Hello there! Pleased to meet you. I’m from New York, how are you? That’s great to hear!

I’m doing pretty good. Life is good, family is good, work is good, I’m from New York City, parents are good. Everything is good.

My name is New York—sorry I misspoke. I’m FROM New York, my name isn’t New York. Might be a good nickname though since I’m from there.

My name is Chris “I’m from New York” Roberts and I’m from New York.

That’s terrible to hear your mother just passed. I’m from New York so my condolences.

Oh my god! It’s so crazy bumping into you here! What have you been up to? Before you answer that, I live in New York. So act accordingly.

I live in New York City in the state of New York which should be the capitol, but it’s Albany for some reason. Sorry, what was your question? You didn’t ask a question? Huh.

Congratulations on your new baby! And you know what else is new? New York City, where I work and live.

While we’re exchanging numbers, we should also exchange addresses! An easy way to remember where I’m from is to think of the song “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra because I’m from New York.

Everyone says I look like a New Yorker and I always say, “It’s probably because I am,” because it is what I am. After all, I’m from there.

It’s really great to get out of the city and see people. By “the city” I mean the city that never sleeps. And by “the city that never sleeps” I mean the big apple. And by “big apple” I mean NYC. Are you familiar with that acronym? If not, I can tell you what it stands for. Either way, let me know.

You’re not from New York? Well, that’s okay. I’m from there so I got us covered. Nobody’s perfect.

You’re from New York? I was about to say the same thing! That’s where I’m from! You beat me to it you fellow New Yorker you. You know, I had a feeling you were from New York when I overheard you telling someone else.

Have you ever read The New Yorker or The New York Times? Yeah, maybe they should write an article about me someday. Of course, if they ever wanted to interview me it would be a short commute. We’re in the same city. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m from New York. No, not New York, Florida or New York, Kentucky, or even New York, Missouri. No, sir. Which only leaves one. The one. You know the one. Should I say it again anyways? Don’t tempt me I will. And I’ll say it again and again until you really really know where I’m from, until it’s on your mind 24/7, until you yourself are bringing it up in every conversation, until you finally cave and quit your job and pack your belongings and move to New York City just so you can say you’re from New York City too.

Well, I’m from New York so it’s been nice talking to you. Being that I’m from New York it’s really great to catch up and talk about how I’m from New York and how you’re not from New York but how we can still come together despite those location-based differences. Have a good “I’m from New York” evening and remember: I’m from New York.