Indian War, a conflict that took place 21 years prior to the Revolution. The Civil War was not both a win and loss for the US, it was a WIN and only a WIN. The US considered the southern states as rebels, so it was like the North (the Union, The United States of America, the recognized country, not the south) fighting in a conflict against rebels. And yes, the War of 1812 was an American victory. This was was like an atttempt by the British to retake the US. They invaded the US, and left with nothing, whereas once again, the US, a young country, wasn't defeated by the stronger and more experienced British Empire. I'd like to know about the 5 victories you said Canada had during armed conflicts. But the real record of US during big armed conflicts is 10-1-0. The Americans were the leaders in Western Europe AND in the Pacific during WWII.

Yeah, there's too much hatred towards the US, but there's love also. The US has more than 37 million LEGAL immigrants, more than any other country.

Since 2003, the best 100 universities worldwide have been ranked every year, and you know what?, the majority of them are in the United States. I just ask this, how many Canadians have won the Nobel Prize?

Forget about ice hockey. Overall the US is better in sports.

I'm confused didn't you join both wars at the end, you may have HELPED but you certainly weren't leaders of either.
And you supplied both sides during the war...that makes your country an opportunist who eventually picked a side.

In 1812, the US tryed to invad canada after we refused to willingly becaume part of your country, and the goal of the war was for control of canada's resorses, and as WE agained territory from the war, and YOU DIDN'T take control of Canada, It's a loss, even your own historians agree on that FACT.

*Same comment, but with a changed word

OK, I like Canada and I'm glad that there's an alliance between the US and Canada, but I have to defend the US, because there are certain incorrect information in this article and in some of the comments I've read. Let's start with the military.

You don't have to be an expert in history but since you know about the War of 1812, I'll tell you this. The Canada that fought the Americans in the War of 1812 was not an independent country, it was a colony of the British Empire. So, for those who think that Canada fought the Americans all by itself are wrong; the military and economic resources were not theirs, but the Empire's. The Candians AND British fought the Americans. Yeah, America was the one that defeated the British Empire (the strongest empire known at that time) by itself during the American Revolution (the tide of the war was already turned before the French arrived; the French helped make the victory easier). If you are going to consider that such conflict was won by Canada, then you might as well consider the victory the the Thirteen Colonies had during the French and Indian War, a conflict that took place 21 years prior to the Revolution. The Civil War was not both a win and loss for the US, it was a WIN and only a WIN. The US considered the southern states as rebels, so it was like the North (the Union, The United States of America, the recognized country, not the south) fighting in a conflict against rebels. And yes, the War of 1812 was an American victory. This was was like an atttempt by the British to retake the US. They invaded the US, and left with nothing, whereas once again, the US, a young country, wasn't defeated by the stronger and more experienced British Empire. I'd like to know about the 5 victories you said Canada had during armed conflicts. But the real record of US during big armed conflicts is 10-1-0. The Americans were the leaders in Western Europe AND in the Pacific during WWII.

Yeah, there's too much hatred towards the US, but there's love also. The US has more than 37 million LEGAL immigrants, more than any other country.

Since 2003, the best 100 universities worldwide have been ranked every year, and you know what?, the majority of them are in the United States. I just ask this, how many Canadians have won the Nobel Prize?

Forget about ice hockey. Overall the US is better in sports.

Actually, the War of 1812 was a victory for neither side. It ended with the Treaty of Ghent and both sides got all their territory back. As for the thing about America leading in the WWII theatres, well you had ten times more troops than us. However, you seem to have forgotten that Canada fought long before the USA did, and it didnt take hundreds of dead guys at Pearl Harbor to make us decide. We got farthest into Frace on D-day even though we got the 2nd most defended beach and had the smallest army, we liberated much of the Netherlands even through all the crap the Germans threw at us. We are also currently your most trusted ally, fighting and dying alongside your men in Afghanistan.
I will give you the Nobel Peace prize thing, however. I dont get that.
Sports are kind of a matter of opinion. Some like hockey, some dont, and thats ok.

Just saying.

The War of 1812: To Canadians, Canada won. To Americans, America won.
Tim Hortons and Hockey are Awesome!

you know during ww2 they(everyone including Nazis) called us Canadians crazy canuks because we never gave up plus the Germans were really scared when we came to battle .oh ya we burnt down the white house.

just saying

I am a American just to get it out of that way, but it seems here that America is better at diversity, and things that come with it. America does have a way better military, I don't think Canada has taken a great part in a war on there own. World War 1 does not count because they were still British at the time. As of now Canada does have a better economy, well a better dollar cost. This only happened in the recent past. America is great at a lot of things, but what Canada has they are great at it, and you're right you should not make fun of each other for what each country loves. Even though I know Canadians like to think they are more peaceful, but the only reason why they do not have a big army because not anyone wants to invade Canada. Also the reason for most of the stereotypes for America today are because of we felt horrified at 9/11 and If we did not go to war, what would you say about us? With diversity there are a lot more problems, but who does not like a challenge?
I would also like to point out most of everything on this page is biased, so don't go by it. I am biased too. It's hard not to
Each country has flaws, but in my bias opinion I think America is better, just because it is the country I love, and grew up with. I am sure the Canadians think the same way about their country, if anyone did not feel proud about their country then they need to move to a new one because if you don't love your country...Why would you be somewhere you do not like?
Everyone here is biased, including me so don't go by any of this if you are trying to figure out what is better.

What are you taking about diversity? New York is your most divers city and for more then a decade Montreal has bein the world's most culturaly divers city (stated by the UN not me). And you speek as if our country is worthless, we have more Nature resorces in our smallest provents then your hole country, and how do you think we feel being bettween the US (anyone who calls you America or American don't know that the term means from NORTH OR SOUTH AMERICA not the United States.) and Russia.

Canadians are snobs... Enjoy your bitter cold weather while we enjoy every type of culture/climate/lifestyle we want. Plus our 300+ million would kick your pitiful population's ass. Just kidding, I like you hosiers

You Americans are a bunch of fat arrogant retards. Just reading your comments make me laugh. Admit it your too much of a pansy to handle real beer . 20 percent of the worlds greenhouse gases come from you, and only 2 percent from Canada. And if you are going to talk about baseball .... we dont care ! baseball is retarded. It is the only sport were fat retarded Americans can get paid millions of dollars to do nothing. Just what you guys are good at. We play real sports. I would like to see you come up here and play some lacross or hockey we would kill you. shut your mouth fattass, CANADA is the best

Hey dude...

I am american, and I dont care for this country war that is going on...however.

You said that 20 percent of greenhouse gases come from the US, while only 2 percent from Canada. Now, this may be true, but there is 30 million people in Canada, and about 300 in the US. That is 10 to 1. So...multiply 2 by 10 and you get 20. We release more gases because we have more people, idiot.

