1. Plank

Starting off with a classic, planking is a deceptively simple isometric stretch that will strengthen your core, glutes, and forearms. For maximum benefits, try holding a plank for as long as possible. I recommend starting out with a minute and increasing from there.

To pass the time while you plank, you can listen to music, read an article on your phone, or think about the fact that at the very least, a plank does not require you to openly express emotions.

2. Crunches

At first glance, a crunch might look like a sit-up, but it’s important to note the differences. When doing a sit-up, your entire back comes off the floor, while a crunch only requires you to move your shoulders. As a result, a sit-up uses more muscles, but a crunch specifically targets your core.

The most difficult part of doing crunches is the amount of energy required, and you may feel tired halfway through your set. If this happens, think about a time when you had to express genuine emotions to another human being and feel a surge of anxious energy course through your body. These feelings of guilt and shame will give you the boost you need to keep on crunching. Your core will thank you!

3. Single-leg Abdominal Press

Woah, that’s a mouthful! Do you know what else was a mouthful? The horrifying display of word vomit and tears you released during your last breakup.

Try not to think about that harrowing event as you lie on your back to begin this fantastic core exercise.

Lift your right leg and right arm and hold the position for ten seconds. It happened in a coffee shop, by the way. The breakup. And you didn’t see it coming. You really tried not to cry but you were caught off guard, and maybe you cried a little bit into your coffee and possibly said something really vulnerable and emotional. You wince at the memory.

Switch to your left side.

4. Weighted Plank

This one is just like a regular plank, but there’s a weight on your back.

Are you the problem? Surely not, right? You would know if you were the problem. You’re not “emotionally stunted,” you’re just guarded. But that’s not a bad thing. What would the world be like, if everyone just ran around saying how they felt all the time? It’s normal to keep things to yourself. You have boundaries. If you refuse to share what you’re feeling at the expense of all relationships in your life, so what? That’s your prerogative.

5. Quadruped Leg Raise

You thought about the breakup a little too hard and now you’re on the verge of tears. Quick! Run to the bathroom before anyone sees you cry.

Cover your face with your shirt. Play a white noise YouTube video at full volume to cover up the sound of hiccuping. Take a moment and compose yourself.

When you’re ready, go back out there and complete this demanding core exercise, which involves balancing on one knee and one hand. Switch every few seconds.

6. Dead Bug

The name might sound silly, but this exercise will put your core muscles to the test. Lie on your back and put your legs and arms in the air like a dead bug. Then, slowly lower your right arm and right leg to the floor, then bring them back up. Repeat on your left side. It’s more difficult than it looks! This exercise works out your obliques, spine, and pelvis.

Just focus on these facts as you complete your set. Focus. Don’t think about it. And, you’re crying again. Go back to number five!