Believe it or not, today is the best day of my life. If you were standing next to me right now and I told you that, you might ask me what makes today the best day of my life? I would answer you by asking you a question, even though people hate that shit. Well, why WOULDN'T this be the best day of my life? It's the only day of my life that I'm currently able to participate in, for starters.

Ask yourself this question. What kind of responses do you typically get when you ask people how they're doing? Here are a list of things that people typically say:

1. Can't complain.
2. Good
3. Ok
4. Fine
5. So So
6. I've been better
7. I'm alive, aren't I? (If you have to ask if you're alive, you actually may be dead!)

You never hear anybody say they're doing great, which is why that's exactly what I always tell people. Because, honestly, why shouldn't I be doing great? Why wouldn't I be doing great? I usually follow this up by telling people that today is the best day of my life. I always do this at my part time job and always to the amazement of co-workers and customers, because they can't believe that somebody is doing this well. One of my co-workers loves this so much that he asks me how I'm doing every single day just so he can hear me tell him it's the best day of my life.

We live in a society were people trudge along in their daily lives being mediocre. Well, I decided that I don't want to be mediocre, I want to be great. If anybody else wants to be great, a good place to start is by feeling great. The kind of reactions I get from customers when I tell them this is amazing. I've seen customers go from looking miserable to having a hop in their step because all of a sudden they feel a lot better when they find out that the guy standing in front of them is having the best day of his life. I had this woman once, who was very attractive by the way, who after I told her this couldn't stop smiling and couldn't stop staring at me as if she wanted to fuck me right there on the spot.

So, my challenge to anybody reading this is to start telling people that you're doing great when they ask you how you are. I wouldn't stop there either. Tell them today is the best day of your life, because honestly, why shouldn't it be?

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