I'm Canadian and I conpletely agree, Canada's environmental laws are nothing to be proud of. So much for the Kyoto Accord.

we won the war of 1812 and all the pussys that "fought" at fort detroit knew it they surrendered and they out numbered us 5:1

well me, being canadian and my future wife, being american, we can honestly say, both countries are equal, in different ways.

so people, stop fighting over things that don't matter because we're allies, not enemies, and until we America and Canada declare war against eachother, that won't change.

lets all just agree that at least our countries are the pinnical of america overall

hey u stupid ass americians! u think ur the best but ur really not! oh ye and ya think ur tuff but clearly gsp knocks ye out. Were better at hockey, we created the t.v and your fat and 1/3 of you have an yeast infection ya sluts. Oh yes and 30 % of you cant even point out your own country on the map.

Where are your facts coming from my Canadian friend? Because I can promise you most of them are skewed. So try to get them write before you make your great country of Canada look bad.

30% of americans can't find the US of the world map, that infromation was from the US government, not made up by us.

my stupid american friend, you spelled it wrong. it should be get them "right"

you just made your country look bad. you guys really are stupid

Buckeye_FC's picture

You seem to be the one spouting off the most vile racism on this board. Maybe. Your typing is for shit, so I can't be too sure. And about the hockey: I was just wondering if you happened to catch the US/Canada game in the Olympics last night. If you Canucks are so great at hockey, what was that game all aboot, EH?

I just have to say, I LOVE how canadians think they're all ganster. It's so funny. :D

i personnaly think there close enought as equals.

but bush made you americans look realy stupid and gave you a bad image, and did screw up the economie even more.

and to you americans who think we live in igloos, are u realy that stupid. I am Canadian and never seen a real igloo.

I'm sorry but Canada a far better country. In terms of money, Your government is screwed and you guys are stuck in a never ending debt, everyone hates you, your the fattest and most corrupt country in the world, your healthcare is terrible, education is bad. All you guys have is all this flash and materialistic stuff. But behind all that flash lies a 9,158,918 sq km (3,536,278 sq miles for all you Americans who cannot convert) pile of rotting shit land and country.

i have to say, i do not understand why people are still freaking out about an article written almost TWO YEARS ago

canada and america are good and bad for different reasons

canada - tallest free standing building in the world (CN Tower)
america - incredibly famous empire state building

acceptance of diversity:
canada > america
canada > america
america > canada (sort of)
music industry:
america > canada
america (baseball, football) = canada (hockey, skiing...)
canada > america
television/film industry:
america > canada

the list goes on and on

can't we just agree to disagree?
every country has its own pros and cons, you can't rate 1 being the best or better
it was just a silly articles from a bias opinion

i personally prefer canada because i am canadian and i love the diversity and spirit of the country
since i have never lived in the states (though ive been to about 8 states) i can not say whether its spirit is superior to canada or not
who knows? who cares this much?

for those who don't know:
my name (from the GTA)
stands for Greater Toronto Area


Personally, I prefer Canada. It's the spirit of the country I love. I know too many Americans who are ashamed to be American, and I have yet to meet a Canadian who refuses to recognize his or her own country.

I also prefer society in general, in Canada. I find it beautiful that in America, different people from different backgrounds have equal opportunities and can all merge into one family, but I prefer Canada's way: different people coming together WITHOUT merging into one identity and living together in peace.

Something that always irked me was how most of my American friends make a huge deal out of race. Even if it wasn't a racist comment. ("That's so asian!" "Look at that black kid over there." ect) I mean, sure, we do that in Canada, but it seems so much less derogatory. It comes without that hesitant pause that someone may take offense from such a comment. Canadians don't take offense from racist comments. Americans do. Why? Because Canadians have never witnessed REAL racism, they have never seen anyone being seriously discriminated, and if they have, they have caught a rare event. Americans have, and with it comes either too much pride or shame that they are not of white descent. This is just from what I've seen though, but the only times I've witnessed racism was in America. An example was when a girl refused to serve me because I was Chinese and my father couldn't speak fluent English so she assumed I couldn't either and ignored us while we waited in the queue for nearly half an hour, despite my efforts to ask her for help in plain English.

As for the igloo and permafrost jokes, no, we don't ride dogsleds. I've never seen an igloo or a polar bear, or over 4 feet of snow. Most of the snow is up north, a barren place. The majority of our population resides in the south, where the temperature is very similar to that of America's.

And as for our military, stop making fun of it. Because we don't care. We don't need a military. We would rather spend our money on our education and health care, and we don't need protection from an invasion because we never start shit with anyone anyway so who's going to attack us?

Another thing I love about Canada: We have less people. When I go to America (and I go there quite a bit) there are always roads. Roads and buildings. Get away from the buildings. Turn into that grove of trees. Oh wait, another road. In Canada there are more parks, and raw nature. Sure, make fun of our abundance of forests and lakes, but I just hate the feeling that I can never get away from unspoiled grounds in America.

But I must admit, I believe America has a better entertainment industry. They have a larger pool of music and movies, while I find most movies and music from Canada laughably easy to ignore. America also seems to hold greater opportunities. They have better universities, and admittedly, a nameplate from America stands out more than one from Canada.

I can never get away from unspoiled grounds in America. Dude have you ever been on Alaska?

I love how most of the American comments are about their military. Says a lot about American mentality.

Guys, come on. The whole world is trying to come to America - the land of opportunities. I don't hear people trying to come to Canada. All the money, education is in America... not Canada. But hey, Canada is a very peacful country I gotta honor you guys for that.

that's because you're American, and your media focuses on... you guessed it, America. Try watching Canadian news sometimes, it's saturated with exorbitant amounts of foreigners trying to claim refugee status in Canada, or applying for citizenship here, it's gotten so bad that they are actually starting to take jobs from the natives of Canada.

BULL $#!t

All I got to say is. Sid the Kid.
Gold baby!

I'm Canadian, and I don't like Crosby. He cries, and always complains to the ref whenever he is checked. He's the best PLAYER, so shut up and PLAY.

Hey i just want to make sure all the Americans were watching our men and women hockey teams receive their gold medals... just like Salt Lake.

Just saying.

i live in canada the capital of BC no it is not vancouver, but victoria... anyways canada is awesome with our stronger beer our BC BUD aka most potent crap in the world... and the last time i checked you guys were the wusssies and it is not cold here it got up to like 37 or 38 degrees celcius... so suck on that...and america sucks at skateboarding. and we got hella lot of gold this winter olympics so you can put that in your pipe and smoke it. while your doing that i will be sucking down the fumes of our BC BUD....

yo mother f*** americans who won most gold 2010 CANADA
who's better at sports now suckers and did i metion that most countries in the world HATE'S america than like it

Ever heard of homefield advantage? :)

no other country has won that many golds in their home country so... nice try though.

what about salt lake city and lake placid "homefield"

Canada is by far the better country! I have visited America quite a bit and have been chagrined by the 'random searches' they carry out...and THAT'S supposed to give me feelings of security...how??
And now, it's even worse...I visited America in Feb and was given THREE RANDOM SEARCHES!!! How random is THAT? If anything, it freaks me out...but on my way back into US, the customs officials were kind, didn't ask fifty million questions or take me down three long line ups on different parts of the airport for freaking random searches...God, I love Canada!
Go figure, make as many enemies as you can, then expect that your country's always gonna be safe? How?

