I believe it's 50 Cent's crew that's always repeating the mantra “hate it or love it.” If they're referring to their music, unfortunately, I feel like I'm just OK with it. The beats are lightly head-bobbable, the lyrics are just catchy enough to mutter under my breath, the hook is not entirely annoying, and the delivery is usually studio smooth to my ears. In fact, I'm almost positive most of their songs were made with one thing in mind: mainstream mediocrity. This ensures the broadest range of listeners, buyers, and concert goers.

One is really left to wonder how they derived the motto “hate it or love it.”

50 Cent: So, whaddya think of our show?
Court: Eh, well, I can't really say it was your best. Don't get me wrong, it was far from BAD.
50 Cent: Sooo, on a scale of 1-crunk, where would you put us at?
Court: Crunk being 10, I'd say about a 5.
50 Cent: Yo dogg, hate it or love it.
Court: I dunno man, I'm torn down the middle right now…
Court: Fine, hate it.
50 Cent: Damn! …Lost another one to the mantra. [Turns to Eminem] Yo Em, you think it's time to rethink our PR scheme? That's like the fifth person in a row we've lost to “hate it.”