1. You're pro-science – There's no denying that some people hate science, but not you. You support scientists on important subject matter like vaccines, climate change, and Josh's plan to put a narwhal horn on a horse to make a unicorn.

2. You and Josh have a lot in common – When you and Josh first met in the cafeteria at Marysville Community College, you bonded over your shared interest in golf, and it seemed like you perked up a little when Josh mentioned he was trying to make mythological hybrid beasts in a lab he built in his basement.

3. Josh spent a lot of time making the lab look presentable for you – After Josh invited you to come over to see his lab, he took one look at the place and said, “I've got a lot of work to do….” That meant chucking out all the cobra and rooster parts left over from the time he tried to make a legendary serpent-like creature known as the cockatrice. That's hazardous waste, and it's hard to get rid of. He did this for you, so you would feel comfortable in his basement.

4. Josh is a cool guy – Josh is the Neil deGrasse Tyson of unauthorized science experiments. When Josh does science, he keeps it fun and light. Josh doesn't let lame bureaucratic red tape stop him from getting a West African Lion for the body of a griffin. He throws caution to the wind and buys one from the deep web.

5. You're going to see cool science stuff – Josh has two horses in the basement, but only one of them is for the unicorn. The other one is for a secret project Josh is working on called “Project Centaur.”

6. Josh has a special experiment and he wants you to be part of it – Spoiler Alert! It's Project Centaur. Josh can't do the project by himself, and he thinks you'd be perfect for this one part of the experiment that requires a human.

7. You said you would – Let's be honest, the first time Josh asked if you wanted to see the lab in his basement, you said yes. Following through with promises is really important, and it's not fair to Josh that you bailed on him at the last minute. Do you understand how hard it is to keep two horses in a basement? It requires a lot of hay, and frankly the horses are getting anxious being down there. They are ready for these experiments to happen. That was pretty uncool of you, but Josh is willing to let bygones be bygones and give you another chance to check out his basement.