I prefer Canada, the U.S is generally disliked by most countries around the world. I've been to Australia, Africa, and Europe, and everyone there was happy that I was Canadian. In fact I even had some people working in restaurants say "Oh good" when I told them I wasn't American!

thats funny!!!

I'm Russian and i think CANADA is weak and no interest for any country in the world. Americans are proved to be smart and strong nation!!!!!

Russia dont do that we were allies in world war 1 and 2 and we dont have a grudge ingainst each other
I just find it funny that so much nationalism is in here that a bad thing to have
P.S im canadian

shut the fuck up you filthy russian commie faggot. i'd rather live in a garbage dump than your shithole country. The russian economy is steadily declining and bound to get worse. Stalin dickriding prick.

I'm sorry, were some of you dissing Canada? My ears havent been the same since February 28. Those cheers certainly were loud.

Canada has so much more opportunities than what it's being credited for. I mean, education was already mentioned multiple times - and it's true. My uncle has worked in the states many times (It's kinda sad when the states needs to import canadians for work such as what he does) and he said that you guys really don't learn about anything other than yourselves. Just goes to show how self-centered you guys are. Our history classes don't limit themselves to what you guys say. WW1 is where we showed that we are our own people. Sure, we were still under UK power -- but when all their strategies failed; we showed who was boss. We supplied 600 000 soldiers whilst also providing vital manufacturing facilities and TRAINING soldiers from across the world. Only 60 000 canadian soldiers died (of a country of only 7 000 000 ppl at the time) You guys learn that it was the UK that did all the work - and so do they; because they were in charge at the time, and there's no sense in telling them this now - cause we don't need your approval. Especially when it comes to war. That's a fact.
-& Tactics? Hell. We created half of the tactics used today. Didn't know that, eh? At some points in the war, certain tactics bamboozled other corps, so the canadians had to lead the way.... <_<..
-& Repairing? We sent wood & fixed the railways to keep supplies going.
-& Passchendaele? Dont even get me started on that.
-& What about the part where the canadian corps defeated 15 german sects in a mere two days? The part where the germans realized that the tides changed completely?

-- After our efforts in smashing them, that's when the americans came in and helped. Then and only then. So don't even count yourselves as the main heroes - cause we (not just canadians. Allies.) did it all the dirty work. x].

---- Is that enough history for you? Case&Point.

Now that's just the beginning.

Our technology is far superior in quality. Sorry. Hate to break it to ya. An example: Our French News statio known as TFO is proven to have the best technology for news stations - in all of the america's. On top of that. --- Bioware ? Can't beat that. Avatar? Don't even attempt to contest. Despite it being made in the states. Guess who the head director, inventor, and all that Jazz is. -- he's canadian. ;)

Someone comented that Alaska is beautiful in scenery. Dude it's probably because it's not amalgamated within the giant mass of lard sitting below Canada. kudos to them x] And regardless. Our WHOLE country ( which is MUCH larger than yours ) is beautiful. - Ownt?

And now for the cream of the crop. Drinkable water. Guess who owns the largest amount of it. Not you ;).

Sure we have our fuckups like Stephen Haper - but we have much more intelligent people at our side than you guys realize.

Notice how someone above stated that you can't count x people. Sorry, but that just proves how much more elite Canada is. We take our country as a whole and we're proud of it. You section your country off and choose who is better and who isn't? Pff - Lame.

My friends and teachers and the like have visited many countries ( oh yeah. We get out of our country too. We don't sit on our asses all day eating KFC or Burger King.) and my one teacher said that Holland still praises Canada for all of our help that we've done in their wars. -- Sure we don't go head on into wars. But we're well known for our aid.

Haiti? We're the country who gave the most. Sorry, but that's a fact. We even imported a lot of people for free to go to CEGEP (quebec college/uni) all expenses paid. i think the numbers were 2000 ish? What did you guys do?

As for Obama. We love him. If you guys don't want him anymore - we'll take him. Promise =].

-- Theres so much more but I wrote so much I don't even remember where i'm at x].

Ok let me start off by saying, why the hell is there an argument over whos country is better? I thought Canada and the States were supposed to be allies. The reason that some Americans hate Canada is simple. They have never been there, Same with Canadians and America. But let me just point out that, Canada does indeed have the best beer, and the majority are courtious ( pardon my spelling ) and polite. Canada is not cold, its true that we have colder winters, but during the summer and spring, its warm as can be. The only part of Canada that is cold year round, is far far north. As for our artists, why the hell are you blaming canada for unleashing such crappy artists as Justin Beiber and Celin Dion. We never asked for them to be born ( espicially Justin Bieber *shudders* ) America will also NEVER I REPEAT NEVER! attack Canada anytime, in the near or distant future, because we havent done anything to them. And Canadians have America to thank for being a big help in keeping Canada war free. Cause if anyone attacks Canada, America would be up thier ass so fast, that the attack would be over quickly. You cant argue with the American army.

I deff. agree. =]

I have lived in both countries and canada is better.

go back to your macdonalds

Also, Canada is the only country ever to defeat the USA in a war(1812).


america!!!! what do you have...nothing!!!! anything you ever had you wasted. You are the most wasteful country ever, you had it all then because you are all greedy selfish barely human its gone.. Where are your trees where are your animals where is your fresh water where is your oil. Dont worry us canadians will help you..
Along with that where are all these educated people you talk about all the greatest minds you had were stolen from other countries

i dont like americans who think they are all that and better than canada, its not true. but not all of them are like that. canada and the us are best friends, lets not fight and keep it that way? canada AND the us are full of very sweet ppl. sure, there are bad things to say about both places, and good things. however they are both equally great countries. canada is waaay more cleaner though. natural, real, trees and everything still here. the mountains and lakes are gorgeous, and this is something that sets the countries apart. alot of other things too, and i have seen the bad parts of the us, but hey, i still love that country too. its a great place;and like i said, these countries are close together as hell. plus they have big music industries that we love! they have alot to be proud of, we both do.

All right, anyone been to the Peace Arch in Washington/BC? It clearly states that America and Canada are BROTHERS, and they ALWAYS WILL BE! Does it matter who is better? No, because whoever's better will help the other out. It's time for people to not think of themselves as Canadian, American, or even Mexican. Call yourselves CHILDREN OF A COMMON MOTHER, or BRETHREN DWELLING IN UNITY!!!! My God! I cannot believe those immature enough to actually take this seriously. And by the way, Canada is better.

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So, did anybody else hear about the Canadian dollar going above parity with the U.S dollar?.....HAHAHAHA!! second time in two years! wonder how long this one will last. I'm not necesarilly saying its a good thing for Canada in the long run but, HA! The States economy is suffering greatly! This makes me happy :)

Canada is able to spend less on there military and more on other things because, think about it, who do they border? Do you really think the US is going to let some assholes invade Canada? Or Mexico? Hell no. That would put the invaders one step closer to the US. North America is the safest continent in those terms. Yea, we'll get some assholes who try to bomb us and stuff, but no country will ever send thousands of troops to invade us.

