The only child from Connecticut who likes capitalism and architecture.

The model who wears safety pins as jewelry, likes James Joyce novels, and has one too many distressed Harley Davidson t-shirts despite not knowing how to ride a bicycle.

The doctor who prefers tequila and thinks wearing Christmas sweaters at holiday work parties is a personality trait.

The polyamorous, co-dependent, sex-positive indie singer who moonlights as a wedding planner.

The alcoholic poet who draws Bart Simpson on napkins at bars.

The jocular libertarian who “doesn’t see color.”

The PhD student who worships Peter Travers and prefers Kurt Cobain’s technical prowess as a vocalist over Nirvana as a band.

The admin assistant who wears apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur… with a Tiffany’s heart tag necklace.

The hedge fund manager with the estranged wife and French girlfriend who takes frequent trips to the Cayman Islands.

The dude I went out with in 2019 who became a TikTok star in 2020.