The following program follows the early years of Bobby Flay's beatings and is rated "Smug Foodies" for Switch Fresh Eggs, Unplug Sous Vide, and Kicking Books. For those who wonder where he got that cocky, predacious grin and obvious pleasure in crushing inglorious culinary hopefuls. The following program is in a 24-hour feed from the woods behind a dormitory and is rated "NC" for nest cam, for Projectile Pooping, Eating Mice, and Killing Siblings. This is a bird's eye view of nature at its cruelest, as nestlings fight it out for survival. The following program shows the proceedings of a Senate Committee, and is rated "Judiciary Heaings" for Kicking the Can, Enjoined Testimony, Glib Misogyny. It is intended for frat daddies, keggers, vetters, and abettors. "Per poteum est veritas" (to party is truth). The following program documents the individual's search for meaning and is rated "Existential Drama" for Determinist, Oblivial, and Hope is Trope. it is intended for the absurdist-minded. Fatalists need not watch, but think either all have, or will. The following program shows the modding of vintage wheels and is rated "Custom Cars" for Ratty Bears, Onerous Deadlines, and Dickish Pranks. Whipped by wealthy shopowners, punk mechanics gangbang rusted-out wrecks into over-powered, shiny rides for bratty boomer clients. The following Deliverance-on-steroids program is rated "Back Woods" for Moonshiny, Dentally Challenged, Bible-Thumping content. The wilderness antics of hunters, gatherers, distillers, mudders, preppers, and survivalists are explored here.