Alright, the presale starts in less than a minute. I’m logged in, and they already have my credit card on file. My three-digit security code is copied to the clipboard, waiting to be pasted should they need it.

I’m ready.

And the virtual gates are open!

Here we go.

No way I’m missing out on these tickets today. They’ll surely sell out in minutes, if not seconds, but I think I should be fine, barring any mishaps out of my control.

Okay, “Find seats for me.” That should be the fastest option. Let’s see what they’ve got.


Might as well select the e-ticket option while I’m on this page. It’ll buy me some more time at least.

Nice, these ones are right up front. Beautiful. Should be smooth sailing from here onward since I–

Oh wait, do I actually want two tickets for this? I’m pretty sure I just searched using the default settings. I haven’t actually talked to anyone else about going yet too…

Well, the “Time left to buy” countdown has already started at this point, and I certainly don’t want these tickets to be released to other buyers. Besides, the show’s not for a few more months, so I should definitely be able to find someone to go with by then.

Anyway, these seats are perfect.


Let me think of who I could go with, though. I should at least have someone in mind. Things have gone well with Lynnea so far; maybe I could invite her? But will we even be dating by the time the show rolls around? In fact, are we even dating now? We’ve only gone on a few “dates” so far, and one of them was her joining our weekly tabletop game night, which is not exactly the most romantic of endeavors.

Uh-oh, clock’s still ticking. Might as well select the e-ticket option while I’m on this page. Easy enough. And it’ll buy me some more time, at least.


Who else should be around that night? I suppose I could invite my sister. After all, we went to that show together a while back and it was fun. Plus, Mom was happy to know we were spending time together. But I don’t want to make it blatantly obvious that I couldn’t find a date for yet another concert; she's already suspicious enough due to the same-day invite to the previous show, sent three hours before the doors opened.

I should enter in my security code now just so I don’t forget. Don’t want to get tripped up by that right at the end.

If I’m in a real pinch, worst-case I can just sell one of the tickets and go by myself. I’ve gone solo to shows before and it’s actually pretty enjoyable. Don’t have to worry about anyone else and I can just focus on the performance.

But wait a minute–it’s a seated event, and I’d be offering up the spot right next to me. I know this might be hypocritical, but I really don’t want to be sitting next to someone who would go ahead and buy a single ticket to a show.

Really need to figure this out soon though. Time’s running out.

Hmm, how does this ticket insurance work anyway? Reimbursement up to 100% if you cannot attend the event? That sounds like it might be a good way to hedge my bet.

Okay. Having read the 14-page insurance policy, they definitely do not cover you failing to secure a date. Who actually pays for this? People who didn’t think the service fees were high enough?

Maybe I’ll meet someone in the meantime who’s into this band. You can filter by music preferences on dating apps, right? Although, is a shared interest in an artist enough to start a relationship from? Is having similar taste in music even an indicator of romantic compatibility? I mean, I love The White Album, but I’m not trying to enter into a courtship with Charles Manson.

Shouldn’t the foundation of a partnership be based on something deeper than a mutual enjoyment of a certain group of songs? Have I learned nothing from my last relationship? Am I foolishly cheering for an encore of what was a terrible show to begin with?

Oh goddammit! The timer ran out!!

Now I’ve lost the seats.

Well, might as well keep an eye out over the next few days to see if anything pops up on the reseller sites. I’m sure some pathetic sap will post a single ticket for sale soon enough.