1. Nice but thin.
  2. Doesn’t fall correctly… I don’t know what the ideal shape would be, but this wasn’t it.
  3. Very sparse, does not look like the picture at all. It does have pretty colors.
  4. The ends were noticeably uneven. Felt like a mistake? Reminded me of autumn and basketballs.
  5. The product is very cheap. It looks cheap. It feels cheap is not worth the money at all. Even a little bit of money it is not worth it!
  6. Came broken in several pieces.
  7. Very disappointed. I know it’s artificial but was hoping for a more sophisticated look.
  8. Looks nice enough, but my god the smell. It’s like raw shrimp or, if you have a dog who has anal glands it will be a very familiar scent. I had to douse in Febreze and hang outside for a while.
  9. Pretty from a distance. Very brittle up close.
  10. This is definitely not worth the price. It looks much larger and fuller in the photos but it’s very thin and cheap looking in person. You can get the same one at Dollar Tree for $1.25.
  11. The color was a bit much for me. Jarring to the eye.
  12. The overall appearance was very good after much working with it. There are two strands, six feet long. I combined them together to make them fuller. They look very full and pleasing to the eye that way. I spent an hour steam ironing them flat (a very low setting) with an iron. See the video and judge for yourself after my “fix.” Really very nice now.
  13. Too crunchy.
  14. It’s not even long enough for a door.

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