Welcome to the Clubhouse app! I’d love to show you around. It’s like a podcast, but you can join the conversation. I think. I’m not entirely sure. I just downloaded the app yesterday, but I can already tell that it’s very cool.

Think of it as a chat room, but all audio. So you’re literally chatting. With strangers! Some of them are experts. That's what I've heard, anyway. Like Elon Musk was supposedly on it at one point. I technically wasn’t there for that. Before my time. But how cool?! By the way, please make sure you follow me back!!!

Alright, I guess in a way it’s more like Reddit, because it’s organized by interest and topic. But it’s not like QAnon Reddit. More like the other parts of Reddit. I mean, maybe it’s like QAnon Reddit. I guess I wouldn’t be able to tell. But apparently Clubhouse was a big deal for social justice stuff!! And now that I’m a part of the app, I feel like I was also a part of those conversations, too. Wow, you have so many followers already. How’d that happen?

It’s sort of like a party line. You know, that thing where you would pick up the phone and someone else would already be on the call? It doesn’t exist anymore. But Clubhouse is totally different. It’s going to be huge. Here, let me show you how to join a “room.” Let’s try this one called “MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS.” Just click on the conversation and…

Here we are! Okay, see how there are 25 speakers? That’s normal. All the talking over each other? The yelling? Yeah, I think that’s normal, too. I’m not 100% certain, but it seems like it’s a part of the ethos.

Alright so if we “leave quietly” (that’s a Clubhouse thing if you didn’t know) then we can join another “room.” Woah, you’re already one of the speakers! How’d you manage that? Could you call on me?! I’ve “raised my hand” (more Clubhouse terminology).

The app is great for networking! I’m telling you, it’s going to be the new LinkedIn. Speaking of, is there anyone you think you could introduce me to? I'd love to become a speaker too!

No? Oh. Yeah, that’s totally cool! I already have a ton of friends on here. What’s that? A “silent room”? No, I haven’t heard of a “silent room”…

Oh, a “silent room”!! Oh yeah sure. Once you explained it, I remembered that I already knew what it was. Yeah, exactly, the “silent room.” Where nobody talks and you just check out the bios. Duh! Thanks for the reminder though. Wow, that could be a great way to get more followers.

Anyway, welcome to this new app that I totally understand and believe will be a very big deal. Like us! I just feel like we’ll be a part of that early-adopter-Clubhouse-influencer-crowd. I think that’s it for me showing you around. It’s invite-only, but of course you already knew that. You’re welcome, by the way!