Beer Jokes

Top 10 funny things about beer:

  1. It created the professional sport of Beer Pong: Beer Pong Star Signed to Three-Year Deal
  2. You can drink it out of a tube: My First & Last Beer Bong
  3. It reinvented the term “goggles”: Beer Goggles 2.0
  4. Makes baseball fun for everyone: Beer Battered Baseball
  5. While consuming, it entices you to peel off labels: Top 5 College Myths
  6. It's okay to have with or as breakfast: You Know You're in College When…
  7. It can help you survive a hurricane: The Collegiate Guide to Surviving Hurricanes
  8. Gives the word “shotgun” a whole new meaning: So You Want to Be Awesome?
  9. It can be classified as a necessary expense: Drinking Away Your Summer Vacation
  10. Somehow, some way, you can always get it for free: Cardinals vs. D-Rays, Boxers vs. Briefs, and a Throwback Jersey vs. the World

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