My my this topic seems to have really stirred up the pot. I,m heading to South Carolina for a week from my native Toronto Canada. My sister loves it there and i'm hoping itll be great. Is there really that big of a difference between Canadians and Americans? We all for the most part originated from Great Britain didn't we?

never been to canada but i hear it is pretty nice (cold equals nice in my book, f'n tired of sunny/hot days) and also hear the people are friendly, even shy sometimes. Yeah i'm american but i don't hate any countries (maybe except some in the middle east, cause they treat their women like 2nd class citizens) and I must say that even though I like america as well, there are too many problems here: guns are a big problem here (remember VA tech massacre and columbine?), many racists fucks, crappy health care system compared to other developed nations, not the best education, and just a lot of violence and killings, and food (they always need to add unnecessary preservatives, particularly in snacks and fast food places), and of course, obesity. The one very good thing about canada is the standard of living, which I read was one of the best in the world even though I've never actually been there. I know trolls are gonna call me a traitor, but i'm just saying what I think, so don't give me crap about it. This is america and I have the right to say whatever I want remember?

Why are we having an argument over whose country is better? We're allies. America has the military badassery, and that's the truth. But, Canada has the health care for our soldiers for when they get busted up during war. I love both countries, and always will, so I don't know why there's a big argument. Go North America!

I am an American who plans on moving to Canada in the near future because it is a hell of a lot better than my country. A lot of the points I could argue have already been argued by the former comments and yes, America does admittedly suck very much. My fellow countrymen need to stop trying to defend this shit hole we call home.

However, this goes out to both countries; if you are going to call someone stupid and then proceed to flaunt how much better your education is than your opponent's, please use proper punctuation and spelling because, quite frankly, you all look pretty fucking stupid right now.

I'm an American, and I think America is overrated. That is why after getting my masters, I plan to move to Canada and live an awesome, war free life there. :D


on d-day, the candain military was responsible for juno beach. we helped way more than any other country. we managed to move more farther in land than any other country. ww2 would not have been won without canada

Canada may have been in more wars than the US but the US has done a hell of a lot more than Canada in any of those wars. How many beaches did Canada storm on D-Day? Just one and that was pretty much the easiest beach there was with no cliffs, just basiclly flat ground. How many beaches did the US storm on D-Day? Two and those were the hardest beaches with high cliffs bristled with artillery and machine gun nests.

Actually, no. We stormed one because our army was and still is smaller. We have a tenth of the people you do. Omaha was the hardest, but Juno (ours) was the second hardest. We had the smallest army, got the second worst beach (cliffs dont change anything) and still got farthest into France, almost reaching Caen before we had to stop because we had alot of casualties and had to wait for reinforcements. Everyone only thinks America got the worst of it because there are so many American movies about it. When you read a history book instead of watching a movie BASED on a true event, comment again and see that im right.

And furthermore, if the US wasn't here Canada would have been taken over along time ago.

The US wouldn't wouldn't waste their time taking over Canada, we already own you.

I know a Canadian who moved to the US when he was a kid and he hates Canada. He believes that the US is better than Canada(which we are).

On behalf of my beloved home country, Canada. I apologize for all the 12 year old kids on here who make my country look bad and argue with no reasonable points. Let's all agree to disagree. That is all.

Who says Canadians can't make good music? One word: RUSH.

I sang happy birthday just last week! And i'm Canadian! GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC PEOPLE!

Uhm...The only reason Canada can have free health care is because the USA protects your french asses. What do you think "The Mounted Police" are going to stop? Seriously? California has more people than your whole country. The only reason your country is so huge is that nobody wants it, its so cold and nothing come out of it.

just wanted to give you a heads up, but first off Canada is english, we kicked the frech out and left the remander in quebec, who most canadians don't even like. also you diffend our asses is because we protect your north. also "nothing come out of it" i will not even begin to comment on your bad grammer, but we are the reason why you can still have food and build home. Canada provides america with most of the wheat you consume, you and your animals, we also provide you with lumber to support you building projects. also we provide you with fish, uranium(stuff you use for nukes, and nuclear tech). on top of all this your very ideal that YOU are protecting use is wrong, the mounted police have had a better track record of catching terrorists and criminals then your FBI or CIA, mostly because we don't piss countries off like you. P.S. you might whant to get on that oil spill, because it seems like due to your greed for oil your entire economy will colapse. but frankly i don't care i live in canada it won't affect me.

every american should have to drink a glass of oil saturated ocean water to help in the clean up effort its like red green says there is no better filter than the human kidney, satisfy your need for oil, drink up you owe the world, our kids, there kids, and so on.
I cant express how much you sickin me down there. Boo Hoo for all americans crying over your wrecked land . You made your bed now lie in it Or help the world and use your self as a sand bag to save the shore

just because we look the same as americans on the outside, does not mean our souls are the same. We are as different as oil and water. ask any real canadian...
you can call me a lot of things, just not american.
For the people that call down canada because its cold then bragg about there beautiful alaska give your head a shake, Alaska is nice cause it used to belong to canada. We sold it to you so you can defend yourselves from the rest of the world that hates you. Cold keeps usless america out..... Kudos to the cold

we don't look the same as americans they are all fat and mean

so much for your AWESOME school network

Ok, i started to read this and i laughed. Yes some of this stuff is very true about SOME Americans, but not all. I love Canada (even though i'm American) and all the time i hear BS about Canada, and now i get to hear BS about the U.S. I think we should all just get along, we both have flaws but we are both AMAZING countries, so lets give the hating on one another a break

Frankly I am a Canadian patriot, a hard core loyalist to Great Britain.

1. The EU would desimate the United states in any war you name the scenario EU troops aren't coked up Teenagers with bar none training a European Union soldier would laugh at the very idea of fighting a 0% burnout rate runt like an American Ranger.

2. Canada wouldn't ever need to fend off an invasion from the United states because fuck as much as we hate to admit it we love you, and you would be our main ally in our defence. We may not be a Chineese sweat factory of reproduction like the Self righteous idiots of California, no offence Cali I love you the most. But we are hardened men and women and good neighbors so remember we'd scratch you're back you'd scratch ours.

3. Eh, we made the Telephone and revolutionised Radar and about 30% of you're natural resources come from us, we also sit on more Uranium then you've ever seen so bring out the bombs and we'l stop making them for you.

4. We are loved by the world and hell, I'd put one member of JTF2 against all Delta Force and laugh as he put a slug in all of their heads before they could finish unwrapping their double cheeseburgers. We revoultionalize the military not focus on it. Also you are all forgetting that Police officers world over have more training then most actual soldiers so yes the RCMP would turn you're Jarheads into piles of broken glass. We may have an army of 31 thousand soldiers and you about thirteen million, if we we're topped with soldiers pouring in from allied nations you're forgetting a Canadian Militia the turn out of patriots here kindof shows that well we love our Country and I know I'd fight back any outside fort through pain, mood and blood till I was dry.

Don't forget my love for you, three quarters of my family live in you're nation and I enjoy vacationing there about twice a year but questioning which of our two great nations are greater? Well its rediculously clear and any defence in the knowledge that the table was turned other wise is rediculous.

