Mexico Jokes

Top 10 funny things about Mexico:

  1. The Krispy Kreme there offers a dessert burrito with chipotle filling: Krispy Kreme Glazes Over Wal-Mart for Dough
  2. Their candy has some weird cartoon characters on the wrappers: Open Wide for World Peace
  3. They don't have phones there, instead they use calling birds….move over Fido!: All Twelve Days of Christmas Explained
  4. Like Canada, the cops don't have firearms so they threaten criminals with two-week old burritos and laced bottles of tequila: Armed Gangs Steal Lollipops from Mexican Baby Sea Turtles
  5. The homeless there don't carry around bottles of rum, they carry around bottles of tequila: What Your Drink Says About You
  6. They're so lazy at naming hurricanes that they just pick a random English name and change some letters around: A Hurricane By Any Other Name
  7. Their citizens run here for freedom while our citizens run there for the tequila, the beaches and the women: Unscrewing Up America
  8. The people there take siestas, which are basically naps that help you recover from hangovers: Putting a Face with a Country
  9. Some love to hook-up with the people there, but since the country attracts so many tourists, they could be having a one night stand with someone…from their hometown: More Bang for Your Kok
  10. It's known as America's beard: Putting a Face with a Country
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