Hey there, the abyss here. Just couldn't help but notice you were staring at me from across the room. Do I have something in my teeth, or was it just the way that light failed to glance off of my infinite darkness?

There was just something special about the way you looked right into my utter nothingness that made me think, “who me?”

I hope you can't tell that I'm blushing.

You are quite a looker there too, what with your searching eyes that seem to be saying, “I'm looking for something, I just don't know what.”

Maybe I can help you.

Are you looking for an obsidian void so utterly empty of anything and everything that a very glance into its bottomless quartz would make you say, “I'm black daba dee daba die?”

I gotta say, you look absolutely stunning, with your questioning eyes and searching soul. I can tell you've looked into a lot of things lately, but nothing that's captured your imagination quite as much as my infinite nothingness.

Did you see what you hoped to see? Did it stir in you some deep and unabiding knowledge of your creation?

Perhaps you saw a billion years into the future where you witnessed the eventual heat death of the universe, and now you are bathing in the afterglow?

Or was it just that I was speaking too loudly and your glance was a way of telling me to keep it down while you cut into that medium-rare ribeye?

I know I'm just a little ol' abyss, but your attention has given me quite the pick-me-up. Not a lot of people notice me. And if they do, it's usually only after a few too many drinks.

If I'd know that tonight I'd be seen by someone with such an intense gaze, I would have dressed up a bit! Maybe worn my nicer Vantablack.

Even if this is the only time we truly lock eyes in such a way, I feel like I've really gotten to know you.

You learn a lot being the absolute darkest thing in the galaxy, as everything else is so illuminated in contrast. Frankly, I don't think I've ever even seen myself in a mirror. But I saw myself in you.

Thank you for that.

I hope you know that everything you're looking for is not actually in me. I'm merely a reflection of the deepest darkest desires of your subconscious. Really what you saw when you looked at me, was yourself. I hope that didn't scare you. I hope you don't run from what you saw.

Anyway, it was lovely to catch your eye. Maybe one day we'll pass each other in the streets and exchange a knowing look that says, “Hey, I remember you, that one night in November while it snowed outside and just for a singular moment you and I saw each other completely for who we are, both completely empty lifeless beings with an infinite lack of meaning and purpose.”

Anyway, enjoy your meal. Until we meet again.