Love you both, we're better soldiers, diplomats, lovers, friends, harvesters and we know how to hold on to money. But don't worry we love you, you may not be nearly as great as we but we're the Merciful great North not the violent North otherwise you and the rest of the world would truely fear Canadian Lumber ;) Good day Mates.

um, i'm a canadian and i agree with most of what you are saying but believe it or not the American military is the most techlologicley advanced in the world, thier core of engineers is the most well repected and most skilled in that feild. also thier tanks, vehichles, helocopters and planes, plus the equipment the soldiers are equiped with/ use is the best that can be made. ovcourse they would never attack use due to the fact that we are their most notable allie. but thier military is infact better then ours.
P.S. don't confuse this with your rebutle about the R.C.M.P because your right they are the most well trained and well equiped police force in the world (thats including the FBI, CIA and LAPD and such for all you americans reading this)

im pretty sure that canada could take on Amreica if they attacked us. they do have all the best technology but they dont know how to use it. if they did know how to use it they wouldnt have lost in vietnam and they would have finished in afghanistan a long time ago. their soldiers have no spirit and thats the reason they never win wars. their army is filled with cowards.

You have a few errors with this comment.
One: 31 thousand in math world isn't comparable to 13 million.
Two: Your forgetting that you are CANADA and that the Marine Corp itself could take it over so don't try to knock the Marines.
Three: Your only stating the Army's spec ops. I personally along with many others of military back ground in the US, HATE the Army. Ill be honest with you on that. They except thugs into the Army which doesn't meet any other military branches standards. Your leaving out the Navy SEALs and the Airforce itself. All of our AC-130 Spectre crews could wipe out half of Canada itself. Also the Marine Corp has This new program called MARSOC*, you should google it sometime :) it will explain everything
Four: You may have the Uranium but so does Russia and so does Greenland and many more. We do have the bombs like you said, you just have uranium. If we pulled out the bombs,(if it ever resorted to it) We'd blow you up, take over, wait a few years and then start mining for uranium. OH and btw, We make Hydrogen Bombs now so we need you to start mining platonium! thanks :)

To all the americans on this post, you need to take a step back and look at your country from a global perspective. The bottom line is, the majority of your population is overweight, under educated, lazy and selfish.

I'll post some examples once some more angry americans leave some "we can kick your ass" comments.

I meant a Fair fight Anonymous, of course if we we're to war with the United states they would win in a heart beat we only have like two hundred and thirty six lazer guided aircraft for christ sakes. I meant a ground war, superior training and terrain knowledge would win us any ground war. Also to all the bomb rebubtles to come and prior, I dare you to nuke Canada, lets see how that works out.

Also to be frank again because im confusing even myself, I love the United States if there was ever a way for our two countries to merge and become Northern America then I would be in ectesy at such a merger. I love you guys your just like us, only everyone hates you. Im going to step out of the argument because we both have alot to be proud of and the things we have acomplished together? Like really we can do so much more then argue about what could be or who could beat who. If we're going to go on strange patriotic rants why don't we all do one together folks? How about it?


Slobber over it.
No ones as close as us America, hell our nations are locked in an eternal kiss lol Might aswell love it.


I spent 8 years living in Canada...I bloody well loved it, I loved the people, the houses, the whole weather thing, everything!!!! I even gave birth to my children there!! I lived in Port Coquitlam BC...moved on to Calgary, AB and then onto Cornwall, Ontario...I found myself HOMESICK for mountains etc after I'd moved to Ontario...and wished I'd stayed in western Canada...then I moved to the US for a year..WOW..what a difference..now people are the same, but I found myself "trapped" in a place I just couldnt get used to, there were nice people, and there were vulgar people..full of forthright nonsence...I quickly realised I should have stayed in Canada...I made a decision to return to live in the UK(I cant even tell you how or why I came to this decision)...now 6 years on, I am just praying I can get back to Canada!!! I cant stand the UK..it's so small..there are to many people for starters..the streets are dirty, people f'ing and blinding at all hours and a general lack of respect full stop...on top of this, I cant even afford to buy my on place, the kids dislike it, the schools are weird..I really want to get on the plane and go HOME to Canada..I have perm-resident status(I think) for Canada..and my kids are dual citzens(UK/Canada)..so I'm just praying I can go back...does anyone ever feel, like I feel....biggest mistake was leaving Canada at all...so my conclusions are a s follows...the UK is just the toilet of Europe..the US..sorry but I couldnt stand it....so NO1 choice is Canada..hands down!!!

I posted the previous comment about spending 8 years in Canada..and I suppose when you live in a country you werent born in...it is great, and wow and everything..and you feel like you are on a great adventure..because lets face it..moving from the UK to Canada first was a big step..emmigrating from such a small country to a big one was mind-bending..but it was amazing..so much stuff to do, see..and when you are in the UK the whole North America thing is cool and hip...I dont think I had any idea as to what an impact Canada would make to my life, and how it has changed me..but moving from Canada to the United states..I saw the difference straight away..and when you are in the Uk..a lot of people I know..think that Canada is the US..and they have no concept on any of it..it really is a big thing..so once you have tasted life in Canada...you understand how the US differs...it was to me a shame and a great let down to have to say I prefer Canada over the US..but unless you have been through it you cant really judge it...viewing the US v living in the US are two totally different things...especially when you view it from Europe...

Canada is an amazing country. I was born here, and will never leave. Our country is without a doubt the most beautiful. Also, Free health care, and no war.
I love how other countries think we live in igloos and don't have t.v's or phones. Its hilarious. I'll quote classified " unintelligent F**K We invented the telephone!"

americans should come to canada and have a canadian beer. They would be drunk from 2. there beer is less than our light beer. americans I have talked to called our beer moon shine lmao. and you can drink at 19 here.

i would be scared of americas military if they could win a war. canadians are patriotic and they will join the military when they need to. america fails at war even with all of their weapons and soldiers.

the american military is full of cowards.

I was born in Canada and also lived in the US. Personally I don't think Americans are as racist as Canadians. Yes there is KKK and black problems but the melting pot works much better than the separate multicultural crap in canada. It is just a way of white people excluding visible minorities from the mainstream. Most white canadians do not like minorities nor do they want to learn about their culture. Your living next to people who don't care or don't really want to know about you. On the other hand, Americans make you feel welcome and there is a much stronger identity. Your skin color does not matter as much as your social status. I don't think most Canadians really care about the country, they just talk the talk and get upset when other people criticize them. I don't know why they get so upset and uptight seems like they are and unwilling to see their faults. Americans accept criticism much better and are much mature about in general. Just look at the immature posts by all these Canadians and you can see what the country is like. And by the way, for those Canadians who think America not repected in the world, you are seriously mistaken, it is much more prestigious to have an American passport than a Canadian one.
Personally as a Canadian I would rather live in the USA because there is more opportunities and the chance to build any life you want. Opportunties are much more limited in Canada.
I don't really care what other Canadians think, and I will not visit this site again, but these immature posts by other canadians are really embarrassing to me as a Canadian.

well get out of canada then turn coat, we won't miss ya.
Seems you've been lying to yourself there is no real canadian in you ,only what we were giving you while you were here. Its not about what the rest of the world thinks its about the love you have for the country, and how you give it back. You have a typical american attitude. we only truly want to get rid one thing and that is a traitor. so slag off to where the bombs burst in the air.....

