Welcome to Your Cheap New Apartment! Your main quest is to violate your lease without getting caught. In this tutorial, you’ll learn basic lease mechanics, plus stealth skills to avoid detection. To turn assist mode on, try asking your parents for money.

Quest Phase One: Enter Apartment

The front door of Your Apartment is locked. Check for useful items in your inventory. Your inventory is located in your pockets.

Your pocket inventory contains cell phone, house keys, and stick of unwrapped gum. Nice! Try using an item on the locked door.

You use stick of unwrapped gum. Whoops! That doesn’t work in this situation.

You use tackle. Whoops! That doesn’t work in this situation. QuickTip: Strength can be improved at the gym.

You use house keys. Success! Quest phase one complete. Remember, keys are an important item for interacting with doors, and your lease forbids you from copying yours. Making key copies and giving them to your friends is an easy starter violation.

Quest Phase Two: Put Holes in Walls

Your lease forbids you from damaging the property, but this place is already in pretty bad shape, so management probably won’t notice a few new holes. Grab that Pulp Fiction poster and look for an open spot on the wall.

Free wall spot detected! Now you’ll need to find hammer and nails. Perform a search using “common sense.”

Your common sense skill is quite low. It tells you to look in the kitchen.

You crouch by the kitchen door. QuickTip: Walking is efficient within your apartment!

You kick off the wall into a jump. QuickTip: Moving at a walk can be just what you need!

You barrel roll into the kitchen. Okay, sure. Here you can interact with your Roommate for information about apartment tools. Hover near him to prompt dialogue.

Roommate: Hey man. Glad you finally showed up.

Remember, you can investigate hidden areas by opening cupboards.

Roommate: Don’t touch my beer without asking.

Uh-oh– There’s no hammer in the fridge. Be careful! You might take damage from Powerful Odor.

Roommate: It’s been easier fixing the cabinets here since I put the tools under the sink.

Nice! You’ve unlocked a hidden area! Hammer and nails added to inventory.

Now take out your poster. Equip the hammer. Grip the nail, line it up in your sights, and lock on. Aim. Swing!

Whoops! You hit your own hand. You take hand damage. Why don’t you give that another try?

Whoops! You missed completely. Your hand still hurts. Why don’t you give that another try?

Roommate: Dude, I love Pulp Fiction. A hamburger in Paris haha.

A direct hit! The poster is up. Quest phase two complete.

Quest Phase Three: Commit a Noise Violation

It’s time to find out if you have cool neighbors, and the easiest way to do that is by committing a noise violation. Connect your cell phone to the speaker to play some loud music. Try to pick a song that your Roommate might like. This will improve your Roommate Relationship.

Roommate: Dude this is a banger! Turn it up!

The music is loud and your Roommate likes it. Quest phase three complete. Nice work!

Roommate: You want a brewski? Legend has it they make you stronger.

The brewski is delicious. Mmm! You’re now experiencing the “buzzed” condition. +5 strength, -5 judgment.

Your Roommate Relationship Score is rising! You’re well on your way to–

Landlord: Hey! What’s going on in here?

Uh-oh! Looks like your loud music attracted attention. If your Landlord notices you violating your lease, then it’s game over. Try turning the tunes down while your Roommate distracts him.

Roommate: It’s nothing man. We’re just hanging out.

Landlord: This place looks awful. Is that a small wall hole?

You barrel roll by the speaker. That isn’t helping.

Roommate: You want a brewski? Legend has it they make you stronger.

Landlord: Don’t mess with me! I’ll take you to small claims court!

You’re about to get caught! Why don’t you try using one of your skills?

You tackle Landlord. Tutorial failed.

Try again?