Are you afraid of talking to beautiful women? Do you know any females who refer to you as a “good friend”? Do you make the “sweet love” less than three times a day? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are what we in the Seduction Industry call, a Pathetic Average Loser (PAL). Through my Single Simple Step Strategy (SSSS), you can turn your life around, conquer your intense fear of women, and transform yourself from a PAL into a Dominant Alpha Male (DAM!) much like myself.

A PAL’s problems start at a young age, when teenagers develop the “Just Be Yourself Syndrome” (JBYS). Your parents and teachers have always told you to just be yourself around women. But you don’t know how to be yourself! Hell, you don’t even like yourself! Why should you? You’re just another average loser.

DAMs, such as myself, have advanced beyond JBYS to a state of being able to Appear More Attractive Than Our True Selves (AMATOTS). In my Single Simple Step Strategy I will show you how to effectively AMATOTS your way to success.

Step 1: Passion

Great seduction artists aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.”
—Anonymous Alpha Male

All DAMs have one thing in common: a Great Abundance of Passion (GAP). While PALs can’t tell GAP from a hole in the ground, DAMs are masters of GAP, or GAP Masters as we say in the Seduction Industry. When you've got GAP, you've got “it.” As soon as you get GAP, Beautiful Attractive Temptresses (BATs) will be on you like PALs on Paxil. BATs will say, “I don’t know what it is about DAM, but I’d certainly like to continue having one night stands with him!” BAT 2: “Oh, well that’s because he’s a GAP master.”

Broken down into the most basic elements, GAP is the ability to be very excited about boring, day-to-day occurrences. When it rains, an average loser will pull out his umbrella or hide under the nearest awning. A Man of Seduction on the other hand, will run outside, open his mouth wide, and drink the showers like a fine wine! He will jump in the puddles and when the lightning strikes he will shout, “I love lightning! I am filled with passion!!” Women will inevitably swoon and throw their clothes at him.

Nighttime is another good example of the contrast in GAP between PALs and DAMs. When the sun goes down, a PAL will yawn and say, “I’m sleepy,” while a DAM will walk out into the night, look up at the stars and passionately exclaim, “Oh aren't the stars so beautiful?! Look at Orion's belt. Look, oh look! I've never seen the North Star so clear!!” BATs will agree saying, “Hot DAM, I love Orion’s belt too! Let’s run a love marathon, tonight!” For centuries, scientists have been unable to explain why women find this enthusiasm so appealing. Recent studies indicate that BATs notice such enthusiasm and think, “Wow, if DAM can be that excited about boring stuff, he must really be enthusiastic in the sack.” I've certainly found this to be true of myself.

If you have read this far, you have very low self-esteem. The good news is, you can fake GAP (fGAP), and be 98.6% as effective as a genuine DAM. In my Simple Seven Step Method (SSSM) within my Simple Single Step Strategy (SSSS), even you can unlock the potential of your fGAP, achieve AMATOTS, and seduce the BATs of your wildest dreams.

The SSSM within the SSSS:

Step 1. Integrate these three words into your daily vocabulary: Fantastic, Fascinating, and Love. These are called “passion” words.

Step 2. Add two exclamation points to everything you say. For example: “This SSSM is fantastic!!”

Step 3. Drink five Red Bulls (for that extra boost of fake enthusiasm).

Step 4. Passionately walk up to the woman of your dreams.

Step 5. Show good conversational skills by focusing your passion words on her nouns. For example, here is one example of a successful conversation, in which a DAM utilizes a BATs nouns:

DAM: Hey there hot BAT, how are you?
BAT: Good thanks, I've had a great day. (Can you find the noun here? Hint: it rhymes with “quay.” And I highlighted it.)
DAM: Oh, what a coincidence, I love days!! That’s fantastic that we have so much in common!! Talk more about this “day” of yours, I find you fascinating!!

Step 6. She is ready for you to make your move. Passionately ask, “Would you like me to kiss you like Don Juan?” When you ask this question, a BAT will respond one of three ways.

1. BAT says, “Yes.”
Solution: Proceed with kissing her as though you are Don Juan.

2. BAT hesitates and looks confused.
Solution: Proceed with kissing her as though you are Don Juan.

3. BAT says “No,” or “No thank you.”
Solution: Pause, and then exclaim, Fascinating!! Wait five seconds and ask, “How about now?” Rinse and repeat until BAT submits to your fGAP.

Step 7. Continue kissing her as though you are Don Juan for eleven seconds, then say, “I'd love to show you something fascinating!!” Lead her by the hand to a passionate place, such as the ocean at sunset, or a random bush. Now make love to her as though you are Don Juan, but don't forget your fGAP!! Fantastic!!

I have effectively used these simple strategies to seduce millions of BATs around the world, and with the right application, these are guaranteed to work for you! Guaranteed! I love it!!