for the idiot that says u.s melting pot is good and canada is racist, are you fu..ed. so its better to make everyone the same and tell people how to dress were to prey and how to be...do you have a crooked cross on you sleeve.
shame...shame on you

Being canadian is the coolest thing in the world. i would never want to be american because i am loyal to canada and i find it way better.

well canada is a better place if your poor
usa is better if your white or rich

canada is better if your peacfull
usa is better if your a war monger

they say canada is worse off cause its military is weak
canada is better cause we dont need to constantly defend

america says"canada is always bashing USA"
canada says "stop thinking you are the centre of the universe then"

america says canada is cold
canada says you own alaska

america glorifies people like gen. custard
canada glorifies people like sam sneed

america thinks its culture is older than ours
thats true if your white, though canada has one of the oldest structures on the planet "alberta's stone henge" look it up.... I'm native and my people have been here since time is time

canada has wilderness
usa has the urban jungle

so to conclude both have goods and bads it just depends on your situation are you rich and white or poor and minority. I will say this good thing about USA if any country on the planet has to be #1 super power thank your stars its not some other goon country with radical religous cut your head off if you dont join them pricks.

LOL fuck Canada,

-Your not remotely as powerful as us.
-you live in a cold dry shit hole with 1 tenth the population as us :)
-You say where dumb but your IQ is on par with our (us=98 Canada =97) plus we have much better university. So again
fuck you.
-Your movies are not even nearly good as ours, see the oscars.
-You have WAY less libraries, movie theaters, and companies, colleges then us, then you retards blame it on the fact that you have the population of new York. but you retards compretend that less population means less

lol if ur iq is 98 how come u spelled we're-where. Dont call us retards if u can't even spell.

to add to this, where are you getting your statistics from? obviously an american website because as of 2009 from a UN statistic average iq in canada is 100 and americas' is 97. Also were are ranked as the top nation in the world in mathmatics and fourth in physics while americaa is 27th in math and 22th in physics. Just some unbiased statistics for you.

Before any american cock sucker replies to my grammer, i'm reposting the reply..

To add to this, where are you getting your statistics from? Obviously an american website because as of 2009 from a UN statistic, average iq in Canada is 100 and americas' is 97. Also we are ranked as the top nation in the world in mathmatics and fourth in physics while America is 27th in math and 22nd in physics. Just some unbiased statistics for you.

Why do Canadian's think American's are rude?
Hmmmm!!!! Well for one, you bash our cinema, you bash our climate and you downplay our role in the world. YES we fought in WW1 & 2 and we played big roles in both wars!! Especially for such a small army!! NO its not cold up here! Infact in some places it doesnt snow often, if at all! Like some parts of British Columbia! And yes! We do have resources! Like timber, and oil and other things!!!! ALSO We produced some pretty darn good bands! And a ton of great actors/actress's! Try Michael J. Fox, Donald Sutherland and Ellen Page JUST to name a few!

I think if American's weren't constantly making fun of Canada (especially in tv shows/movies), we wouldn't have such a big problem with you.

Canadians don't base our whole lives on being rich and famous so we are a shitty country? your a fucking idiot. Canada is a way better country than the corrupt U.S.A.
I love having free health care and not having constant war.
Speaking of war..our troops are in YOUR war right now.
OUR people are help YOU with your retards cleaning up an oil spill.
Before you start dissing an amazing country look at your pile of shit county. PROUD CANADIAN.

i advise all proud Canadians to listen to oh Canada by classified. best song ever.

PS..Its cold in the winter and hot in the summer, just like the States. Thats no way to attempt to win an argument, although its funny how uneducated you are. Do u also think we live in igloos? Or we don't ave T.v's? Dumb fucks.

I LOVED this article. I'm an American but will be attending UBC next year and plan on living in Canada the rest of my life. People say I'm not patriotic- I am. For Canada.

awesome! I'm not saying you shouldn't like your own country but its cool you love Canada!!

Thats an amazing article. Could not agree more!! Canada is the best country in the world!!!

It's unfair to make Americans debate this. We don't know anything about Canada. Americans don't give a rats a** about Canada. The average American cannot even name two provinces. We don't know the name of your president or even if you have a president or prime minister (we don't even know which one you have). Some of you say your women look better. We didn't even know you had women. We think it's cold up there, but for all we know that could just be some of our pollution that fell on you...not snow. The war of 1812? We had no idea you were even involved in it. All we know about that war is that it was in 1812. World Wars. No idea you guys even participated. Olympics were there? Had no idea. Don't care. We don't know anything about you and don't care to know anything about you. We didn't know you had free health care. We do consider ourselves an ally as we keep dumping carbon into the air so that you guys can warm up a little bit and maybe grow some wheat or something. You might already grow some wheat. We don't know. We don't care. The number of times a year an American thinks about Canada can be counted on one hand. Do you have a large Hispanic population? Do you have a large population of people of African descent? We don't know. Do you have Eskimos or Inuit? We don't know. All we know of your culture is that your bacon tastes good on an egg McMuffin. We can't name any of your colleges. We can't name any of your cities. We don't know any names of your mountains, rivers or bays. We don't know if you guys claim Greenland. We have no idea if you're in the G-20. We don't know if you send troops to help us in our wars. We don't know if you like us or not. We do know that some of your geese come wandering down here every summer and we hoping they'd quit pooping on our golf courses, but it's not a big enough problem to actually call across the border to complain. We don't know if you guys have musicians. We don't know what you eat for breakfast. We don't know if you win medals in the Olympics. Bottom line, you guys might hate us, might love us, but we are so totally indiferint to you we can't even take the time to spell the word correctly.

That's funny, I like your post. Why? Because you think it's saying to us Canadian's that we are so insignificant to you American's that you don't even care to know about us. But to us Canadian's, what it's actually saying, is that you guys are the ignorant, sefl-centered f*cks the rest of the world claims you to be.

We don't care what you insects think. We're the prom king, and you're the nose picking nerd.

Meh you are a stupid troll, not worth anyones time tbh.

I can't believe I just wasted a minute of my life reading this comment from a person who just proved to everyone that he/she knows absolutely nothing at all.

so all the guy ( two above this post) did was prove how stupid Americans are. Thats hilarious. We have a Prime Minister. Its hot in the summer, cold in the winter. You didn't think we had women? Thats just retarded, although your American you have an excuse.

3-2-1? By my reckoning, we're at 9-0-1, maybe 10-0-0. We won the Revolutionary War, Mexican-American war, Civil War, Spanish American war, Philippine-American War, World War 1, World War 2, Korean war, and the Gulf war. We lost the Vietnam war, granted, but as someone pointed out earlier, it technically wasn't a war.

You Canadians really cling on to your supposed victory in the war of 1812, but technically, neither side won. It's even a borderline win for us, because although you were beating us, we turned the tide of the war at the battle of New Orleans, and had the war continued, we would have progressed further and further into Canada. Even if that weren't to happen; hell, even if we were beaten hands down, guess what? Canada wasn't even a country in 1812. We were at war with the British, and you were just a colony. If we had lost (That's a big "if"), it would have been a british victory. The only reason you did so well was because of 2 things: British assistance and the fact that the whole of New England wasn't involved in the war.

