“Cigarette Burns in My Carhartt” – mommy Daddy

“Wait, you haven’t heard this song?” – Grandpa Jr.

“Bryn Mawr” – cigarette milf

“can U ask me out” – Girl Scout Camp

“Boner Patrol” – Sport Ball

“I have a crush on the ghost that’s haunting me” – Dumb Sluts

“Sex Havers Anonymous” – Tronald Dump

“in between jobs” – bitch baby, girl

“remember when i misread the vibe of the kickback at ur place and blacked out on a wednesday?” – nic0tin3 sad b0is

“Manslaughter in F minor” – depressed priests

“I Hooked Up With My Old Piano Teacher” – Dan

“The algorithm made me realize I was gay” – The Queer Beers

“Kissed me in ur Heelys” – Middle School Bully

“I fucked Shrek in my dream last night” – Dr. Touchdown

“call 911, i drank the lava lamp goo” – Rabies Babies

“Boobies are pretty” – i luv boobies

“Lavender Girl” – Four Men Who Will Literally Gaslight The Shit Out Of You

“Look, I have a carabiner on my carpenter pants” – Soundtown

“Jesus knew where the clit was” – Tomboy Mountain

“Let’s Explore The Haunted Mill” – we.met.in.homeroom.

“Gordon Ramsey” – Guy Fieri