The world needs your help. Just days after Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, another category five storm, Maria, has now swept through the islands. The damage in Puerto Rico and Dominica is of historic proportions, and the situation is only getting worse as more and more islands pass beneath the storm.

Clint the ClimberPlease take a few minutes to donate to Hurricane Irma relief funds for the devastated region, and while you’re at it, throw a couple bucks at my app’s Kickstarter. It’s sort of a Flappy Bird-meets-Crossy Road-meets-Candy Crush kind of game called Clint the Climber. It’s gonna be really great. I promise.

I know that you’re busy, but I still encourage you to find the time to give aid to Maria victims. I’ll make it super simple for you. Just go to and click the donate button. Then, since you’ve already got your credit card out, open a new tab and go to We on the Clint the Climber development team really appreciate your help.

We can’t let the people impacted by this storm go unsupported. In tragic times like these we must choose to stand with our fellow man. We have to make sure the people of the Caribbean know that the rest of the world sees their plight and is going to work tirelessly to get them through this. Donating is your way to make a difference. And really, is there any better reward than the satisfied feeling you get from helping those in need?

Yes. A coffee mug with Clint the Climber’s catchphrase, “Outta my way, mountain!” on it, which you’ll receive as a reward for a $15 pledge to my Kickstarter. And for only $20 you’ll get a travel pillow with the “level cleared” screen printed on it. Now that’s what I call rewarding!

Any amount you can donate is worth it. Every little bit helps. Even just $5 or $10 is enough to give a small Puerto Rican boy a hot meal or help get my app out of the pre-design phase. So it’s really your call about which you give your money to.

And I’m just gonna say it, the dumb kid is gonna get hungry again, but your name in the special thanks section of the credits will be around forever.

Really, Hurricane Maria reminds us that it’s often our darkest hour that brings out the best in us, a lesson Clint’s sidekick Punchy the Penguin knows all too well. When he was just a hatchling, he slipped on an enchanted ice slide and got separated from his penguin family. Luckily, the ever heroic Clint found him and nursed him back to health. Today, the unstoppable duo travel the ice kingdom seeking adventure, a poignant example of how helping those in need makes the world a better place.

So don’t wait. Make a difference. Make a choice.

Make a donation to Hurricane Maria relief, or to my awesome app. You won’t regret it.