• Your weird dreams
  • The Greek classics (Oedipus is just too close)
  • The “proper” way to peel a banana (note: other fruits and vegetables should be fine)
  • Organized religion
  • The taste, texture, or general concept of milk
  • Interpretive dancing of any variety
  • The onset of springtime
  • Your childhood
  • Your date’s childhood
  • The fact that you’re “getting into photography” (even if this one isn’t exactly Freudian, you’d probably do best to avoid it anyway)
  • The alarming prevalence of nut allergies in kids nowadays
  • What you’re like in the morning
  • Any royal family ever (do I really have to explain this one?)
  • HR department politics
  • The distanced semi-reality of late-night tv hosts
  • Your feelings on being truly alone in the world
  • Manspreading

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