Mullets. Business in the front, party in the back. We see them at the super market or trailer park and quietly laugh at their sense of fashion. However, that hasn't kept mullets off of our television screens. These actors proudly wore their mullets and probably got laid more than you and me combined despite donning a neck warmer. So, here are the best TV characters who sported a Tennessee Top Hat.

10. Christine Sullivan (Markie Post, Night Court)

Proudly wore femulllet for most of the show. On Night Court, Sullivan (see how I did that) was the public defender who despite wearing a mullet still managed to maintain a polished demeanor.

9. Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider)

Mr. Baywatch himself once wore a curly, afro like mullet for the first couple of seasons of this show. Yet he still melted the hearts of white trash girls everywhere. Although it could have been the sweet car.

8. Barry Melrose (ESPN Hockey analyst)

Barry is probably the only one on this list who is still proudly wearing the mullet. He tries to class it up by slicking it back, but he isn't fooling anyone. We still know he just a Canadian hockey hooligan greasy hair or not.

7. Brad Taylor (Zachery Ty Bryan, Home Improvement)

Young brad sported a blonde mullet for the first few seasons of Home Improvement. What always gets me was there were parents behind the scene that encouraged him to wear his hair like that. Maybe it was intentional since Tim Allen kind of had one too. Who knows.

6. Cowboy Curtis (Lawrence Fishburne, Pee Wee's Play House)

That's right kids, Morpheus once sported a mullet. This could have been a wig, but I like to believe that one of the most brilliant mullets in human history

5. A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez, Saved By The Bell)

Alfred Clifford, muscles and all, donned a mini mullet complete with curls and it Jessie Spano, as well as teen girls everywhere, moist. It almost made his career. Look at his career since he chopped his mullet off. That male version of the view, that animal trick show on Animal Planet, a divorce from a hottie. I think I speak for everyone, Mario, when I say, “please bring back the mullet”.

4. Hulk Hogan (Terry “Hulk” Hogan, WWF, Hogan Knows Best)

You could put almost any professional wrestler from the late 80's and early 90's here. However, there mullets just couldn't come close to the skirted egg shell look that Hogan has sported for almost 20 years. You can't hate a guy who refuses to give up his coveted mullet while rapidly going bald. You keep on keepin' it real, Hulkster. Keep it real.

3. Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver)

What would a hockey loving, resourceful, special agent be without a mullet? Definitely not a ladies man I can tell you that. If you can make a bomb out of some tin foil, iodine, a paperclip, and a tampon and look sexy doing it then you, my friend, are rocking a pretty sweet mullet.

2. Uncle Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos, Full House)

Not only did Uncle Jesse sport a Camero Crash Helmet, but he would brag about what great hair he had….and he was right. It was a pretty sad day when I tuned into TGIF and saw that Jesse's mullet had almost disappeared. Tears were shed by millions I'm sure.

1. Captain Planet (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)

Hands down the best green mullet in the history of the universe. You have to feel pretty safe when the protector of the planet is wearing a mullet. Not only that but if I recall correctly Wheeler (the fire guy) also had a mullet. The villains didn't stand a chance.