Kegs Jokes

Top 10 funny things about kegs:

  1. They provoke the intoxicated to draw breasts on walls with peanut butter: The Off-Campus College House: Episode 2
  2. When girls are no help, they give you something else to tap: Choose Your Own Adventure: Keg Party
  3. They challenge our drinking skill by being involved in races: UTV: The Worldwide Leader in Drunk
  4. Due to their large frame, they make us refill our cups…faster than usual: The Seven Stages of Drunk
  5. They go well with semiformals: Semiformal Keg Party
  6. For some people, there is a neverending keg waiting for them in heaven: An IM from Jesus
  7. The miniature version is named after a pet every little girl dreams about owning: Famous Moments in Alcohol: Why #1 is the Best Even Though It's the Lowest Number
  8. The drinking games they've created influence the sober folk to stop being wusses and drink again: I Swear I'll Never Drink Again
  9. Keg stands create King Kong impressions: Before and After Party
  10. Dogs think they're awesome to hang out with: Chills

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