Yeah. Not all Americans are uneducated.

And I Clicked on the link, and fair enough, we were behind canada. But, just because i'm a asshole, i went and found some of my own figures. Turns out, Canada absolutely sucks the United States' dick when it comes to anything economy related.

What's The U.S.'s GDP?
A whopping 14 million USD.

Is that number 1 in the world?
I do believe it is.

Is it an entire quarter of the world total?

Is it more than twice Canada's?
You bet.

Is it more than ten times canada's?
*Gasp* IT IS!


We have a higher GDP per capita AND Purchasing Power Parity per capita. In fact, our Gross Purchasing Power Parity is more than eleven times your own.

Even in the middle of the biggest depression since the Great Depression and we still destroy you.

Yeah, I'm an asshole, but I'm an asshole who actually knows what he's talking about.

Still, I have to give you credit and go against America in that i don't think your music sucks. Sum 41 and Three Days Grace are two of my favorite bands.

BTW, absolutely ZERO Canadians burned down D.C.
It was all British. Sorry, no Canadian militia here.

You really SHOULDN'T count the Civil War >_> it was a war against yourselves.. Either way you would have won.
Don't forget Rush, Nickelback (meh), Michael Buble, The Guess Who, Hedley and a lot of others.

I wont argue with you on the whole economy shtuff cause I really don't know much about it. BUT I do have to say, Canada effin' rocks, we are a great country whether Americans want to acknowledge that or not. BUT that's not to say America isn't rad as well ;).

Just don't go sayin' Canada isn't as good as America.

I never said Canada wasn't as good as the US, and sorry if i sounded like a complete douche. I'm not trying to call out canada, i just don't like when people call out the US. Canada IS a great country. If i couldn't live in the US, Canada and japan would be the 2 other places i would most want to live.

And you're right, The Guess who are awesome, Nickelback and Hedley are decent, but im not a big fan of Michael Buble.

uhm..... Just wanted to say that you should re-do your research. first you miss counted the number of zeros in your countries GDP it is in fact around 14 trillion US dollars, which is second to that of the European Union. Also that GDP is actually barley a 6th of the worlds GDP. All the Americans on here try to make the distinction that the British and Canadians are two different people when in fact at that time the British and Canadians were one in the same, i.e. Canada was a colony of Britain in 1812 so ya they were British... British/Canadians.

Just to let you know that the comparison to the recession now occurring in America, this is because it barely touched Canada, was due to you banking system which pretty much collapsed while ours was the strongest in the world and ya it affected your economy but it barley hit ours. As well without Canada you would be screwed. 80% of all your imports come from Canada. So ya your GDP may be stronger, mostly stemming from your huge population compared to ours, but without us it would seem you would be the ones "sucking dick".

You might not include the Vietnam war as actually being a "war" but the stats say otherwise (meaning that you loss 58,159 people in the Vietnam war and 36,516 in the Korean war if anything the Korean war was not a war, the wounded and missing for each war also follows this pattern
Also you didn't win WW1 and 2, the whole allied forces won, not just your country (this also includes the Korean war).

now I'm not saying Canada is a better country then the US, both country’s have their good and bad, all I’m saying is find better, more reliable sources if you wish to provide a good argument. Ok.


P.S. all the information here came from your C.I.A's web site.

Canada is better than American, everyone knows that. Even the Americans.

Gotta love our beer eh!!

America is too worried about Lebron James to care about how their constitution has been taken from them by Goldman Sachs which has taken over their entire federal government.

Ok so I couldent help but read over and over and over how great and awsome Canada is because it has free healthcare? where the fuck do you live? cause from my experience, Canadians spend about 30-40% more across the board in taxes and fees for this so called free healthcare and whatever else the Canadian Goverment wants to rape you for I cant wait to see what you pay when Canada grows up over 100 million and that socialist bullshit crashes.
And lets just get the war of 1812 shit out once and for all, it was the 10,000 troops sent from Great Britan and sneaky native tribes that enabled that win, so stfu about Canada won that, Canada wasent even old enough to play outside yet.
I mean isent it sad that you cant even own a handgun in Canada without selling ure first born but the immigrant grangs down the street have a stockpile waiting to rape ure family! wait let me guess the mounties and so called entire Canadian military of 50,000 is going to save you right?
Canada just likes to talk shit on here because they would get there ass beat in a real fight.
they dont need a military because we Americans keep them safe at night, they over pay on everything known to man so we dont have to! Thank you for that btw haha!
They suck at every sport known to man except hockey,for everything good that has came out of Canada you could times that by 10 and you would have America.
The main point is,without the US Canada would be nonexsitant or taken over 50 years ago, So please stop being jelous of us Americans its not our fault we rule the world, and please be happy and continue to wipe our Ass while ure back there, for I am to fat to reach myslef haha!

In canada if we win 5 million dollars, we keep 5 million. In the states they pay more than half in taxes.
and our health care IS free!!

Ure an idiot if you think Canadas healthcare is free and yes if you win 5 million in Canada you keep 5 million thats cool.
In the US you dont pay more than half you pay 25-45% and our Lottos way higher than Canadas was over 300 million a bit agoand also thats only for lump sum if you take money overtime its tax free and you dont pay taxes on scratch tickets and stuff just Lottos.

How is our health care not way better than yours? We pay a bit more taxes, but as a country NO ONE is denied healthcare. I watched the Michael More special on American health care, people in America are losing fingers and have to pay $5000 to get it back on, and people just dropping dead from cancer. Our taxes are way less compared to how much you Americans have to pay to go for a fucking check up. I'd rather pay taxes and go to the doctor for free and and have surgery's without going bankrupts. You can believe whatever you want. But explain why there are numerous Americans coming to our side of the border pretending to live here to get their prescriptions filled?

Well obviously you cant read because no one ever said Ameicans healthcare is Better... thats not even the argument.
The Arguemnet is that Canadians get raped in every hole possible period.
If you had actualy read peoples posts you would understand that Canadas Oil and high Taxes pay for healthcare, OK now what we are talking about is how EVERYTHING in Canada is almost double in Price BEFORE TAXES, so even before you pay for everyones elses healthcare you are getting hosed.
And just so you understand the difference between US and Canada medical is in the US it is Private everyone but the poor pay for there own coverage, if people are stupid and choose not to pay for coverage than yeah its fucking expensive, and in Canada everyone gets hosed to pay for eachothers healthcare, so basicly ure taxes are paying for some goober across the country, but hey if it works I wont knock it.

Whatever you say bud, Canada is a way better country. Everyone knows it, even Americans know it, they are just to arrogant to admit it. I would never in a million years believe American is even half as good as Canada. Americans are so uneducated its hilarious. I have met Americans who think its freezing here every day, they think we don't have T.V's or cell phones, and a lot have said they didn't think we have African American people in Canada. It's so funny how stupid most Americans are.

Anonymous on July 14th, 2010:
Whatever you say bud, Canada is a way better country. Everyone knows it, even Americans know it, they are just to arrogant to admit it. I would never in a million years believe American is even half as good as Canada.

