Didn't take Jawbreakers packaging literally enough Meth mouth Lower gum tattoos are still healing Chimpanzee documentary made eating fire ants with a stick look easy You're not supposed to talk about it—but it rhymes with Tight Dub
Cheated on dental assistant girlfriend right before annual cleaning Sign that a storm's a-comin' Chipmunk cosplay Forgot to leave the Tooth Fairy's protection money Occupational hazard of being a late-'70s James Bond villain
Diamond dust toothpaste Showing your dog exactly how it should catch a frisbee FREE SPACE

Zoom-enforced workday-long fake smiling

Holding your tongue during in-laws' Sunday suppers Fugu toxins after your ringing cell phone distracts sushi chef
Probably from shootin’ yer daggone mouth off all the time, Charlene Karaoke bar's all-you-can-sing special Grandma's fake fruit display is very convincing To save $$, nighttime mouthguard just rusty horseshoe Animals that live in your beard currently fighting over territory
An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away when it’s caramel Sold all your gold teeth to buy Bitcoin Spend every full moon howling all night ever since mysterious bite Mouth was the original model for wind-up chattering teeth toys The gag your captor used isn’t helping, TBH