I can’t remove the acrylic polish from my big toe pose

Extended ruined manicured hand-to-big-toe pose

All day I’ve been in this chair pose

There’s no point in waking up with the sun salutation

I drift through the days of the week like a cloud pose

I’ve adopted every shelter puppy pose

It was your idea to have a third child pose

Because of my kids homeschooling I will get plowed pose

Hair of the downward-facing dog

Standing half forward bend toward the porcelain god pose

High AF lunge

High AF lunge, pre-roll twist variation

My mood and this bag of chips are low lunge

Lord of the dancing by myself pose

I am trapped in this bowl of fish pose doing the same thing every day as all the other fish

Because beaches are closed I will never again see a dolphin pose

Half moon pose because why bother with the full moon

The world is upside down so why not do a headstand because maybe it’s opposite day

The only movement left on the city streets is from the king pigeon pose

My colleagues say I have a resting Zoom formidable face pose

DoorDash warrior pose

#EssentialWorker hero pose

Drop my groceries at the no-contact gate pose

I am an isolated mountain pose

Don’t get on the scale pose

My largest size pajama pants have a standing split pose

I can’t afford my yogi who can’t pay her studio rent who moves her classes online for free and opens a GoFundMe extended triangle pose

After quarantine it’s “Rock Me Like a Hurricane” season by The Scorpions pose

I flip coronavirus the eagle pose

To the federal administration, sit on this and spin! upward salute pose

Destroyer of the universe (also known as 45) pose