Virgins Jokes

Top 10 funny things about virgins:

  1. They are a horrible, horrible thing to be: Stop Being a Virgin
  2. Even though it's an act of honesty, they're never safe saying who they are: College-Bound: Great Sexpectations
  3. We all know who started the term (way to go Mary, way to go): Bible, Virgin Mary, Angry God
  4. No one knows how olive oil can be virgins too: Saddam and Martha: Penitentiary Pals
  5. They're actually waiting for that one “super-hottie” that's going to sweep them off their feet and bang them: Like a Virgin
  6. Most of the ones at college are either straight freshmen or gay freshmen: The Electoral College Keg Party
  7. Internet porn and nude magazines are their savior: Sex and College
  8. They can be 40 years old or even older: 40-Year-Old Virgins
  9. There is such thing as “Virgin Island”: Love is a Battlefield
  10. They just feel like singing about their situation, all the time (eg. Madonna): Like a Virgin
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