1. Hang up. Gather your things hurriedly while saying, “There’s been… an incident. I have to go.” Exit with a panicked air.
  2. Put the phone down. While striding purposefully out the door, say, “I’m sorry. My country needs me.” (Note: Only tear your shirt off if you are wearing appropriate spandex attire underneath.)
  3. Stare at the person asking you why you have to leave so suddenly. Then, before the tension in the air makes someone scream, say quietly, “I could tell you, but then—well, you know…” Stare a moment or two longer before taking your leave.
  4. Shudder while hanging up the phone. Look around you, then say in haunted tones, “Don’t ask. You really don’t want to know.” Leave.
  5. Look coldly at the person asking why you have to leave. Then say, “You know damn well why I’m leaving.” Maintain eye contact for as long as you can while walking out the door.
  6. When asked why you’re leaving, put on your sunglasses and say, “That’s classified.” Get outta there.
  7. After you hang up, stare grimly into the distance and murmur, “I knew this day would come.” Exit in slow motion.
  8. Hang up, then let an unnerving smile spread across your face before declaring, “It’s go time.” Walk out to the sound of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” playing on a portable speaker.
  9. Shout, “NO!”, drop the phone, and run.
  10. Stand up slowly, holding your phone to your ear. Then whisper, “My god… they've found me.” Run out of the room. Leave everything behind. Start a new life somewhere else. Never come back.