The old-timer in the gas station who “greets” you on your way up. The charming local population is one of the reasons getting out of the city is so fun! But don’t worry about the old-timer who whispers, “Beware the woods at night!” to you—it’s just his way of welcoming you!

The intense thunderstorm that rages all night. This is just Mother Nature doing her thing! The changing seasons mean warm weather fronts run into cooler ones, which can cause big storms. It has nothing to do with evil spirits or bad omens or anything like that. Take it as an excuse to cozy up to the fireplace alone and by yourself.

The low ominous hum you thought was the water heater but seems to follow you everywhere you go. All the noises of the city really set you up for stress when you’re in the quiet, dark woods without any other humans around. Again, this is totally normal—it’s actually not an ominous hum, it’s a regular, ongoing, mobile hum!

The man with a hook for a hand wearing a hockey mask revealed in a flash of lightning outside your window. With the chillier months coming, lots of animals and mysterious strangers with a hook for a hand wearing hockey masks are on their migratory path! Sometimes their trucks break down at the end of a long, wooded driveway on rainy evenings. No need to panic—just another wonder of Mother Nature!

The doorknob jiggling as though someone is trying to get into the cabin. Those fall gales mean business! Haha! Seriously, though, calm down. That’s either the wind getting caught in just the right way in a funnel of trees so that it blows right on your door, or it’s the man with a hook for a hand wearing a hockey mask demanding entry. Either way, no need to worry! It’s just the seasons changing and nature moving ever forward!

The hum getting so loud that it drives you to flee the cabin and into the arms of the stranger with a hook for a hand wearing a hockey mask. This is one of those hard-to-explain wonders of the woods, like why beavers slap their tails or the Northern Lights. At this point, you should feel lucky that you got to experience this special occurrence and try to focus on being in the moment—most people never have the opportunity to witness this marvel!

The car that almost hits you as you run in front of it, screaming for help in the pouring rain. Oh the glorious rhythms of nature! As sure as the autumnal equinox or the harvest moon, you’ll find this coincidental, concerned, and probably attractive stranger show up in the nick of time and take you far away from that cabin. Once you finally catch your breath and are certain that you’ve reached safety, you’ll notice one final natural phenomenon: the hook and hockey mask in his backseat.