10 TRICKS to make your human believe the house is HAUNTED! [Image of a person in bed, and a cat perched at the foot of the bed. The person is saying, "What is it kitty?? What do you hear? Do you see someone??? Kitty? KITTY?!? -HELP-"]


This cat left a mole on her owner's bed... what happens next will SHOCK you! Image shows cat with a mole in their mouth, with a disgusted owner standing near a trash can with a giant question mark over it.


You won't BELIEVE how many YEARS this tabby has chased this RED DOT! [Old tabby cat wearing glasses is sitting in a rocking chair with that red dot on the floor nearby.]


"Doors are a Construct!" One BRAVE CAT'S journey to embracing a fluid Indoor/Outdoor Identity! [Cat is shown walking away from their house into a lush outdoor setting.]


BIRDS! What are? How do? Why so FAR??? [A grey kitty pensively looking up at a bluebird in a tree.]


"Help! My mom ignored my meowing and now I can't SHUT UP!" Advice from Miss Hiss. [Image is of a cat with their mouth wide open mid-meow.]


Shocking! This cat found a new TINY HUMAN in her room! [Cat is shown with their paws to their face in surprise, with an adorable baby below.]


How clean is your BUTTHOLE? Check again, we'll tell you why... [A cat doctor with a clipboard looks at the screen, while in the background a cat is lifting their leg in mid-clean, and a thought bubble showing their backend and a question mark over their butthole.]


THOUGHTFUL! Human leaves own corpse for cat to feed on! [Cat is cleaning their paw post-meal.]


Can you even HANDLE these 80's FLASHBACK Hairstyles?!? [Montage of three cats wearing different 80's inspired hairstyles: the Rick Astley-esque wave, a crimped side-sweep, and a poofy-bangs and curly side hairdo.]

Illustrations by Marissa Maciel / Text by Meghan O'Neill