Parties Jokes

Top 10 funny things about parties:

  1. They can bring out the inner “funness” out of people….especially girls: Pretty Girls, Party Girls, Petty Girls
  2. Noah got all of the animals onto his ark by holding one: Party Barge: The True Story of Noah's Ark
  3. There are parties for everything, even Groundhog Day!: PIC 5th Anniversary Prohibition Party
  4. Even though they're only for birthdays, invitations (and even gift bags!) should exist in the college world: Behind the Scenes – Party Invitation
  5. If you have an urge to dress-up, they can be the answer: Top 10 College Party Themes
  6. When you really think about it, the ones in high school sucked a lot: Once Upon a High School Party
  7. If the music sucks, it's bound to be more dead than a graveyard at midnight: The Department of Party Science
  8. There's always a drunk guy at one who just won't shut up about something totally irrelevant to sex and booze: An Increasingly Drunk Guy at a Party Reviews Movies
  9. Unlike birthday ones, there's not a lot of planning that goes into them because they occur when you least expect it: College Party Planning
  10. They're always crashed by someone, whether its the cops or someone's parents: How to Crash a Party