That is because you are ignorant and have never lived there so do the math it all adds up buddy.

Americans are so uneducated its hilarious. I have met Americans who think its freezing here every day, they think we don't have T.V's or cell phones, and a lot have said they didn't think we have African American people in Canada.

Well there is a reason for people not knowing things about Canada and that reason is that we have our own history we learn about things that pertain to the US unlike Canada in that they also learn about the US because they lack interesting history.

And lastly you are an idiot, there are not African Americans in Canada you jackass they are African Canadians, and we are the uneducated ones? some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located where? not Canada but the USA.

First, we live in North AMERICA, its a continent, and therefore we are all "American's" Just like you can say someone from Germany is European. Sooo technically that comment is void.
Also, yeah, we don't have AS interesting a history as the United States, but that doesn't mean we learn all about yours. Noo, we learn about the history we have, and the history of the WORLD. You happen to be apart of the world. Also, don't be ignorant, you guys are about as young as us as a country, so no, you don't have THAT much history that you can't learn about ours, or the rest of the worlds history. That would be like saying that the English only learn about Englands history because they are like.. A bigillion years old (I know they aren't that old, but I dun care =D).
I don't hate the US, that would be stupid. But I do find you, as a nation, to be self centered and you do seem to make fun of our country an annoying amount in your media. Canada is a pretty rad country, and if I had to pick between the States and Canada, I would pick Canada.

BTW I live in a border city, so I have a lot of American influence around me. Just so you know, you lot are the reason my city has the crime rate we do, and I am soo for American's raising their drinking age so you guys can stop sending all your 19-20 year olds here.

lol Americans are stupid. Everything they have, we have too. Only its free and way better.

We don't learn all about your history, you think your that special of a country? LMAO!!

We don't learn about American history, we learn about War history..and of course America is in most of the wars. LOL

I lived in the US and went through grades 1-5 there. Despite being bullied for being the immigrant kid and getting a crappy foundation for math for the rest of my schooling, the thing that surprised me the most was that in history/geography class they NEVER EVER mentioned Canada.

Yes we read about all the American wars, memorized the states and their capitals in alphabetical order, gave a standing ovation to the American flag everyday...but they never addressed the big grey area on the map above the US. I didn't even know Canada existed. Ironically, I found out Canada was a country when I went back to INDIA, of all places.

I am now a Canadian citizen; I have family in the US and we visit every now and then. My American cousin actually asked if we have Burger King in Canada, and wanted to come over in July because he wanted to see the snow. (I had to explain that we have 4 seasons, including summer).

I (and most Canadians I know) don't hate the US; we just get sick of the ignorance of the certain Americans and their attitude that the world revolves around the US. But personally, I think Canada is the better place to live (maybe not the best place to get rich or famous) but definitely for being peaceful, healthy and multicultural.
Plus I don't know how people live without Tim Hortons! <3

P.S. Oh Canada by Classified is a really good song for the proud Canadians and Canada-lovers out there :)

Thank you :)!!!!
I really hope people read your comment because honestly >_> It seems the only ones the Americans reply to are the stupid CANADA ROCKS LOL ones >_>!!!
So thank you for posting a well thought reply!

Also I'm proud that we're a bilingual nation :) French really is a beautiful language and it adds a unique touch to Canadian culture.

I showed my American cousin a $10 bill which obviously said "10 dix" on it because dix means ten in french. He asked me if we called money "dix" instead of "dollars". Plus he pronounced it "dicks" instead of "deece" so it was actually really funny LOL.

I guess we Canadians get this a lot because Americans don't really know a lot about Canada (on average), and we laugh it off mostly. But it's another reason why so many Canadians see themselves better than Americans. We know so much about America and they know barely anything about Canada, and the little they know is based on false stereotypes like living in igloos/year-round snow/being looney drunk moose-eating hockey fans.

Being ignorant about the rest of the world might be alright since it's all so far away from America, but being ignorant about your next-door neighbour is a little-no, a lot-shameful.
Everything else just piles up on top of the ignorance - the arrogance, the healthcare, the government, the obsession with war...

And I'm only talking to the Americans who actually are ignorant and arrogant. I know there are intelligent Americans out there. I just wish I meet them more often!

Go Canada :)
and Canada-US relations!

I recommend Americans to listen to Oh Canada by classified

Canada would be nonexistant if not for Americans watching over them becausee they are peace keepers anyone could have taking you over by now hahaha what a joke ass country Canada is, even Britan likes the US better than Cana DUH!

then why is it that statistics (both british, canadian and US surveys) show that americans when traveling to the U.K. or a E.U. nations have canadian flags on there luggage or they are wearing something that makes them out to be like Canadians.

Did you know?

Some clothing lines use the canadian flag as a form of stlye? imagine that! And that all americans do not hate mexico or canada! IN FACT NOBODY REALLY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU DOWN HERE!

Canada should change its name to New Middle East because thats all you see is Asians and Punjabbi's!

Hey My fellow Americans lets not forget that Canada had built the avro arrow which would have the most superior plane at the time but the Americans got jealous and threatened war just to get rid of it. Americans are idiots you guys probably think your computer is American.

P.S Take a look at ur fat pussy the Zipper Was a Canadian INvention

i bet your proud of those non important inventions!

Look up everything Americans have invented and then LOOK AT THE RAPTOR! IT KILLS HE ARROW

Canada has no reason to be"taken over" We are a peace keeping country. We don't make enemies.

I was taught as I grew up that Canada was our "best friend." After reading this I know it's not true I don't care what happens to Canada anymore. If Canadians hate us so much, I say fine. The next time I see a Canadian down here I'll know exactly what they think of me and my family and I'll treat them accordingly.

I now hate Canadians. Arrogant pricks.

hay "hurt fellings" read what your fellow americans were saying about canada and you will see why we responded the way we did, ya jackass.

so you hate canadians. your loss

To the dumb bitches at the top of this forum,

I can take your stereotypical non-sense about all Americans being fat and stupid. But when you start saying that the Canadian military is more powerful than the USA? You must be retarded. I understand people don't like America, and it's in reality because they don't get the lifestyle we get. Anyways, I'll state some facts to back up saying USA has the best military. ONE) The U.S has the *most* hardcore special forces units in the world. ie Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon, Marine Scout Sniper, Marine MARSOC, Army Airborne, Army 75th Rangers reg., Delta Force, Green Berets, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Intelligence Support Activity, Marine Special reaction Taem, Airforce AC-130 Crew, and then you can throw in the CIA if you care about that. Seriously? thats just **some** of the spec ops of the USA. Non of this including our main military men and women. So when you say our military isn't as good as CANADAS? You must be retarded.. livin in the cold to long eh? (IT'S ALSO NOT FUNNY SAYING YOU'D LIKE TO SEE ALL THE AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN DIE)
Mission accomplished on pissing Americans off.
Oh and yea, this article is in some cases really historically innacurate and the comments military wise are obviously stupid. (The French Navy came to help US bud in the Revolutionary war, canada wasn't canada! We had no Navy at the time)


Americans are way worse than Mexicans

k we'll just send them on up to ya then