If you've been paying attention to your friends' FaceBook walls, you know that there's been some pretty sad stuff going around. First, an earthquake in Japan. Then a tsunami. Afterwards, a volcano. On top of that, a nuclear effing meltdown happened in the Land of the Rising Sun. Absolutely terrible and thousands are dead while even more are without homes. 

But that's not the worst of it.

Nate Dogg died.


Yeah. It's just so tragic. I mean, sucks for all the Japanese and stuff. I guess it's like a whole ‘nother country or whatever. But shit, Nate Dogg man. Who else is going to sing back up on all of Dr. Dre's and Ice Cube's new tracks?

I don't want to sound shallow, but the country that gives the world electronics, cartoons, fashion, cars, literature, weird fetishes and really really really weird porn just doesn't come close to Nate Dogg. Think about it. Who's going to sing: "Hold up. Yeah. Yeah." in rap songs?

Rest in Peace Nate Dogg. And I guess good luck to the entire country of Japan. Hope that's not too big of a trouble.