Your hectic work life leaves little room for delicious meals, but these hacks are sure to crank up the bomb-tastic flavors of your favorite on-the-go grub: the egg salad sandwich. Keep these toppings in your front and back pockets and you’ll be marveled for your culinary wisdom and your ability to eat an egg salad sandwich sans handrails. Hustle-and-bustle lifestyle, say buh-bye to that egg-empty stomach.

1. Soy sauce isn’t just for sushi. Soy sauce is the umami-bomb powerhouse that’ll take your boring old egg salad sandwich to the next level. Apply generously while standing next to people wearing white or newborn babies.

2. Fermented egg AKA The Egg on Egg Deluxe. Otherwise known as the hundred-year egg, this bad boy is a Chinese delicacy. It’s a regular egg that’s been cured for two years and it’s dying to be enjoyed while crammed on the A train. Its rotten texture will add a funky tang that can’t be beaten, plus fellow commuters will admire just how cultured you are.

3. An entire red onion. When I was little I used to bite into raw onions and then my mom would reach into the fridge to grab one only to discover huge chunks missing and my little teeth marks. She’d get so mad she’d make me eat the whole bag. Kids at school called me “onion boy.”

4. More mayonnaise, please! I know what you’re thinking—my egg salad sandwich already has a ton of mayo—but don’t knock it until you try it. Adding more mayo (preferably with a squeeze bottle) provides an even creamier texture, so your sandwich slides right down your throat. You’ll finish your meal before anyone has time to switch cars.

5. Leftover fish that you re-heated in the microwave. This last one is the absolute best if you’ve got fish in the fridge. Zap it in the microwave for about 4-minutes or so, then slide it in your shirt pocket before you leave your house. Slap it on top of your egg salad the second the subway doors close and BAM! That’s a delicious meal and plenty of protein all before 9 AM. Egg salad sandwiches will never be the same for you or anyone within 100 feet.