• Is there anything truly wrong about a kickback if it comes from a close childhood friend?
  • Has “habeas corpus” ever been translated into English?
  • Is putting lead in a river illegal if it was by far the easiest place to dispose of the lead without too many people noticing?
  • Is there a Supreme Court bowling team called “Divided Court-United Ballers?” If not, why?
  • If a cousin, let’s call him Gary, never returned the Camry bought with taxpayer money that you lent him seven years ago, who is in the wrong, legally speaking?
  • I named my daughter Penelope. A month later, my neighbor named her daughter Penelope. Do I have a copyright infringement case there?
  • I have seen every episode of Night Court and The Good Wife. Which legal series did you find more realistic?
  • If somebody tells me the ending to a Star Wars movie after I clearly said, “No spoilers,” what legal recourse do I have?
  • Do you ever have absolutely no opinion on a case and then call your mom and go with her idea?
  • Have you ever submitted a word or phrase to Urban Dictionary? If so, what and was it accepted?
  • Citing specific case law, why are you more qualified for the court than both Judge Judy and Judge Mathis?
  • Have you ever thrown a surprise party for a lawyer by yelling, “I’ll see you in my chambers!” and then he opens the door to your office and all his friends are there?
  • As someone with excellent judgment, do you think it’s possible to enjoy Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible films without endorsing his crazy Scientology?
  • Do you agree that the National League’s forcing pitchers to hit is compelled speech, and, therefore, a violation of the First Amendment?
  • If we added three judges to the Supreme Court, would you be open to doing a playful calendar for charity?