High School Jokes

Top 10 funny things about high school:

  1. You didn't drink a lot back then but you still think you got royally plastered: Once Upon a High School Party
  2. The corny yearbooks can still give you a good chuckle: Create Your Own Yearbook Entry
  3. Making fun of the morning announcements was a great way to start your day off: Morning Announcements at the High School of Your Nightmares
  4. You had the opportunity to make fun of the weird kids because they existed: Types of College Students
  5. Your fun memories don't stand a chance to the things you've done in college: College Memories
  6. Getting drunk and being able to have sex with no strings attached are the only things you remember from prom night: Text-Heavy by E.E. Southerby
  7. Everyone's school had the Dungeons And Dragons group who owned the library: Ode to College Gamers
  8. When you think about it, some of the girls back then we're extremely easy: Once Upon a High School Party
  9. There was one guy who was way too old to still be there but he wasn't smart enough to go anywhere else: The Dicktionary: College Guys Defined
  10. You actually a gave a damn about homework, tests, studying, exams…: Generic All-Purpose College Study Guide
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