1. Absolutely no one in the vicinity is even remotely happy.
  2. The air smells like processed meat and disappointment.
  3. There is a half-eaten sub sandwich on the ground. It looks like it has been there for some time.
  4. You're shocked at how crowded it is, partially because people are supposed to be social-distancing and partially because you didn’t think anyone went into these things.
  5. There are advertisements for Subway restaurants on the walls.
  6. You have a generally low opinion of everyone here, despite being there yourself.
  7. You're here because you wanted to go “green.”
  8. The first person that comes to your mind when you think of this place is a sexual predator.
  9. You're pretty sure you’ve contracted some kind of pathogen during your time here. You don’t have any symptoms, you just feel diseased.
  10. After leaving you Google “public indecency laws,” because you don’t think that guy is allowed to do what he was doing.
  11. You make a mental list in your head of ways this operation could be improved.
  12. You decide that, although they aren’t the prettiest, you're thankful these places exist because they’re convenient and they don’t judge.

Subway Restaurant: 1-12
Subway Transportation: 1-12