This is so much like our world, except for that one thing.

Whoa, things are getting weird, but just by a little bit.

Oh, it's a scary episode. Some of them are scary.

Touching your temple turns on the brainchip.

People are British in this one.

I bet that thing's collecting data. And that it's going to come into play later.

The way that guy's acting? He's a robot.

Wait, so that brain scan isn't the made-up part of the show? We actually have those?

Oh maybe that guy's not a robot. Now I don't think this one's about robots at all.

The brainchip is like a drug in their world.

That weird thing is normal for them.

It’s obviously a commentary on electricity and how it’s like everywhere these days.

That same thing happened in a Radiohead song.

You could use that technology in other ways, but that guy's using it for nefarious reasons.

Oh I see, this is in the future. That's why the world is like this.

So they have VR in this world, but it's not bad, it's regular for them. The brainchips are what the episode's really about.

I was wrong. This isn't the future. It's now but different.

I think he was downloaded.

We have that technology, but it has yet to run quite that amok.

The brainchip wouldn't be a problem for me because I wouldn't be able to afford it.

I think they uploaded him.

They seem to be suggesting that we act that way in our world even though we don't have brainchips.

She's an American. So why is she here then?

They would be in love with each other if it weren't for this dystopia.

Oh, he created the brainchip. That's why he's sad.

That same thing happened in a Rush song.

Shit I think I just missed something important because I was looking at my phone.

Whoever wrote this episode doesn't like brainchips.