Puppets Jokes

Top 10 funny things about puppets:

  1. Your “always ready to go” sexual partner now has a face: The Future of Equally Horny Women
  2. You can re-enact the entire movie Team America this 4th of July: Independence Day for Dat Ass
  3. You can share your strange attraction to the Muppets with someone who understands: Muppets Bringing Peace to Israel/Palestine Say Middle East Puppet Leaders
  4. Talking to yourself will no longer get you weird looks; and may even get you some cash: College Quotes! Dumb Funny Quotes
  5. “It’s a puppet not a doll!” My Blow-Up Doll Girlfriend is Not Marriage Material
  6. You always have a drinking buddy that you can drink under the table, when you throw him there: Drunken Thoughts on Stuff
  7. Finally there is someone who won’t yell at you when you say you are a Bush Supporter: I’m Like Political and Stuff
  8. You'll be the hit at the next “Jeff Dunham” theme party: Top Ten College Party Themes
  9. You have a partner that won’t put somebody else inside of them: The Irony of Your Wife’s Affair
  10. You can see what tattoos will look like on them before you ink yourself: Getting Ink Done Right
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