On top of a mountain, looking out over an infinite expanse of fathomless peaks receding into the fog and gleaning divine artistic inspiration from the shapes they make.

A cozy corner booth in a restaurant where you can order things if you want but you don't have to because the staff are very understanding and won’t kick you out if you just stay on your laptop for six hours and then leave.

The library, but without all those books around to make you feel self-conscious about your productivity.

On an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island that’s let's say is maybe also in a lake.

In the office of your old English professor, the one who took arbitrary points off and wrote “doesn't work,” in his chair, at his desk, with his lifeless body as a footstool.

A perfect recreation of the café that was a setting in your favorite novel, except now YOU'RE the main character so everyone wait no actually that sounds kind of stressful.

A bench in a nice sunny park without animals or bad weather or noisy kids or the wind or too much sun or actually maybe it’s just a bench in a nice quiet room except benches give you red lines on your butt so it’s just a normal chair in a room and you’re in a chair in a room right now and it’s not working.

The moon. With air.

In a shady glen peopled by woodland sprites and fairies who bring you lattes and say you look like you’re working hard.

Okay, fine, it's just Starbucks, but magically you don't turn in to one of those “Starbucks guys.”