Cancun: Pack your swimsuit and head to the beach! Just be sure to stay close to your hotel so you can still get a Wi-Fi signal. Pro tip: bring a parasol to reduce the glare on your laptop screen when you’re checking Outlook for five minutes, just one more email, OK babe?

Japan: Propose to your girlfriend next to Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms! Then hop on the bullet train—during the ride, you’ll get picturesque views of lush forests and snowy mountains (including Mount Fuji!), so sit back, relax, and proofread your boss’s latest PowerPoint deck until you reach the next unforgettable stop on your itinerary, whatever it is.

Jackson Hole: Time to hit the ski slopes! For ten minutes, that is, before you come inside—because you promised Carl from Accounting that you’d send the budget reports by EOD. Your ski lodge will have plenty of outlets to plug in your MacBook while you ignore your friends. Hey, it’s your bachelor party weekend and you can do what you want!

Venice: The most romantic destination for your honeymoon! You and your lover can wander the narrow streets, enjoy a cappuccino at a cozy café, and ride a gondola through the city’s famous canals at sunset. You’ll hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes, and lean in for the kiss—until your Bluetooth earpiece beeps. It’s your boss. Sorry, hon, this call will be quick—ten minutes. Ninety, tops. Promise!

Disney World: The happiest place on Earth! Get a Mickey Mouse laptop sticker as a souvenir to remember all the fun times you spent answering Slack messages during the parade, in line for the spinning teacups, and late at night in the hotel after your wife and kids have gone to bed without speaking to you (again).

Egypt: It’s on your bucket list to see the Great Pyramids of Giza, and your wife has been begging to go—it’s been so long since you two had quality time together, whatever that means. You don’t mind, because when you dial into your team’s weekly strategy meeting, everyone will think the pyramids behind you are just a cool Zoom background.

London: What better way to spend your 25th wedding anniversary than visiting the London Eye and Big Ben? Also, your company has a satellite office here, so it’s easy to pop in for a few hours to catch up on the marketing campaign deliverables, while your family who has given up on you is out in the city making unforgettable memories!

New Zealand: Mountains, beaches, even hobbit homes—NZ has it all! It’s a shame that your boss called you back for an emergency in-person meeting. Don’t worry, it’s only a short 18-hour flight back home and you’ll be back in a few days—just in time to watch Bee Movie with your kid on the plane ride home.

Macchu Picchu: Time for a solo vacation in the Andes! It’s the perfect way to get your mind off your divorce, and your kids who never speak to you anymore. It’s fine—you need peace and quiet to clean your inbox anyway. You’re not crying, the mountains are just too beautiful. You’re glad you came here—you really needed a vacation.