MySpace Jokes

Top 10 funny things about MySpace:

  1. It's technically Facebook's gay cousin: MySpace: Facebook's Gay Cousin
  2. It started the “stupid website application” revolution: The MySpace Hack Bot – AIM Convo
  3. The names people make for themselves are either super slutty or extremely weird: Don't Be Such a Query
  4. The whole stalker incident was because of bored teenagers, not old creepy men: MySpace Profile Translator: 16-20 Year Old Girls
  5. Before text messaging, people actually messaged those they liked on the website: I Know You Read My MySpace Message
  6. Even though Facebook has pretty much shit-kicked it into the ground, there are still people who can't live without it: MySpace Rehab
  7. There are people in their mid-20's who still go on there: The Hierarchy of Communication
  8. It's more proof that some girls are spectacularly dumb: MySpace: Facebook's Gay Cousin
  9. Now its just meant for shitty bands that aren't cool enough to play live shows: MySpace Rehab
  10. At one point in time, it actually made blogging a cool thing to do: Top 5 College Myths