Casey Freeman wearing sunglasses giving the peace sign

KC: Not having internet sucks.

BRAIN: Yes, but the reason we don't have internet is because the company wanted us to sign a two-year subscription. And plus, if we get internet, we're just going to goof off and IM people all day.

JUNK: Yeah, but we really really really need more porn.

KC: Good point.

BRAIN: Shut up and shut up. We need to get writing. Computer is open. Hands, start typing what I'm thinking.JUNK: The discussion is over. We're putting EVERY ADULT MOVIE EVER into the Pirate Bay search thingy and then ripping all of them.

EYES: Hey guys! Check it out! We've got internet!

KC: Holy shit, somebody doesn't have a password on their wireless!

BRAIN: Nope. Let's get to—

JUNK: —downloading some boob movies!

HANDS: Let's play Counterstrike! Maybe they've got Uzis in this one!

EYES: And we can look at all our friends' photo albums on Facebook!

EARS: No wait, let's download all the old Public Enemy albums. And I heard the new Miley Cyrus song is awesome.

JUNK: Nope. We just need porn. Now.

BRAIN: Sorry kids, we're doing some writing.

KC: Brain, shut up. So, we already downloaded Mad Max, let's go for The Road Warrior next. I want to see what happens after.

BRAIN: You know what happens! He drives his car and shoots a bunch of people! We NEED to get to work!

KC: Just a sec. Tina Turner isn't in Road Warrior, right?

BRAIN: No. That's the third one. Who cares? Why are we even talking about this?

EARS: No. Why are YOU even talking? We aren't listening to your dumbass.

JUNK: Porn. Lots of it. Big boobs, small boobs, let's take all cummers.

KC: Hahaha. Cummers. I get it.

HANDS: Wait, let's play Diablo 3 online. Or that Warcraft World shit. C'mon, just one game. Just one.

KC: One game is like 8 hours, asshole.

EYES: So, how about Terminator. I mean, obviously T2 is better, but c'mon. I kind of want to watch Arnold blow some shit up.

MOUTH: "I'll be back."

JUNK: Fuck off. We're downloading and watching porn. For as long as possible. Hours and hours of it.

BRAIN: Don't you think that's just a tad bit wrong?

JUNK: Nope and keep your boring mouth shut.

MOUTH: I didn't say anything. Dickhead.

EYES: First we finish watching Road Warrior and then Terminator. By that time, Predator should be completely downloaded. After that…

KC: Then we can start with Double Impact because, WTF, Van Damne was pretty awesome when we were little. After that, maybe Disney's Peter Pan, because I think it would be fun…

EYES: Ah shit dudes.

JUNK: The discussion is over. We're putting EVERY ADULT MOVIE EVER into the Pirate Bay search thingy and then ripping all of them.

EYES: Hey, yo…

EARS: Don't forget Miley Cyrus. And Cypress Hill "Temple of Boom."

EYES: Guys…

KC: That reminds me, let's do the first three Indiana Jones flicks. But not the fourth piece of shit.

BRAIN: Yeah, that one royally blew.

JUNK: Also search for blowjob films.

EYES: Gentlemen…

KC: What the fuck do you want?

EYES: The internet is down. Whoever it was put a password on the wifi. No internet.

JUNK: No porn!?!?!

KC: No Arnold or Mel Gibson shooting people??

EARS: No Chuck D and Flavor Flav??

JUNK: No FUCKING porn!!!

BRAIN: Looks like we're going to have to do our job and actually start writing.

KC: Fuck that. Let's build a house out of playing cards!

HANDS: Or learn to do that cool thing where cool people shuffle playing cards!

JUNK: How about we use the shitty wireless signal on our shitty smartphone to download some shitty naked pics that have a 99% chance of containing a computer virus!?!?

EYES: Try on all of our sunglasses!

BRAIN: Why do I even bother?


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