• A remote from three Fire Sticks ago. It’s the reason why your TV sometimes turns to Tubi when you flop down on the couch.
  • A sticky piece of candy that was here when you bought the couch.
  • The retainer your niece lost during one of her visits.
  • Two goldfish crackers. There used to be six, but you reached in between the cushion and ate four of them three weeks after they fell here.
  • Three hair ties your niece lost from various visits.
  • A McDonald’s Monopoly piece that you can redeem for a large fry. It expired in 2016.
  • The Invisalign your niece lost during her last visit.
  • The back of an earring.
  • A pencil without an eraser. Probably being used on the back of an earring.
  • There are a few nickels and dimes here too but they’re not that friendly. For some reason, they won’t even look at me.
  • And while not a permanent resident, we enjoy it when your car keys visit us.
  • The missing piece from the 10,000-piece puzzle set that took you four months to do.
  • A single AirPod.
  • A receipt where you bought a pencil, a Fire Stick, and AirPods.
  • A McDonald’s fry.
  • A business card for an upholstery and couch cleaning service.