Dating Jokes

Top 10 funny things about dating:

  1. At some point in the conversation, you'll find yourself asking a random stupid question, like “why do grapes only come in three colors?”: Date, Mate, Hate…Repeat
  2. Asking someone out can be disastrous too, especially if you get rejected for some corny reason: Dissed and Dismissed: Deciphering College Rejection Lines
  3. Sometimes its funny to note what you're thinking about the person your with, but what about what your brain and other organs are thinking?: My Organs and I Go on a First Date, Part 2
  4. People don't care about the food or where to go, they just care about not ending up alone in their bed once the date's over: Thankful Questions
  5. You can try not to be clumsy, but you'll always find a way to embarrass yourself: My Worst Date Ever
  6. It's a rare thing in college because people usually just hook up in random places like the bathroom when they're drunk: Movies to Hook-Up By
  7. We all have dream dates and that's because unlike most of the real ones, they have a happy ending: My Dream Date with Mike Faerber
  8. Blind dates can be disastrous, especially when you don't the know the type of girl you're going out with: Do Not Date This Girl
  9. Guys will never get a free dinner, free movie, free ice cream, free taxi ride…: The Chicktionary: College Girls Defined
  10. Even if you flirt with your date, you'll still flirt with the waiter/waitress: You Don't Want to Date Me
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