Neighbors Jokes

Top 10 funny things about neighbors:

  1. They never become your best friends because they're always agitated by something you do: Welcome to the Neighborhood
  2. Hating yours is a natural process in life: Grand Theft Auto IV Diary
  3. You never wind up in a neighborhood full of people of different races: Roommate Woes
  4. The only way you can impress your new neighbors is if you bake them something: Happy Home for a Happy Meal
  5. The rule for most backyard parties is: all the trash goes into the neighbor's backyard: The Ping Pong Pile of Shit
  6. You're bound to get free barbecued food when someone new moves in next to you: The Collegiate Guide to Surviving Hurricanes
  7. The ones that are part of the neighborhood watch act like they're the coolest people in the world: The Least Refreshing Cool Breeze Ever
  8. We've always wondered if one of ours is a crazy lunatic: Four True Villians and Their Stories
  9. The most-loved one is Wilson from the show Home Improvement: Christmas Tool Time
  10. At some point in your life, you will have extremely hot neighbors you want to hook up with: Meet the Hot New Neighbors in Five Steps