Selling a home without a garage can be tough. People need a place to store their cars and other excess belongings. You thought the title of this article said “horse” instead of “house” didn’t you? That’s okay! It happens to the best of us. Anyway, keep scrolling down for multiple marketing tools to help attract potential buyers.

1. Find Out How Prevalent Garages Are in the Neighborhood

In areas where garages are less common, salespeople can play up that fact. If 95% of the horses… I mean houses! Whoops! Now you’ve got me doing it. That’s okay. If 95% of the houses in a neighborhood don’t have garages, you can emphasize the potential savings compared to those with a garage.

2. Be Competitive With the Pricing

You’re on There is a $3.5 million mansion on the homepage. Why would I be advising you on horse purchases? That’s nowhere near our wheelhouse! Woo-boy, if the other people on this train knew you thought you were about to read an article about a horse on a real estate website, they would think you were cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs my man!

3. Research the Community Parking Regulations

Uh oh! Don’t look now but Beverly Hightower, the girl you’ve been in love with since sophomore year, is sitting on the other end of the train. Stay calm. If she finds out you thought the title of this article was, “10 Fun Ways to Market a Horse Without a Garage,” its gonna be 3rd-period gym class all over again! Everyone’s going to laugh at you, Mark McIntyre is going to give you a cruel but very clever nickname that will haunt you for years, and your mom is going to have to leave work early to bring you a change of clothes! Keep your eyes on your phone like you always do. This is your safe place. Just keep pretending to learn fun and easy ways to market a house (not a dang horse!) without a garage and everything will be fine.

4. Emphasize Alternative Storage Options

Goddammit man, I said don’t look! I think she saw you. Why would you leave your safe place!? Quick, scroll to the top of the page and nod approvingly as if to say, “Hmm… if I’m able to keep my debt-to-income ratio below 43% for the next 10-15 years I think I’ll be able to buy this house that is definitely not a Costa Rican Saddle Horse.”

Okay good. I think she bought it.

5. Research Alternative Options of Transportation

Holy crap she actually waved to you! This is the first time she’s acknowledged your existence since you apologized to her in 3rd period gym class. I think the nod actually worked! You’re welcome. Now just wave and say hi back. You’re in buddy!

6. Find Out If You Can Even Build a Garage on the Lot

HEY!?” You said, “HEY!?” “HEY” IS FOR HORSES, YOU IDIOT! Now she definitely knows you thought the title of the article said “horse” instead of “house.” She’s too smart, pretty, and funny not to know. Back to your safe place. Man oh man, you really made a mess of things this time! Why would a horse even have a garage in the first place?!

Oh no, now she’s coming over! Stop sweating! She seemed to respond well to the real estate stuff earlier. Just say the bolded title of this paragraph. Don’t worry about the context you dingus, just say it!

7. Get an Estimate So Buyers Know What Construction Will Cost

Okay, that’s my bad. Maybe a little context was needed. This awkward silence is probably my fault. Garage prices vary according to the size, style, materials, storage options, and who does the work.

8. Find Out If The Seller is Willing to Return Converted Garage to Original Status

Wait, did she just compliment your hat? Huh, she’s right, it does look like a really warm hat. She’s very perceptive. Hmm. She hasn't brought up 3rd-period gym class once… and you’ve stopped sweating. Good for you!

9. Show Buyers Potential Designs So They Can Picture the Garage

Wow, this went way better than I thought it would. Maybe you aren’t that same kid from 3rd-period gym class. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t have to pretend to read stupid real estate websites so you don’t have to engage with people on public transit. Maybe you don’t have to use your phone to hide from the world anymore! Okay, it’s her stop. You did it, buddy. Just tell her it was really nice to see her again and to have a nice day. You’re home free.

10. Be Open to Negotiations With the Buyer and the Seller