McDonald's Jokes

Top 10 funny things about McDonald's:

  1. Their greasy food can cure any afternoon hangover: I'm Lovin' It: Praise for McDonald's
  2. “Welcome to McDonald's” is the first English words some foreigners learn to say: Raising Your GPA Through STD's and OCB
  3. They made anything with “Mc” in front of it cool: Dictionary Editors to Keep “McJob,” Citing Secondary Income
  4. Some people take their friends and sometimes even their prom dates to McDonald's for dinner: Happy Freaking Birthday
  5. Even though we know we won't win, we still buy their food so we can participate in their contests: Have You Had Your Break Today?
  6. When you're downright broke because of “college expenses,” they're the only place you can turn to: The Investor's Coroner: The Economy's Broken Neck
  7. They really don't have a single healthy thing on their menu: The Obscene Hatred List
  8. People will lose their shit if they can't get their breakfast when it's breakfast time: Early Morning Struggles
  9. Thanks to Justin Timberlake, their slogan is permanently carved into our brains: Company Slogans Don't Lie
  10. No one really knows why their official spokesperson is a clown named Ronald: I'm Lovin' It: Praise for McDonald's

And now a quick joke...

Tried to join a yoga class but even my schedule wasn’t flexible enough.