After Rose recounts her time aboard the Titanic and tosses out that diamond, she returns to a convalescent home wherein she strikes up a romance with a much younger orderly named Doug. Rekindling her youth and ignoring the naysayers, Rose and Doug take to mini-golfing and sharing joints while watching old Chaplin pictures. After a fight centered on Doug’s spending habits, the two decide that they would be better off as friends.

The brief tryst (an additional 56 minutes of footage) enables 100-year-old Rose to learn a bit more about herself and what she wants out of life.

The Graduate

Seated on that famed bus, Ben and Elaine discover that it is headed to Tijuana, Mexico. Upon arriving and taking to the lifestyle, the pair decides to open a “Pay What You Want” Surf Shop. However, the honeymoon period comes to an abrupt end when Ben spots Elaine walking the beach with a Stanford Pre-Med. After having it out, the two realize that their lives are heading in different directions.

The 37-minute Tijuana plot concludes with the couple saying their goodbyes, but knowing all the while that they wouldn’t change a thing as they were able to learn a bit more about themselves and what they want out of life.


Having been relocated for witness protection, Henry Hill reads about a local tennis tournament in the paper and decides to sign up. A high seeding, Hill turns more than a few heads as he makes it to the semi-finals over the 26-minute sequence. Afraid of possible publicity, Hill decides to wear a fake mustache for most of the tournament. While he ultimately does not take home the top price, Hill is fortunate to come away with the greatest victory of all, learning a bit more about himself and what he wants out of life.


After tricking Ilsa into leaving the country alone, Rick and Louis continue their stroll into the foggy evening. Confident in both their friendship and their future in Brazzaville, Louis opens up about his father’s death, and Rick shares a story about a time he drank rubbing alcohol. As the fog clears, both men weep openly in each other’s arms. There’s both the development of mutual respect, but also loads of learning about themselves and what they want out of life in the 31 minutes of added film.


With Apollo Creed retaining his title by split decision, Rocky and Adrian embrace, both taking solace in knowing that Rocky went the distance. As they attempt to make their way out of the arena, the two suddenly find themselves lost in a series of hallways, locker rooms, and lecherous reporters. With mishaps and mixups aplenty, one involving an Orangutan that smokes cigarettes, Rocky and Adrian eventually make their way to the parking lot.

Their struggle, an added 86 minutes, allows them to… well, you know.