The Donald

Finally, the untold story behind one of history’s most prominent feathered families is revealed. This limited event series explores the Duck family’s rise to prominence, beginning with real estate mogul Donald Sr., who built Duckberg on the backs of migrant labor, and ending with his youngest son and WB reality star, The Donald, being escorted out of the Whitehouse in disgrace. Donald’s campaign catchphrase, “Aw Phooey!” and calls to “Drain the Pond!” would echo in the ears of Americans, propelling him to power with seemingly no limits. So just how did we get here and can we ever turn back? Did Donald’s dealings with Prime Minister Foghorn Leghorn have something to do with it? Tune in and we might solve a mystery or rewrite history.

Thursday, 7pm | The History Channel


Mating season just got wild. Donald and Daisy have the perfect relationship. He's a lawyer, quacking truth to power at a firm known for ruffling feathers. She’s a plucky PR type. But they have a secret: he likes to watch… Daisy with other ducks, that is. But what happens when one of their conquests catches feelings? Entertainment Weekly says this dark corkscrew comedy is a “ducking must see.”

Sundays, 9pm | Showtime

Donald Duck Dynasty

When a family of gun totin’, sharp billed, down on their luck ducks, finds out their distant relative and former oil tycoon, Donald Duck Jr., has been shot, they try to solve the case and collect the inheritance. But there’s another pack barking up their tree: The Beagle Boys. Do you know who shot Jr.? TV Guide raves, “You’ll take to this quack pack like a duck to water!” The NY Post says, “The courtroom scenes fit the bill perfectly.”

Wednesdays, 8pm | TLC

Scrounge McDuck

He doesn't have a lot of options left. He's snorted his inheritance up his bill and nearly cracked his skull swan diving into his empty vault. Too late to call Aflac, he’s hard up for cash and back on his brother Scrooge’s doorstep with a new birdbrained scheme—he’ll turn Huey, Dewey and Louie, (Joe, Kevin & Nick Jonas) into a boy band all the ladies flock to. Will he corrupt his nephews and bankrupt the family? From the creators of The Riches, catch the all-new “Scrounge.”

Tuesdays, 8pm | Cartoon Network

The Dewce

Cats in dark alleyways prowling the street. A feline in a big fur coat looking for a light. The neon lights of Times Square blinking “CATS CATS CATS.” This is where Dewey feels most at home. Caught up in the dark web of the sex trade, what began as a secret kink grows into a duckstitution empire. Hard-boiled vigilante Darkwing Duck begins to close in on the business and Dewey is driven to the brink of insanity. You’ll be transported right back to the gritty Duckberg of the '70s in this new drama from David Simon.

Sundays, 10pm | HBO